Requirements for diploma in education primary option in 2023

You might be aware that the government has scrapped the P1 Teachers course and in its place introduced the DPTE course (Diploma in Primary Teacher Education).

Here are the requirements for diploma in education primary option in case you’re interested in becoming a primary school teacher in Kenya:

Requirements for diploma in education primary option –what you need to qualify for the diploma in primary education intake

The entry requirements (minimum) for the diploma in primary teacher education course are as follows:

  • KCSE Mean Grade: C (Plain) / its equivalent.

In addition, you need a C (Plain) in these subjects:

  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Mathematics
  • Any one Humanities subject
  • Any one Sciences subject

Requirements for diploma in education primary option – candidates with disabilities

Candidates with disabilities are required to have the following requirements:

  • KCSE Mean Grade: C- (Minus)

In addition, you need a C- (Minus) in the cluster subjects below:

  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Mathematics
  • Any one Humanities subject
  • Any one Sciences subject

Requirements for diploma in education primary option – documents needed

To be allowed to collect the registration form, a candidate must present original Certificates and ID Card (or a Registration Acknowledgement proving that you have applied for your ID to the panel).

These are returned to you after verification (Don’t forget that the registration documents can only be issued to you during official working hours).

You must also attach these documents to your registration forms before returning them:

  1. A copy of your KCSE certificate/result slip (certified).
  2. 2 passport size photographs (certified)taken recently (Avoid photo me photographs).
  3. A copy of your ID Card (both sides- certified)/Registration Acknowledgement(A.R.A) – certified.
  4. A copy of your School Leaving Certificate(certified).
  5. One copy of any Co-curricular Activity Certificates you have obtained (certified).

I should add that candidates may be required to provide evidence of adhering to good moral values and positive behaviour such as a police clearance certificate.


Diploma in Primary Teacher Education Duration

The duration shall be three(3) years according to the approved Diploma in PTE Curriculum.

The teacher trainees are expected to cover the needed coursework and practicum hours within the duration.

Also note that you shall undertake a 3-months micro-teaching course during the period- the micro-teaching course is a pre-requisite for you to go for teaching practice.

How to apply for the diploma in education primary option

Now, the first diploma in primary education intake 2021 has been closed (it was conducted in April 2021 with training for the new diploma in primary teacher education course starting in June).

That means you can only wait for the second diploma in primary education 2021 intake – that should happen in the second half of the year.

Of course, the ministry usually publishes an advertisement calling for applications from interested students so you should keep an eye on the daily newspapers and the ministry’s website.

Update; The Ministry has once again invited applications for placement in TTCs. The government is especially urging 2020 KCSE candidates who may be interested in becoming teachers to apply through their local sub-county education office. The last date to apply is 30th June 2021 and those successful are expected to join college in September 2021.

Application for diploma in primary teacher education – The application process

Here is how to apply for diploma in primary teacher education…

The application process- which kicks off after the advert- is typically as follows:

Step 1: You should first download the ministry of education diploma application form from the website .You can also collect the hard copy registration forms from your County Director of Education(CDE) office.

Step 2: Fill in the forms as required.

Step 3: Return the duly-filled forms in person to your Sub County Directors’ of Education Offices on or before the date specified in the advertisement.

Note: The sub county education office is considered a registration centre for applicants and it is important to remember that you are allowed to register (by submitting your forms) in one centre only (this should be your home sub-county office or as advised by your sub-county director of education). The ministry has said that double registration at the zonal education offices shall result in automatic disqualification.

From there, the following activities take place in diverse dates:

  1. Merit Lists Compiled at the Sub County level– this is equivalent to shortlisting.
  2. Zonal Merit lists submitted to the Ministry of Education Headquarters– the lists of those ‘shortlisted’ are submitted to the ministry by the sub counties.
  3. Pre-selection activities– preparation of final candidates’ selection.
  4. Selection Exercise/Post-selection Activities– the panel sits and selects the lucky trainees.
  5. Admission letters collected by County Directors –the letters are forwarded to their Sub Counties & respective educational zones.
  6. Candidates collects theirs admission letters– Successful candidates are contacted to collect their admission letters from the zonal education offices.
  7. Reporting to college– Selected candidates report to their assigned colleges.

Overall, you should know your fate within 2 months of applying.

Colleges that offer diploma in education primary option in Kenya

The ministry has accredited most public teacher training colleges to offer the diploma in primary education programme.

These include:

  • Migori TTC
  • Machakos TTC
  • Murang’a TTC
  • Thogoto TTC
  • Kilimambogo TTC
  • Asumbi Teachers Training College
  • Kamwenja Teachers College
  • Shanzu TTC
  • Egoji TTC
  • Baringo TTC

A word on specialization

The teachers’ trainees shall specialize in three(3) subject areas- you must have attained at least a C plain grade in the subject you wish to specialize in.

The specialization areas are grouped into four(4) clusters but you pick only one subject/category when it comes to selecting specialities.

You pick your specialties from the following four clusters.

Cluster one subjects

  • Indigenous Languages
  • Kenya Sign Language
  • Foreign Languages (German/French/Arabic/Mandarin(Chinese).

Cluster two subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Agriculture
  • Home Science
  • Science and Technology

Cluster three subjects

  • Religious Education (CRE/ HRE/IRE)
  • Social Studies

Cluster four subjects

  • Art & Craft
  • Music

Mandatory subjects (for all teacher trainees)

  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Physical& Health Education(PHE)
  • Kenya sign language(for hearing impaired)

The ministry has also advised that trainees shall specialize from year one in at least 3 learning areas of their choice.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that the Diploma in PTE (Primary Teacher Education) allows you to teach Grade 1-6.

It has also emerged that the ministry is planning to have the current unemployed batch of P1 teachers upgrade to the Diploma in PTE to make them employable.

The good news is that their course will only take 9 months as the main purpose is equipping them with skills to teach under the CBC system (they already have other essential teaching skills).

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