List of business courses in Kenya and what you need to know about them

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Do you want to pursue a career in a business-related area?

I’m referring to careers in accounting, auditing, sales and marketing, investment banking, and more?

If yes, here is a complete list of business courses in Kenya and what you need to know about them (their marketability, where to study them, minimum qualifications, job prospects, etc.).

List of business courses in Kenya and what you need to know about them

List of business courses in Kenya and everything you need to know about them- most are examined by KNEC:

Business certificate courses in Kenya

Accountancy courses

  1. Certificate in Accountancy
  2. Craft Certificate in Accounting
  3. Craft in Accounting Technician
  4. Craft Accountancy/Craft In Accountancy
  5. Certificate In Accounting & Management Skills (CAMS)- Examined by KASNEB

Job prospects:

  • Accounting Assistant.
  • Accounts clerk
  • Bursar
  • Accounting Technician.

Banking-related courses

  1. Certificate in Banking
  2. Craft Certificate in Banking& Finance
  3. Certificate in Banking& Finance
  4. Certificate in Business Administration

Job prospects:

This course doesn’t have many jobs in Kenya and it is most suitable as a bridge to the Diploma in Banking level.

Certificate in business management in Kenya /administration courses

  1. Craft in Business Administration
  2. Craft in Business
  3. Certificate in Business Management/Craft in Business Management

Job prospects:

Customer service representative, office assistant, business development officer, etc.

Cooperative Management courses

  1. Certificate in Cooperative Management
  2. Craft Certificate in Cooperative Management/Craft In Cooperative Management

Job prospects:

You can work in SACCOs as an assistant credit officer, loan officer, etc.

Human Resources certificate courses

  1. Certificate In Human Resources Management
  2. Craft Certificate In Human Resource Management

Job prospects:

You can work in companies/firms as an HR officer/HR clerk.

Marketing-related business courses list (certificate level)

  1. Certificate in Marketing Management
  2. Marketing Level 5(TVET-CDACC)
  3. Certificate in Sales and Marketing/Craft Sales and Marketing

Job prospects:

Sales assistant, merchandiser, marketing assistant, customer service representative, etc.

Procurement-related certificate courses

  1. Certificate In Supply Chain Management/Craft In Supply Chain Management
  2. Certificate In Supplies Management/Craft Certificate In Supplies Chain Management

Job prospects:

  • Supplies officer.
  • Purchasing clerk.
  • Logistics assistant/Assistant Logistician.

Other business certificate courses

  • Craft in Storekeeping– career prospects here include working as a Store Keeper, Warehouse clerk, Store Assistant, etc.
  • Certificate In Credit Management)- With a certificate in credit management, you can be hired for roles such as credit clerk, credit assistant, etc. It is examined by KASNEB.
  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies/Craft in Secretarial Studies- Secretarial courses are no longer marketable as organizations hire all-rounded office assistants (graduates of business management) instead.
  • Certificate in Clerical Operations/Craft in Clerical Operations- this course can help you secure entry level clerical jobs especially if you have great ICT skills.
  • Certificate In Entrepreneurial Agriculture/Craft In Entrepreneurial Agriculture- This course is best for students who want to start their own agriculture-related businesses
  • Certificate in Information Studies/Craft in Information Studies-with a Craft Certificate in Information Studies, you can work in an institutional library as an assistant.
  • Certificate In Entrepreneurship/Craft In Entrepreneurship- This course is best for students who want to start their own businesses/firms(self-employment).
  • Certificate in Transport Management/Road Transport Management/ Freight Management/Maritime Transport Logistics – Here you can be hired as a logistics officer/assistant or transport manager in transportation companies. For maritime transport logistics, you can get entry-level jobs in shipping companies/clearing and forwarding firms.
  • Certificate in Project Management- Here you can be employed as a project management assistant/clerk. Note that most project management jobs require a degree in project management.
  • Certificate in Health Records & IT- With this course, you can work in a health facility as a health records assistant.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Required qualifications for business related certificate courses in Kenya

Minimum requirements for business certificate courses in Kenya: D plain (mean grade). No cluster requirements.

