Medicine and surgery fees in Kenya [2024 Intake]

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Now, if you’ll be studying medicine and surgery in a Kenyan university, this is what you need to know when it comes to Medicine and surgery fees in Kenya:

Well, how much you will actually pay to complete this super marketable 6 year course will depend on the university you’ll be studying in.

So what I have done is this: I have checked around a number of universities offering the medicine and surgery course in Kenya and KUCCPS and compiled a breakdown of how much they are charging for the programme per year.

That way, you will get a clear picture of what it might cost you to do the course in each university offering medicine in Kenya (and that could inform your decision when selecting the university to join).

Here is the actual breakdown (after the fee was revised in 2023)..

Medicine and surgery fees in Kenya (In various universities offering the course)

More expensive universities when it comes to medicine degree in Kenya

Some universities have priced the course higher than others and we will start with them.

Medicine and surgery fees in the University of Nairobi

To study for the surgery and medicine degree at the UoN(University of Nairobi), you will be paying  about Ksh630,000.00 every year.

Indeed, it is one of the most costly medical schools in Kenya..

And I know that it is what many of you have been thinking (which is rather unsurprising)- I already mentioned that University of Nairobi is one of the oldest and best known in Kenya so that could be a reason.


Medicine and surgery fees in KU

It will cost you Kshs. 612,000.00 as total university fees (per year) to study a Medicine and surgery degree at Kenyatta University.

Of course, degree in medicine and surgery in Kenyatta university goes on for 6 years so you can do your maths.


Medicine and surgery JKUAT fees

JKUAT is charging the same as KU for the MBCHB Programme so you will again be paying Kshs. 612,000.00 (total university fees) annually to study at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, school of medicine.

The period is standard- 6 years- so you can easily see how much you will spend to complete the course.


Medicine and surgery degree fees at Maseno University

Also levying the same amount as KU is Maseno University for their Medical Degree programme (Kshs. 612,000.00)


Fees for Medicine and surgery degree at Moi University

And if you’d prefer Moi University, you will be parting with Kshs.612000.00 annually (for each of the 6 years) too.

Moderately priced universities

Some private universities teaching medicine in Kenya tend to be moderately priced.

I checked the fees for two on the KUCCPS portal and here is what I found:

Fees for medicine and surgery in Mount Kenya university

You pay Kshs. Sh510,000.00 if you join MKU school of medicine (annually).

Uzima University fees for MBCHB degree

Meanwhile, pay Kshs. Sh592,500.00 if you decide to enroll for Uzima University medicine degree programme (annually).


More affordable universities

Let us turn our attention to more affordable medical schools where you can take the course in Kenya:

Fees for medicine degree at Kisii University (KSU)

Kisii University is not very expensive – you will be paying the medical school at Kisii University Kshs.461,120.00 (per annum) to be allowed to study medicine.

That is cheaper by over Kshs.100000 (every year) compared to the universities in category 1 above


Fees for medicine degree at the Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology (MUST)

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MUST) is one of the very affordable options among the public universities offering the course because you will only be paying (See this!) just Kshs.306,000 each year!

Great news there!…it is so far the cheapest place to study!

What about fees for degree in dentistry (surgery) in Kenya?

Well, there are 2 accredited dental schools in Kenya where you can take this degree..below they are and the fee per year.

The University of Nairobi Dental school

Fees is Kshs.521,000.00 (each year)

Moi University Dental school

Fees is Kshs.612000 (each year)

What about fees for degree in pharmacy in Kenya?

Below is the fees breakdown (per year) for the degree in pharmacy programme in Kenya (in selected universities)

Kenyatta University – Kshs. 428,400.00 (per year)

Maseno University- Kshs. 428,400.00 (per year)

Kisii University- Kshs. 418,770.00 (per year)

University of Nairobi (UoN)- Kshs. 413,950.00 (per year)


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