Diploma in education primary option Kenyatta university

Learn about diploma in education primary option Kenyatta university in this guide.

Well, if you have a passion when it comes to teaching and you would like to teach primary school students then you are in the right place.

Here, I will guide you on diploma in education primary option as offered by Kenyatta university if this is where you want to enroll for the course

In fact, Kenyatta university is among the best institution offering this course and after completing the course it equips you with a credential recognized by local education authorities (Teachers’ Service Commission of Kenya).

With that in mind, take your time and read this article to the very last words to get to learn about the course.

Diploma in education primary option Kenyatta university

So, what grades do I need to have attained to enroll for the course?

To enroll for this course at KU, then you must meet the following qualifications.

Minimum entry requirements:

You must have a mean grade of C+ Plus in your KCSE.

Additionally, you must have the following grades in the cluster subjects.

Mandatory Subjects requirements:

C+ Plus in any two subjects of specialization with C Plain in English and C Plain in Mathematics for Science Based courses.

Course Duration:

3 years

Kenyatta university campuses offering this course

Here are the campuses you can enroll in for this programme

  • Main campus
  • Mombasa campus
  • Nakuru campus
  • Embu campus


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma in education primary option Kenyatta university [Mode of learning, intakes, and fee]

Mode of learning

Diploma in education primary option has 3 learning modes you can choose from that is:

  • Regular mode of study
  • Full Time mode of study
  • CEP mode of study


To apply for this course, it should be noted that it usually has its intakes two times in a year.

Simply, you can only apply on either September or December.


Well, having an idea of how much it will cost you to study diploma in education primary option will help you plan for your studies.

That being so, below is an overview of the fee you are expected to pay for the course.

  • East Africans= Kshs. 72,000
  • Statutory =Kshs. 26,000
  • Non-East Africans= Kshs. 125,000

Other important details


After doing your examination, so many things are taken into consideration before you are determined to have either passed or failed.

In short, the final written examination must constitute 70% of the total mark.

Additionally, the continuous assessment and assignments will constitute 30%.

And lastly, the pass mark of each course shall be 50%.

Attachment/teaching practice

If you didn’t know, attachment is mandatory in order to complete your course and get registered by Teachers’ Service Commission of Kenya.

Just so you know, this practice usually last for one term which is usually the second term since it is the longest term therefore, you will have enough time to learn.

In short, the course duration takes around 14 weeks and during these weeks you are assessed several times to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Application process for diploma in education primary option Kenyatta university

  1. For you to apply as a government sponsored student, you must apply through KUCCPS via the KUCCPS website
  2. Visit the KUCCPS website on kuccps.net when the portal is open so you must keep checking.
  3. Next, “log in” by entering your KCSE Index Number, Year of KCSE, and your password (KCPE Index or Birth Certificate Number).
  4. From there, revise or just make a new course application as appropriate by simply clicking on the Application or revision tab on KUCCPS website.
  5. Lastly, confirm from the website whether you have qualified for the course, you have selected and if yes go ahead and finish the process by submitting.

Side notes: Please not that once the KUCCPS application portal is open you must apply very fast before deadline and the portal is closed.

Diploma in education primary option Kenyatta university-Final thoughts

As we sum up, this is all we have for Diploma in education primary option at KU.

In addition, it should be noted that Diploma in PTE (Primary Teacher Education) allows you to teach Grade 1-6.

In short, currently you can only qualify to teach junior secondary if you are a primary diploma holder who have undergone CBC training.

Also, you should not strain settling your fee because now you can get government capitation,  scholarship, and HELB.

To contact the Kenyatta University, kindly email info@ku.ac.ke


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