Where to study: Most TVET colleges offer the above courses. Log into your KUCCPS student portal to see a full list of TVET colleges in Kenya.

Course duration: 2 years (including industrial attachment)

Business Diploma Courses in Kenya

Here now is a list of diploma business courses in Kenya:

Diploma in business management in Kenya / Business Administration Diploma in Kenya/ Diploma In Management

Job prospects:

You can work for your own company or with luck, get recruited for jobs such as:

  1. Administrative officer.
  2. Office supervisor/administrator.
  3. Business manager
  4. Assistant operations manager
  5. Sales executive

Diploma In Wildlife Management

Job prospects:

The best prospects are in wildlife management roles in privately-owned wildlife conservancies.

Besides, you could land opportunities in NGOs that deal with nature and environmental conversation.

Diploma In Supplies Management/Diploma In Procurement& Materials Management/ Diploma In Supply Chain Management/Diploma In Purchasing & Supplies Management

Job prospects:

  1. Materials Planner.
  2. Materials Handler.
  3. Procurement officer.
  4. Purchasing specialist

List of business courses in Kenya -Other Business Diploma courses

Diploma In Road Transport Management/Diploma In Transport Management/Diploma In Logistics & Transport Management/ Freight Management/Diploma In Flight Operations/Dispatch

Job prospects:

  1. Logistics manager
  2. Transport manager.
  3. Transport supervisor.

Diploma In Public Relations(PR)

Job prospects:

  1. Advertising account executive.
  2. Marketing executive.
  3. Advertising copywriter.
  4. Public relations officer.
  5. Public affairs consultant.
  6. Sales account executive

Diploma in Project Management

Job prospects:

  1. Project Co-ordinator
  2. Contract Administrator
  3. Project Manager

Diploma in Mass Communication

Job prospects:

  1. Radio presenter.
  2. TV Broadcaster.
  3. Camera person.
  4. Print/broadcast Journalist.
  5. Digital journalist

Diploma in Front Office Operations& Customer Care

Job prospects:

  1. Customer care supervisor
  2. Customer relationship officer.
  3. Front office manager
  4. Front office coordinator

Diploma in Marketing/Diploma in Sale& Marketing

Job prospects:

  1. Public relations manager.
  2. Public relations officer.
  3. Market researcher.
  4. Marketing/sales executive.
  5. Business development officer.

Diploma In Human Resource/Human Resource Management/Personnel Management

Job prospects:

  1. Human resources assistant
  2. Payroll specialist
  3. Recruiter
  4. Human resources specialist
  5. Employee relations manager
  6. Labor relations specialist.

Diploma in Housekeeping Management/Housekeeping and Laundry

Job prospects:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Housekeeper Attendant

Diploma In Technology(Event& Convention Management)

Job prospects:

  1. Events Coordinator
  2. Wedding Planner
  3. Event Marketer
  4. Restaurant/Pub Manager
  5. Tourism Officer

Diploma In Environmental Management

Job prospects:

  1. Biodiversity officer
  2. Environmental analyst
  3. Environmental officer
  4. Safety officer

Diploma In Credit Management

Job prospects:

  1. Credit manager
  2. Credit controller.

Diploma in County Governance And Ethics

  1. Director -Ethics and Governance in county governments

Diploma In Co-Operative Management

Co-operative Bank Loans Officer 

Co-operative Bank Loans Officer 

You can work in SACCOs as a:

  1. Loans officer/credit officer
  2. Control clerk
  3. Cashier
  4. Development Officer


Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Management/Diploma In Catering And Accommodation/Diploma In Catering & Accommodation Operations

Job prospects:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Catering & Accommodation trainer
  3. Catering and Accommodation Manager
  4. Pastry Chef
  5. Food & Beverage Manager
  6. Restaurant Manager/Hotel Manager

Diploma In BIT(Business Information Technology)

Job prospects:

  1. ICT Officer
  2. System administrator
  3. ICT technician.

Diploma In Human Resource Management

Job prospects:

  1. HR Assistant
  2. Human Resource Officer
  3. Human Resource Data and Payroll Officer
  4. Human Resource and Administration Officer

Diploma In Business Administration/Management

Job prospects:

  1. Office administrator.
  2. Management assistant.
  3. Office supervisor.
  4. Business development officer

Diploma In Banking/Dip-loma In Banking& Finance

Job prospects:

  • Debt recovery officer.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Risk analyst
  • Credit officer.
  • Credit control assistant.
  • Loans officer.

