Nairobi technical training institute fee structure [2024]

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This article has Nairobi technical training institute fee structure so keep reading if you have been looking for it.

Just so you know, Nairobi technical training institute is a public tertiary institution under the Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training.

Having said that, below is the fee structure for courses offered in the institution.

Nairobi technical training institute fee structure –Complete Nairobi technical training institute fees structure

As we have said above, this is a public technical training institution meaning it receives full support from the Government through grants, training equipment, and personnel.

That being so, the fee structure for all the courses offered in the institution is the same regardless of the course.

To be precise the total fee per academic year is Kshs. 56420.

However, because Nairobi technical training institute is a government institution, when you apply through KUCCPS you benefit from a government subsidy of Kshs. 30,000 per year.

Therefore, instead of paying a total of Kshs. 56420, you will only pay Kshs.26,420.

But please note that if you are a self-sponsored student, you pay the fee in full (Kshs. 56420)

Having known the fee payable per year, now let me guide you on how the fee is distributed per term below.

1st term

  • School equipment and Stores = Kshs. 7,500
  • Electricity, water & conservancy (EWC)= Kshs. 2,200
  • Personal emoluments (PE)= Kshs. 7,000
  • Local transport & travel= Kshs. 3,260
  • Repair, maintenance & improvement= Kshs. 1,500
  • Activity fee= Kshs. 1,000
  • Industrial attachment= Kshs. 1,250

Total payable in 1st = Kshs. 23,710

2nd term

  • School equipment and Stores = Kshs. 7,500
  • Personal emoluments (PE)=Kshs.  4,000
  • Local transport & travel= Kshs. 1,550
  • Repair, maintenance & improvement= Kshs. 860
  • Electricity, water & conservancy (EWC)= Kshs. 1,800
  • Activity fee= Kshs. 1,000
  • Industrial attachment= Kshs. 1,000

Total payable in 2nd term = Kshs. 17,710

3rd term

During the third term, you only pay for:

  • School equipment and Stores = Kshs. 15,000

Total amount payable in 3rd term = Kshs. 15,000

Summary of the fee per term

  • 1st term = 23,710
  • 2nd term =17,710
  • 3rd term =15,000

Summary of the total fee payable per year

1st term Kshs. 7,500+ 2nd term Kshs. 7,500 + 3rd term Kshs. 15,000 =Kshs. 56,420

Others charges

  • Registration =Kshs. 500(Non refundable)
  • Student Governing Council (SGC)= Kshs. 600(Annual)
  • Caution Money =Kshs. 1000(Refundable fee)
  • Development fee=Kshs. 5000(Annual)
  • Student ID card=Kshs. 200
  • KUCCPS Registration= Kshs.1,500

Total =kshs. 8,800


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Now proceed reading below..

Side note: It should be noted that the above fee (Kshs. 56,420) only covers  the tuition.

Simply, it is exclusive of the following.

  • Boarding fee (Accomodation)
  • National Examination fee
  • And, Professional Bodies fee

Nairobi technical training institute courses offered

If you are interested in joining Nairobi technical training institute to pursue any course, please note that the institution offers the following courses:

Artisan Courses:

Minimum Entry Requirements:

Have a K.C.S.E Certificate

Craft Certificate Courses:

Minimum Entry Requirement:

Mean grade of D plain in K.C.S.E

Or, have a relevant artisan certificate from a recognized institution

Diploma Courses:

Minimum Entry Requirement:

K.C. S. E mean grade C- Minus but Medical and Pharmaceutical courses do not consider the above requirement.

Nairobi technical training institute intake dates

Intakes are usually three times per year that is on; January, May, and September.

Application Procedure to apply at Nairobi technical training institute

Application Procedure 1

  1. Go to the institution, or download the Application Form
  2. Print the form
  3. Next, read all the instructions carefully.
  4. From there, fill out the form and attach all the required documents
  5. Finally, return the duly filled application form to the registrar office-academic Administration Nairobi technical training institute.

Quick notes:

  1. Do not dirty the form as this can make it to be rejected.
  2. Fill in the form with Capital Letters as instructed

Application Procedure 2

  1. Again, go to the website and download the form.
  2. After downloading the form, do not print it this time round, but instead, fill out the form.
  3. Attach all the scanned required documents as instructed.
  4. Lastly, submit the form.

Important note: For application procedure 1&2 you will have to pay an application fee of Kshs. 500

Application Procedure 3 through KUCCPS

Remember, this is the option for those who want to apply as government -sponsored students.

Steps to apply:

  1. To apply, go to the KUCCPS student’s portal- through the main KUCCPS website- or go directly to
  2. Alternatively, you can opt to download the  KUCCPS app from the Google play store.
  3. Next, log in with your KCSE index number, and for the password, it should be either your Birth Certificate Number / KCPE Index Number.
  4. From there, revise or make a new chose application for the course you want to pursue.
  5. Finally, finish up the process by submitting your application form.

Keep in mind that, you will have to pay 1,500 KUCCPS application fee.

Banks to pay through your fee

Before we look at the banks you pay through, please note that Personal Cheques and Cash are NOT ACCEPTABLE in the Institute.

To pay your fee or application fee, you can pay either by:

  • Bankers Cheque
  • Telegraphic Money order


  • Cash deposit to Nairobi Technical Training Institute Bank accounts

National Bank Account number: 01241003414700 Harambee Avenue

Co-operative Bank Account number: 01129070020700 Stima Plaza

Nairobi technical training institute hostels

The institution offers accommodation to its students.

  1. To apply for a hostel, kindly visit the Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI) Student Portal.
  2. And, strictly follow the Instruction on the portal and Apply for Hostel Accommodation.

But, if you do not get accommodation due to the large number of students, kindly look for a private hostel near the institution.

 Nairobi Technical Training Institute fee structure [Contacts and Location]

For more information, you can visit or contact Nairobi Technical Training Institute using the contacts we will provide below.

Additionally, note that the fee is subject to revision so, always confirms with the institution before doing any transaction.

Mobile number: 0721233394, 0208034403

Telephone: 6760482 / 6764863 / 09

FAX: 6760357

Email Address:, OR

Location: To visit the institution, it is located along Mogira Road, Off Park Road, and Ring Road Ngara, between Kariokor and Pangani Police Station, Nairobi


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