TSC requirements for PGDE in Kenya [latest guidelines]

This article highlights the TSC requirements for PGDE (post graduate diploma in Education)

Let’s first look at who should take a PGDE course.

Now, you should enroll for a PGDE if you pursued a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree and dream of becoming a secondary school teacher in Kenya.

You can confirm this by looking at the latest TSC registration qualifications where TSC expressly states that holders of relevant Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees shall only be considered for employment as secondary teachers in Kenya after completing a PGDE.

Let’s leave that and now focus on the specific TSC requirements for PGDE.

TSC requirements for PGDE – what do the TSC guideline say?

According to the TSC, you should meet the following minimum qualifications before enrolling for a PGDE (If you’re taking it in the hope that it will help you secure a job as a high school teacher upon graduating).

  1. Hold a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized university in Kenya.
  2. Must have scored a mean grade of C+ in your O levels.
  3. You must have obtained a C+ grade (minimum) in the two teaching subjects you intend to specialize in.

According to the TSC requirements for secondary teachers, you can also register for the PGDE if you want to build a career as a technical teacher in a relevant area.

Here are the PGDE requirements for those with technical qualifications:

  1. Must have scored a mean grade of C+ in your O levels (or it’s equivalent). Also acceptable are 1 principle pass and 2 subsidiaries at the ‘A’ level.
  2. You must have obtained a C+ grade (minimum) or a credit pass in the two technical subjects you intend to specialize in.
  3. Have a Bed TECH (Bachelor of Education Technology) degree from a university approved by the CUE (commission of higher education) OR
  4. Hold a Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree in the applicable technical Subject(s)/Course.

This would be an ideal route for those who, for some reason, are unwilling to pursue a DTTE (Diploma in Technical Teacher Education) from KTTC  (Kenya Technical Teachers College).

Note that for the employment of technical teachers as described above, TSC asks for either a PDGE or a DTTE/post graduate diploma in technical education from KTTC so you can do your math and see which of the two suits you best.

Something else before you invest in a PGDE qualification: All graduate teachers must have studied at least 8 course units in every teaching subject to be eligible. And this applies to all the degrees.

Of course, you don’t want to waste time and money pursuing a PGDE if you won’t be eligible for consideration for secondary school teaching vacancies afterward so it’s critical that you observe the above conditions.

There is another group of teachers who can gain from pursuing a PGDE…

These are teachers who are planning to pursue a Master of Education (MeD.) degree, maybe for promotion reasons but were employed with a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree.

For this lot, TSC requires that you undertake a PGDE then use it to apply for admission into the MeD program in any university offering the course in Kenya.

Lastly, teachers planning to pursue enhancement courses in certain subjects may be required to have a PGDE (please contact the TSC official in your sub county education office for specific advice depending on the enhancement subject).


Where to pursue a PGDE in Kenya

Now that we’re through with the TSC requirements for PGDE, the next question that comes to mind is where to take the course in Kenya.

In general, a good number of universities offering teacher education degrees in Kenya offer the programme.

These include:

  1. MMUST (Masinde Muliro University)
  2. UoN- University of Nairobi
  3. Machakos University College
  4. KU- Kenyatta University
  5. Moi University
  6. Kisii University
  7. CUEA – The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  8. Baraton University (officially referred to as the University of Eastern Africa Baraton)
  9. MKU- Mount Kenya University (they also offer an online postgraduate diploma in education)
  10. PUEA- The Presbyterian University of East Africa
  11. UoE- University of Eldoret
  12. KCA University (Thika Road)
  13. Egerton University
  14. Chuka University
  15. Maseno University
  16. Daystar University

Overall, you are supposed to adopt a subject methods course when studying.

And since you’re preparing to teach in two approved curriculum subjects at the secondary school level, you should take subject combinations like:

  • Mathematics /Fine Arts
  • Biological Sciences/biology and Geography
  • Religious Education and Physics/Physical Sciences
  • Economics/Commerce and Chemistry
  • English /History
  • French /Kiswahili

Post graduate diploma in education fees

Fees for the PGDE vary from one institution to the next.

To give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend, we compiled a fee guide from a couple of higher learning institutions offering the course.

Take a look:

Post graduate diploma in education fees guide

Institution PGDE fees Statutory /administrative charges
Kenyatta University  Kshs. 130,000 Kshs. 23,500
University of Eldoret Kshs. 100, 000 (arts) and Kshs.120,000 (sciences) Kshs. 60,650 (arts) and Kshs.65,650 (sciences)
Maseno university Kshs. 76,000 About Kshs. 15,000
KCA university (distance learning) Kshs. 85,345 0
Mt Kenya University (as per the MKU PGDE fee structure ) Kshs. 49,550.00 per semester (count 2 semesters) Kshs.120000


TSC requirements for PGDE – Frequently asked questions [FAQs[

How long does it take to complete a PGDE?

Answer: The PGDE extends for a period of just one calendar year (minimum).

There are two semesters of relevant course work, examinations, and a project.

You spend the last months in teaching practice in a secondary school/an equivalent educational institution.

Note that the teaching practice lasts for the duration of a single academic term (which is 3 months in secondary schools).


Is PGDE equivalent to Masters?

Answer: Nope. This is not a degree course like the Masters but rather an advanced diploma education course.


Can I teach abroad with a PGDE?

Answer: Well, it depends on the country. Some countries won’t consider a PGDE for fulltime teaching positions overseas without some additional teaching certificates.

Others are just fine and recognize PGDEs from Kenya.



Qualifications for secondary school teacher in Kenya


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