Diploma in Archives & Records Management

Job prospects:

  1. Information and Records Management Officer
  2. Records Management Assistant
  3. Records Management Officer

Diploma In Applied Statistics

Job prospects:

  1. Actuarial analyst assistant
  2. Junior data scientist
  3. Assistant Data analyst
  4. Assistant Data scientist
  5. Assistant Financial risk analyst
  6. Operational researcher
  7. Assistant Statistician

Diploma In Airport Operations

Job prospects:

  1. Airport Operations Assistant
  2. Assistant Airport manager
  3. Flight Operations Officer
  4. Flight Dispatcher

Diploma in Air Cargo Management

Job prospects:

  1. Air Cargo Management Executive.
  2. Freight forwarder.
  3. Air Freight Management officer.
  4. Cargo sales officer.
  5. Cargo agent.

Diploma In Accountancy/Diploma In Accounting & Finance/Accounting Technician Diploma/Diploma In Accountants Technicians Diploma/Diploma In Accounting Technicians

Job prospects:

  1. Accounts assistant
  2. Book-keeper
  3. Audit assistant
  4. Tax assistant
  5. Accounts clerk.

Diploma In Public Relations And Creative Advertising

Job prospects:

  1. Public Relations Executive
  2. Front Office assistant
  3. Public Relations officer
  4. Business development officer
  5. Public Relations Assistant
  6. Multimedia designer
  7. Social media executive
  8. Advertising executive

Diploma In Journalism

Job prospects:

  1. Media Relations Officer
  2. Sub-Editor
  3. Print/broadcast Journalist
  4. Digital journalist
  5. Newscaster

Diploma In Maritime Transport Logistics

Job prospects:

  1. Route Planner
  2. Logistics officer
  3. Maritime Transport manager

Diploma In Agribusiness Management/Diploma In Enterpreneural Agriculture

This course is mostly targeted at form 4 leavers who would like to venture into agribusiness and doesn’t have many employment opportunities.

Diploma In Secretarial Studies& Office Management/Diploma In Secretarial Studies/Diploma In Secretarial Studies(Computerised)- This is not a great course since computers have largely replaced the typewriter in offices.


Required qualifications for business related diploma courses in Kenya

Minimum requirements for business diploma courses in Kenya: C minus (mean grade). No cluster requirements.

Where to study: Most TVET colleges offer the above courses. Log into your KUCCPS student portal to see a full list of TVET colleges in Kenya.

Course duration: 2 years (including industrial attachment)


List of business courses in university in Kenya

Here is a list of business courses offered at the bachelors degree level in Kenya:

  • Com (Options: insurance& risk management, finance and banking, Entrepreneurship, Human resource management, Marketing)
  • Records Management& Information Technology
  • Information Science/Information Sciences& Knowledge Management
  • Business Management
  • Marketing, With IT
  • Business Administration (In Management)
  • Secretarial Management& Administration
  • Business Administration(With IT)
  • Business& Office Management
  • Business Administration -In Office Administration
  • Tourism Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management-With IT
  • Business& Information Technology(BBIT)
  • Business Innovation &Technology Management
  • Hospitality& Tourism Management
  • Hospitality& Institutional Management
  • Hotel& Hospitality Management
  • Hotel And Hospitality Management
  • Eco-Tourism, Hotel& Institution Management,With IT
  • Ecotourism& Hospitality Management
  • Travel& Tours Operations Management
  • International Tourism Management
  • Business Information Technology
  • Procurement& Contract Management
  • Purchasing& Supplies Management
  • Supply Chain Management/Logistics& Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement&Supplies Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Enterprises Management/Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Management/Entreprenuership& Small Business Management
  • Business Management& Information Technology
  • Project Planning& Management
  • Project Management
  • Hotel& Restaurant Management/Hotel Management
  • Catering& Hospitality Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Leadership
  • Office Administration& Technology
  • Institutional Management
  • Business Management-Marine Business Management/Civil Aviation Management
  • Co-Operative Management
  • Co-Operatives& Community Development
  • Co-Operative& Entrepreneurship Management

Required qualifications for business related degree courses in Kenya

Minimum requirements: C plus (mean grade). Check cluster requirements in your KUCCPS portal student account.

