KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications, Intakes, Applying

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications

Certificate courses in KMTC and their requirements : Here is all you need to know about KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications including the minimum certificate in nursing requirementsΒ  So, what are the KMTC certificate courses qualifications? Well, to join KMTC for any Certificate course,Β you need at least a minimum grade of C- (KCSE). In addition, you … Read more

Certificate in pharmacy Kenya [Everything you need to know]

Certificate in pharmacy Kenya

[Certificate in pharmacy requirements / certificate in pharmacy in Kenya / colleges offering certificate in pharmacy/certificate in pharmacy KMTC]- Below we answer all your questions about taking a certificate in pharmacy course in Kenya. Certificate in pharmacy – Where can I pursue a Certificate in pharmacy Kenya and what are the certificate in pharmacy requirements? … Read more