Diploma in ECDE qualifications in Kenya- ECDE diploma requirements

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So, what are the Diploma in ECDE qualifications in Kenya? Find out in this post

There will always be a demand for ECDE teachers because everyone wants to have a kid of their own at some point in life.

And so you can opt to do an ECDE Diploma course after form 4, especially if you’re passionate about children- the ministry of education has set the ECDE Diploma as the minimum qualification for one to be employed as an early childhood teacher.

Below are the full Diploma in ECDE qualifications in Kenya and other important information about studying for an ECDE course including colleges offering diploma in ECDE in Kenya.

Let’s dive in:

Diploma in ECDE qualifications in Kenya- ECDE diploma requirements

Minimum entry requirements for diploma in early childhood education diploma in Kenya

To be admitted for the DECTE course (ECDE has been renamed Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education), you must meet the following requirements:

Diploma in ECDE qualifications in Kenya – academic entry requirements

KCSE Mean Grade: C Plain (or its equivalent). Note that there are additional cluster subjects requirements so you can only qualify for admission if you meet them plus the C plain aggregate grade requirement.

Below are the cluster subjects and requirements


SUBJECT 2 MATH D+ (D plus)

That said, candidates with disabilities are admitted with a mean grade of C Minus(-)in their KCSE or its equivalent- again there are no subject requirements.

Diploma in ECDE intake

ECDE diploma intake is usually announced through public media and via KUCCPS website and social media handles so you need to be on the look out for the advert (check newspapers and social media).


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How to apply for diploma in ECDE course

Step 1: Applicants should apply through KUCCPS portal (when it opens)

Step 2: Next, wait for confirmation once the KUCCPS placement results are released

I should add that you can apply directly to a college if you want to study in a private ECDE college- the above procedure is for those who would like to join public ECDE colleges/TVETs/Universities such as MASINDE MULIRO UNIVERSITY or PWANI UNIVERSITY.

It is important to understand that when reporting, you will need to carry all the important documents.

Specifically, you must attach these documents/certificates to the registration form you’re given in the ECDE college you have been placed into as you return it:

  1. KCSE certificate copy/result slip copy.
  2. Several passport-sized photographs- choose a photo that was taken recently (stay away from photo me photographs).
  3. A copy of the ID Card (both sides)/a  copy of your Registration Acknowledgement Slip(A.R.A)- if your ID is not yet out.
  4. A copy of the School Leaving Certificate.
  5. A copy each of any Co-curricular Activities Certificates you may have been awarded in the past.


Colleges offering diploma in ECDE in Kenya

Here are some of the best colleges offering diploma in ECDE in Kenya (Public ECD colleges in Kenya and private ECDE Colleges):

  1. Bomet TTC
  2. Kenyatta University- School of Education
  3. University of Nairobi –Kikuyu Campus
  4. Eregi Teachers Training College
  5. Premese Africa Development Institute
  6. Carlile College
  7. Shanzu TTC
  8. Nakuru TTC
  9. Kitui TTC
  10. Asumbi Teachers College
  11. Nyanchwa TTC
  12. Kaimosi TTC
  13. Thogoto TTC

How long does ECDE course take?

The duration for your DECTE Diploma shall be 3 (three) years.

During this period, the trainees are expected to take all the course units specified in the new DECTE Curriculum.

This shall include the Micro Teaching course- for a period of 3 months- which shall be a prerequisite for your Teaching Practicum.

The teaching practicum (or teaching practice as it is often called) shall itself take place for two school terms.

Final words

The new class of ECDE teachers is expected to play a major role in implementing the CBC program so there will be a lot of opportunities for trainees who stand out.

Employment opportunities are available in the public sector (county governments) and in the private sector (private schools, NGOs, etc.).

Good luck.

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