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This post details the current AA Driving school fees structure.

Of course, taking a driving course can be a good way of enhancing your CV or even keep yourself busy as you wait for a project to mature/to go to college (for form 4 leavers).

And while there are many driving schools in Kenya, AA remains one of the very best (there are others and we shall be explaining them in a different article) and many of you have requested information about their charges.

Here is the current AAA driving school fees and other enrollment details.

AA Driving School Fees Structure (depending on the number of covered lessons and course level)

AA Driving School Fees Structure : Learner Driver Course

AA driving school offers this course for complete beginners and the charges vary as follows:

·         Category A1/A2/A3 NTSA (Light/Taxis/Courier/3-Wheeler)

This comprises of theory and practical lessons and will teach you how to safely and professionally ride Light engines/Taxis/Courier/Three-Wheelers(Tuk Tuk)

The prevailing AA driving school fees for this course is just sh.5780.00

There are, however, a couple of additional charges as explained below:

  • NTSA examination and logistics fees- Kshs. 2450.00

Total fee for the programme: Kshs. 8230


  • NTSA Category B-1/2/3 Driving Instruction course (for Light Vehicles such as Saloon cars)

If you’re planning to buy a saloon car for business or family travel, this is the ideal course.

You will again undergo practical and theory driving instruction course lessons under this programme and you should come out as a very competent driver.

At the moment, AA driving school fee for this instruction course is Kshs. 21,230.00.

For this course, the breakdown is as follows:

School fees-Kshs.18,780.00

NTSA-Kshs. 2450.00

That is what makes it come to Kshs. 21,230.00 (official amount)


NTSA Category Category C-1/2 Driving Instruction course(for Light or Medium Buses and Trucks)

This is officially classified as NTSA Category C1/2 and is for those wishing to learn how to drive light-medium commercial vehicles.

This is thus the driving course to go for if you dream of working as a career light truck/bus driver locally and the eastern Africa region (AA Kenya is recognized across the continent).

As of now, AA driving school fee for this instruction course is Kshs.15, 130.00

For this course, the breakdown is as follows:

School fees-Kshs.12,780.00

NTSA-Kshs. 2350.00

That is what makes it come to Kshs. 15,130.00 (official amount)

AA Driving School Fees Structure PSV Drivers instruction Course

The regular AA driving school fees here is again Kshs. Kshs.15, 130.00 with the School fees being Kshs.12,780.00 and NTSA fee coming to Kshs. 2350.00


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Now proceed reading below..


AA Driving School Fees Structure for Defensive Driving

In addition to the above courses, you can enroll for a defensive driving course at AA.

You’ll incur the following charges:

· Intermediate AA Defensive Driving Course(with driving practicals)

This is obviously for those willing to go a step extra and learn safety during driving.

The fee is Kshs. 22000.00 and the course takes 2 days.

  • Intermediate AA Defensive Driving Course(includes basic motor mechanics plus driving practicals)

This is the course for licensed drivers looking to upgrade their driving skills- you will be taught updated highway codes as well as traffic rules, regulations, and of course, how to keep yourself from harms way while on the road.

Overall, you will be taken through the lessons in 3 days at a standard fee of Kshs. 29,150.00

More Defensive Driving courses in Kenya at AA Kenya

  • Defensive Riders Course- Motorcycle competence

This is for boda boda guys and again takes 2 days. The fee is standard at Kshs 15,000.00


  • Intensive AA Defensive Driving Course

This is the most in-depth defensive driving course offered by AA kenya in their branches because it goes beyond teaching you self defense..

Here you learn essentials like first aid, fire fighting/control, customer care, and more.

Needless to say, it’s the most expensive- you pay Kshs. 44,000.00 and the course takes 5 days.

How to contact AA driving school

Location: Visit Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper-Hill Area, Nairobi (Head office)

Postal contact: P.O Box 40087, Nairobi 00100

AA driving school contacts (online)

Telephone: 0709 933 999 /0720 227 267/0709 933 000 /0720 261 576

Email address: aak@aakenya.co.ke or customercare@aakenya.co.ke

SMS number: 21062



In summary, the AA Driving school fees structure Kshs. 8230 for m Light engines/Taxis/Courier/Three-Wheelers(Tuk Tuk), Kshs. 21,230.00 (for personal light/saloon vehicles), and Kshs.15130 for light-medium commercial vehicles.

Aspiring PSV drivers pay Kshs.15130 while those taking defensive driving courses pay anything between Kshs. 15,000. -Kshs.44,000.00

Keep in mind that the above fees includes NTSA costs, service charges, and driver’s instruction manual cost.

Another thing: You pay the NTSA to NTSA itself separately from the AA fee so don’t bank it into AA’s bank account.

That’s all!



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