Where to study: Most universities offer most of these business degrees.

Course duration: 4 years


Best marketable business courses in Kenya – which are the best business courses to take in Kenya?

Well, here is my opinion when it comes to the question of the best diploma business courses in Kenya (and business courses in general):

There are not many types of business courses that can be said to be marketable in Kenya at the moment.


A lot of young people who have taken the so called best business courses in Kenya – procurement, business management, business administration, and even human resource management- remain unemployed for years.

In fact, I challenge you to do your research- you will discover that thousands of graduates of business courses struggle to get jobs for years with most ending up in self-employment in areas that are very different from what they studied at college.

You may wonder why is that so…

Well, to me, the problem started during the Kibaki era. If you remember, higher education was liberalized leading to proliferation of universities in Kenya.

Now, business courses were the first to be launched by the new universities since it’s cheaper to teach a business course than a technical programme like engineering.

To make matter worse, these universities would absorb anyone into their business courses– even those who had failed through the bridging courses.

Subsequently, hundreds of thousands of students (the number is possibly more) enrolled in these courses, causing the current flooding of business graduates in the job market.

Most of these are yet to find meaningful employment for the reason that our economy has not been growing fast enough to absorb them.

And so I feel that no business course will guarantee you a job– not even the traditionally marketable diploma business courses in Kenya such as accounting.

However, with luck (and connections, as Kenyans are wont to say), you can still find a decent job with a business course.

Try to research more and see the course that really suits your dreams and passion.

Professional business courses in Kenya

There are two main types of business courses in Kenya: academic and professional.

Professional courses simply refer to courses that lead to the award of a certification in a certain area of study- these certifications are awarded after you prove that you have mastered the subject matter completely (meaning you can even practice as a specialist).

For this reason, it is important to consider doing a relevant professional business course (depending on the course you select from the above list of business courses in Kenya).

It will enhance your chances of securing employment and can even open doors to well-paying jobs outside Kenya.

Here are the leading Professional business courses in Kenya to point you in the right direction:

  • CPA (Certified public accountant)- this goes well with business courses such as business management, accounting, and cooperative management. It is offered by KASNEB. Read more about the CPA course in Kenya here.
  • ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)- Like the CPA, the ACCA adds value to anyone pursuing an accounting and finance course.



  • CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst)- This is the best professional course for those who want to work as financial analysts in the future. It is offered by Strathmore University and is examined by the globally-recognized CFA Institute.
  • CIM(Chartered Institute of Marketing)- This is the best professional course for students pursuing a marketing course. It is again respected worldwide.
  • CHRP(Certified Human Resource Professional)-This is a professional certification for human resource professionals. It is examined by the HRMPEB (Human Resource Management Professional Examinations Board)
  • CIPS(Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply)- procurement and supply chain management graduates can take this certification. It validates your knowledge of supply chain systems, operations, and procedures.

Note: The other option for procurement and supply management students is the KISM(Kenya institute of supply management) procurement professional exams.

List of business courses in Kenya – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which is the most marketable business course in Kenya?

As mentioned previously, jobs for graduates of business courses are generally hard to come by compared to graduates of technical courses in Kenya.

In truth, listing the most marketable business courses in Kenya is super difficult because the job market is heavily flooded with graduates of business courses at the moment, which explains the move by the government to shift its focus to technical courses (recall the government is even offering sponsorship to students who choose to take technical courses in TVET colleges via KUCCPS).

Sure, you could be lucky but truth be told, the job market is extremely frustrating for those who have pursued business courses in Kenya.

Don’t get me wrong- go for it if you feel it is the right thing to do. Otherwise, be prepared to hustle very hard to get a decent job.



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