Can I do nursing with D plain in 2024?

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Here, in this article, we answer the question “Can I do nursing with D plain?” 

If your dream course is in the medical field and specifically nursing but unfortunately you scored a D plain in your KCSE you might be wondering if it is possible to pursue nursing  with a D plain..

Well, here is the answer:


Can I do nursing with D plain?

As much as I hate to tell you so, you can’t pursue a nursing course with a mean grade of D plain.. Yeah, that’s the way it is at the moment and I have explained why below- I will also tell you about some other alternative courses that you can enroll for with this grade so all is not lost.


So, why can’t I do nursing with D plain?

To be precise, the entry requirement for a nursing course at any level are higher- and that is probably because the course is quite competitive (so a higher grade reduces the competition) not to mention it’s a sensitive course (you’ll be saving lives!) so the authorities tend to be a bit strict.

So if you come across a college telling you that they’ll admit you for nursing with a grade D, run!- chances are they’re not accredited by the government so the paper they give you could be worthless.

In fact, even the lowest level you can pursue when it comes to nursing – a certificate in community health nursing needs a C- mean grade (minimum).

Additionally, you must have met the following qualifications in the respective cluster subjects:

  • English/Kiswahili – C- (minus)
  • Biology/Biological Sciences- C- (minus)
  • Chemistry or Physics/Physical Science or Mathematics- D+ (plus)

So you now know why it is impossible to pursue a nursing course with a D plain in your KCSE.

But you have options….

For example, you can decide to go back to school, study for another year, and sit for your KCSE exams once again to better your grades to enable you pursue your dream course.

Alternatively, you can also decide to change your mind and pursue other courses in the medical field- there are a few courses you can get admitted to study with a D in your KCSE.

Let us go ahead and look at some of those medical courses below:

Medical courses you can do with a D (plain) in your KCSE

Certificate in gerontology and palliative care

To enroll in this course, you must have a Minimum grade of D(plain).

Keep in mind that it is offered by Mathari hospital school of nursing in Nyeri among other institutions.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Certificate in dietetics and nutrition

You must have a D plain in your KCSE to pursue this course.

Besides, you must meet the requirements in the following subjects.

  • English – (D plain)
  • Biology – (D plain)


  • D(plain) in one of the following subjects Chemistry/Mathematics/Home Science/Physics/Agriculture/General Sciences.

Certificate in Operation theatre technology

With a D plain, you can apply for this course at the following colleges (among others).

  • Nyahururu Kenya medical training college.
  • Mathari school of nursing (Nyeri county).


Certificate in Counselling Psychology

This course takes a duration of 6 months and the Minimum allowable grade to  is a D plain.

Just so you know, the most targeted students for this course are those  interested in working as Community Health Assistants (as part of UHC) and other such roles.

But what if you are not interested in any of the above courses?

Well, if you are not comfortable doing any of the above courses, then perhaps you can make the very tough decision of going back to secondary school as earlier advised and working extra hard to improve your chances of pursuing a nursing course.

Alternatively, you can opt to change your course completely from a medical-related course to  a technical course.

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Can I do nursing with D plain? -FAQs

1.      Is Nursing School Really That Hard to Get Into?

To answer this question correctly, be aware that nursing school can be easy to get into and hard at the same time.

To start with, let us look at what makes it simple to get into.

Now, if you have met the requirement of a minimum grade of C- for a community health nurse, a minimum of C Plain in KCSE for a diploma course and C+ for a degree course without forgetting specific qualifications in the cluster subjects in each level, then it will be very easy for you to get into the institution.

On the other hand, it can be very hard to get into a nursing institution if you do not meet entry requirements and qualifications in the cluster subjects at any level turning you away from nursing.

2.      How hard is a nursing school?

A nursing school is not a walk in the park- you have to be committed and work extra hard to pass your exams.

Can I do nursing with D plain? -Final words

No matter how hard you try to apply for a nursing course, your effort will bear no fruit if you scored a D.

Additionally, note that even if you bridge the cluster subjects, you can’t change the main grade. In fact,  bridging courses are not  recognized by many employers in the medical field.

So if you scored D in your KCSE, try doing other medical courses that admit that grade.

Alternatively, go back to secondary school and improve your grades rather than killing your dream.



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