Which are the accredited engineering courses in Kenya?

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This article lists all the accredited engineering courses in Kenya.

Of course, you want to pursue an accredited engineering degree lest you end up with a worthless piece of paper after years of toiling with coursework.

Before we proceed to the EBK accredited programs and the accredited engineering universities, it’s important to note that EBK (Engineers board of Kenya) only approves a course once it’s satisfied that the university has the requisite teaching facilities and qualified faculty.

Unfortunately, not all institutions admitting students in engineering courses have the required training equipment and teaching staff and you risk wasting your time and money by joining such a university.

In fact, you will not be allowed to practice your engineering craft in Kenya after graduating even if you have taken one of the best paying engineering courses in Kenya.

That’s because the law states that only EBK registered engineers can offer their services in Kenya.

Luckily, we have made everything easy for you by compiling an updated list of accredited engineering courses in Kenya along with the licensed universities.

Here they are:

University of Nairobi

ebk accredited courses

Headlining the universities accredited to offer engineering in Kenya is UON.

They have 6 ratified courses as follows:

  1. Bsc- (Civil Engineering)
  2. Bsc- (Agricultural Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Mechanical Engineering)
  4. Bsc- (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  5. Bsc- (Electrical Engineering)
  6. Bsc- (Biosystems Engineering)

Moi University

Moi has the highest number of accredited engineering courses in Kenya.

Find them below:

engineering schools in kenya

  1. B.Tech. – (Electrical & Communications Engineering)
  2. B.Tech. – (Civil & Structural Engineering)
  3. B.Tech. – (Textile Engineering)
  4. B.Tech. – (Chemical & Process Engineering)
  5. B.Tech. – (Production Engineering)
  6. B.Tech. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
  7. B.Eng. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
  8. B.Eng. – (Chemical & Process Engineering)
  9. B.Eng. – (Civil & Structural Engineering)
  10. B.Eng. – (Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering)
  11. B.Eng. – (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  12. B.Eng. – (Industrial & Textile Engineering)
  13. B.Eng. – (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)


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JKUAT is widely regarded as one of the best engineering universities in Kenya.

The following are the accredited engineering courses in Kenya offered at JKUAT.

  1. Bsc-(Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Bsc- (Agricultural Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Civil Engineering)
  4. Bsc-(Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  5. Bsc-(Mechatronic Engineering)
  6. Bsc- (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)

List of accredited engineering courses in Kenya (JKUAT)

accredited engineering courses in technical university of kenya

Egerton University

Only one course is validated by the engineering board of kenya at Egerton at the moment.

And that is: BSc. in Agricultural Engineering.

This is hardly surprising considering that Egerton is considered the leader when it comes to the training of agricultural engineers in Kenya.


Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Another university which offer engineering and approved by engineering board of Kenya is the Nyeri- located Dedan Kimathi University.

The institution was started under the mentorship of JKUAT and has 4 approved degrees.

Here they are:

  1. Bsc- (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Bsc- (Mechatronic Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Civil Engineering)
  4. Bsc- (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

accredited engineering courses in kenya pdf

Accredited engineering courses in Kenyatta university

The accredited engineering courses in Kenya taught at KU are:

  1. Bsc- (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Bsc- (Civil Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Electrical Engineering)

best accredited engineering courses in kenya

Technical University of Mombasa (TUM)

Three degrees are approved by the EBK at TUM.

These are:

  1. Bsc-(Civil Engineering)
  2. Bsc- (Mechanical Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)


Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Another University to successfully get 3 degrees accredited is Masinde Muliro.

They are as follows:

  1. Bsc- (Civil and Structural Engineering)
  2. BSc – (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Electrical and Communication Engineering)


MultiMedia University of Kenya

These two bachelor’s degree courses got the nod from the EBK at Multi Media University:

  1. BSc- (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)
  2. BSc- (Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering)
  3. Bsc- (Civil Engineering)


University of Eldoret

EBK has fully licensed The University of Eldoret to offer the B.Eng. in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering degree program.

They have also been recently approved to offer the following extra courses:

  • B.Eng.-Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • B.Eng.-Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering


Murang’a University of Technology

The BSc. in Electrical& Electronics Engineering is the only course accredited here at the moment.


South Eastern Kenya University

At South Eastern Kenya University, you can take these licensed programmes:

  1. BSc. in (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. BSc. in (Civil Engineering)
  3. BSc. in (Agricultural Engineering)

Strathmore University

Strathmore University is approved for the BSc. in Electrical& Electronics Engineering degree.


Accredited engineering courses in Kenya: Frequently asked questions

Is TUK accredited by EBK?

Yes, the technical university of Kenya has a number of EBK-accepted programs

The authorized TUK engineering courses are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical& Electronics Engineering.

Is mechatronic engineering marketable in Kenya?

Also called Mechatronics, this is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering and tackles the engineering of electrical, mechanical systems, robotics, computer, electronics, telecommunications and even product engineering.

It’s one of the most demanding programs in Kenya but pays quite well for graduates.

Demand is also rising as we are living in the machine automation age..machines are basically taking over our lives creating a huge market for skilled personnel.



There you have it: the list of universities offering engineering courses in Kenya and the accredited engineering courses in every institution.

Avoid the unregistered programs unless you want to be labeled a quack engineer!

Editor’s note: The EBK regularly reviews the various programs and keeps licensing (and demoting) engineering courses from different universities.

We shall be updating the article with new approvals as and when necessary.



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