Does KMTC accept bridging?

Last updated on September 16th, 2023 at 09:21 am

So, does KMTC accept bridging?

That is the question many students who never managed to get the different scores to take their dream medical courses at KMTC have been asking us…before they commit their time and money to bridging courses.

And here is our answer…according to KMTC and KUCCPS (remember these days KMTC applications are submitted through KUCCPS)

Does KMTC accept bridging?

I have some bad news for you if you have been thinking about taking bridging courses for medicine in Kenya: Well, KUCCPS – and KMTC – currently does not consider bridged subjects that are offered by bridging colleges in Kenya.

Yeah…that is the truth of the matter and until they review the situation- I’m not sure they will be doing that- then you have got to reconsider your options.

Remember KMTC itself does not teach/offer a bridging course in any subject so these are offered in a few independent institutions.

In other words, there’s no point doing a bridging in Maths or Chemistry or Biology or Physics – or any other subjects for that matter- in that college you want to go to for bridging if your sole goal is to take a KMTC course.

But there’s a little sign of light…..while KMTC does not accept bridging courses from outside- and they do not offer them themselves- they may accept KNEC issued bridging certificates (for those who resit the KCSE papers they had failed originally in a subsequent KCSE sitting)

Problem is, there’s no guarantee you are going to be taken!


Well, for the simple reason that KMTC intakes are super competitive – more students apply to join KMTC than the capacity at KMTC can accommodate.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

So logically, KMTC and KUCCPS may prioritize applicants who had passed during KCSE the first time (and not those who bridge)….but again it depends on luck so there’s no telling what will happen 100%.

Does KMTC accept bridging for medicine? -Final words

Now, do this: Rather than trying to bridge or taking other drastic measures such as attending an unknown college for a medical course, why not do a different course?

I mean, the world does not begin or end at KMTC ….there are a lot of other good certificate and diploma courses you can do and still be successful in life including loads of technical courses in Kenya..

You just require to have an open mind.

Food for thought!

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