Bachelor of medicine and surgery course units in Kenya

If you’ll soon be pursuing the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery​–MBChB degree, you may want to have a list of all the ​ bachelor of medicine and surgery course units (it is always a good idea to know what you’ll be studying in a course in advance)

So below is a list of all the Bachelor of medicine and surgery course units across the universities offering medicine in Kenya


Bachelor of medicine and surgery course units

How many units are there in medicine and surgery?

In total, you’ll study 220 units – recall that the MBChB takes  6 years.

Just to be clear, what makes them 220 units is because when it comes to medical courses, one course unit equals one(1) week of teaching.

Here is the complete structure- the core units (of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Kenya)


Pre-Clinical Units

  • Introduction to Computers (2 units)
  • Human Anatomy (14 units)
  • Medical Biochemistry(12 units)
  • Medical Physiology(12 units)
  • Behavioral &Social Sciences (Anthropology, Sociology,Psychology) (3 units)
  • Nutrition & Dietetics (2 units)
  • Communication Skills-for health workers(3 units)
  • University common courses (15 units)

Pathology/Laboratory Medicine Units

  • Immunology, Microbiology & Parasitology(11 units)
  • General & Systemic Pathology(10 units)
  • Haematology & Blood Transfusion(3 units)
  • Clinical Chemistry(3 units)


Population Health, Health Systems& Research

  • Biostatistics & Demography(3 units)
  • Epidemiology(3 units)
  • Environmental Health(2 units)
  • Occupational Health& Safety(2 units)
  • Leadership, Management, & Governance in the Health systems(3 units)
  • Entrepreneurship(2 units)
  • Research methodology& Research project(6 units)
  • Health Service Attachment(4 units)

Clinical Courses

  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics (8 units)
  • Child Health & Paediatrics(14 units)
  • Internal Medicine(14 units)
  • Reproductive Health(14 units)
  • Surgery(14 units)
  • Medical jurisprudence & Applied Toxicology(3 units)
  • Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine(3 units)
  • Otorhinolaryngology(3 units)
  • Ophthalmology(3 units)
  • Dermatology & Venereology(3 units)
  • Orthopaedics & Traumatology(6 units)
  • Radiology & Imaging(3 units)
  • Medical Electives(6 units)
  • Mental Health(8 units)
  • Medical Ethics-Professional Conduct & Medico-Legal Issues(3 units)

More about Bachelor of medicine and surgery course units

Now, bear in mind that the actual programme structure varies from one university to the next

Just to give you an example, here is the complete Bachelor of medicine and surgery course outline at the University of Nairobi (UoN)

UON medicine course outline

Year 1

Human anatomy




Behavioural Science

Year 2

Medical Physiology




Medical Law & Ethics


Community Health

Year 3

Microbiology II

Anatomic Pathology I

Clinical Pharmacology II

General Surgery I

Junior Clerkship (Int Medicine,Obs&Gynaecology.,Paedritrics&Surgery)

Haematology& Blood transfusion

Clinical Chemistry I

Year 4

Internal Medicine I

General Surgery II

Psychiatry I

Diagnostic Imaging I

Anatomic Pathology II

Orthopaedic Surgery I

Haematology & Blood Transfusion II

Immunology II

Ophthalmology I

Clinical Chemistry II

Otolaryngology I

Year 5

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Paediatrics & Child Health

Community Health II

Elective Term

Year 6

Internal Medicine II

General Surgery III

Psychaitry II

Diagnostic Imaging II

Orthopaedic Surgery II


Ophthalmology II

Otolaryngology II

Forensic Medicine



Please also keep in mind that all units for M.B,Ch.B. programme listed above are usually compulsory unless there’s exceptional circumstances (and in that case your School of Medicine Board must recommend the exemption and the senate must approve)!.


Career opportunities for Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery degree holders in Kenya (M.B,Ch.B. programme)

Needless to say, the M.B,Ch.B. programme is a super good course and it can open for you a world of opportunities.

These includes:

Clinical Medicine Physician Careers


  1. Anaesthetist (administering anaesthetics during a surgery)
  2. Cardiologist (You specialize in heart problems including heart surgery)
  3. Dermatologist (Specialist in skin problems)
  4. Endocrinologist (An expert in glands and blood)
  5. Gastroenterologist (A specialist in stomach and intestine illnesses)
  6. Geriatrician (You will be offering healthcare for elderly people)
  7. Hepatologist (A liver specialist)
  8. Internist (A specialist physician treating internal organs)
  9. Nephrologist (A kidney specialist)
  10. Neurologist (A consultant of brain illnesses, spinal cord problems, and nerves)
  11. Orthopaedic Surgeon (A specialist in bones disorders)
  12. Orthodontist (A dental surgeon –treating teeth and jaws)
  13. Ophthalmologist (You become an eye specialist)
  14. Paediatrician (A children’s doctor)
  15. Psychiatrist (You treat mental problems)
  16. Pulmonologist (An expert in respiratory system problems)
  17. Radiation Oncologist ( A specialist in radiation for cancer treatment)
  18. Rheumatologist (A rheumatism specialist)

Laboratory Medicine Physician Careers

  • Anatomical Pathologist- you’ll be diagnosing and managing different types of tumors/cancers
  • General Pathologist- You are not specialized in any line so you’ll be mainly examining nearly all diseases
  • Haematological Pathologist- You will be diagnosing blood/bone marrow/lymphatic problems
  • Neuropathologist- You’ll be handling disorders affecting the brain/spinal cord/nerves

Surgeon careers

  1. Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon- surgeon of the heart and chest.
  2. Gynaecologist- specialist in female reproductive system
  3. Neurosurgeon- surgeon of the brain/spinal cord
  4. Obstetrician- specialist in pregnancy and related surgeries including delivering babies
  5. Ophthalmologist- surgeon of the eyes
  6. Orthopaedic Surgeon -surgeon of the bones
  7. Otolaryngologist- ENT surgeon(treats ears, nose, & throat)
  8. Plastic Surgeon- self explanatory
  9. Thoracic Surgeon- Surgeon of the chest
  10. Urologist- Surgeon of the urinary system

Source: KMPDC(Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council)


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