CISCO courses in Kenya – fee, training centers, curriculum, and more

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If you’re in the ICT field, having a CISCO certification can make all the difference- employers really value it not just in Kenya but also globally for those who harbor a dream of working in another country.

This article will cover everything you need to know about cisco courses in Kenya including where you can attend classes and CISCO fee structure in Kenya.

Let us dive in:

Cisco courses in Kenya – fee, training centers, cisco training centres in Kenya, CCNA modules, and more

What is cisco?

CISCO is an American technology multinational and a renowned manufacturer of networking equipment.

CISCO is head-quartered in SanJose, California (at the heart of the famous Silicon Valley).

Now, it is important to mention that cisco courses in Kenya are offered under cisco networking academy, a tech education initiative of CISCO.

CISCO courses under cisco networking academy Kenya

While most students are familiar with the CCNA, you should know that cisco academies in Kenya offer much more.

Here are the programs available under cisco in Kenya (and globally):

Networking courses

  1. CCNA (CISCO Certified Networking Associate)- the 3-course CCNA series prepares you for entry & middle-level networking jobs.

Important Note: There are 3 CCNA modules under CISCO new curriculum (CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks CCNA 2: Switching,Routing,&Wireless essentials CCNA 3:Entreprise Networking,Security,&Automation). You must pass the three to get the CCNA certification in Kenya if you’re going the cisco networking academy route.

  1. CCNP Entreprise- the 2-part course is an advancement on the CCNA and prepares you for professional-level networking jobs. You need to pass the 2 modules- Core Networking and Advanced Routing- to get the certification.


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OS & IT courses

Here you learn specialist skills in operating systems (OS), computer repair and maintenance, simple networking, and more.

The two leading courses here are:

  1. IT essentials- Curriculum covers general computer troubleshooting and repairs, OS installation, and basic networking.
  2. NDG Linux– If you want to work as a system administrator, most employers will prefer those competent in Linux operating system. This is a complete Linux course and should help you master Linux.


If coding and development is your thing, perhaps you should pursue a coding certification from cisco.

Each programming course here leads to an industry-recognized certification in software development.

Specifically, here you will learn to code using three popular languages: Python, C++, and C.

Internet of Things courses

The IoT(internet of things) revolution is well and truly underway across the planet so the demand for IoT engineers is on an upward trajectory.

You can easily get a good grasp of the IoT world by pursuing CISCO introduction to IoT certification.

The other major course here is the Big data&Analytics certification– organizations are increasingly becoming data-centric and the certification prepares you for jobs in big data (data science, data mining, etc.).

Infrastructure Automation courses

Here there are two courses: DevNet Associate (you learn the coding skills that can help you build software that integrates and automates networks) and Webex Teams collaboration (you experiment with REST A.P.I technology using CISCO’s Webex Teams online collaboration system).

Cybersecurity courses

The demand for cyber-security pros is expected to hit an all-time high in the next few years as the world shifts to working and doing business online.

CISCO cyber security courses covers everything you need to become a pro– from the fundamentals to expert-level system security skills- and can be your ticket to big-time cyber security roles.

The three courses are:

  1. Cybersecurity Essentials– this is a beginner level cyber security course.
  2. CyberOps Associate- medium level course that teaches you how to monitor, detect, and also respond to nearly all cybersecurity threats.
  3. IoT Security- you’re trained how to use real-world tools/technologies to test vulnerabilities, model security threats, evaluate risks, and more(in IoT solutions).

Remember that the cisco networking academy certificate is recognized worldwide and can give you a massive advantage when searching for ICT jobs.


Where can I take CISCO courses in Kenya?

CISCO Networking Academy courses in Kenya can be taken online via or by attending physical classes at a CISCO networking academy near you.

Now, the CISCO networking academy program is hosted by a couple of accredited colleges and universities in Kenya.

This article has a complete list of colleges offering cisco in Kenya and should point you in the right direction.


CCNA Requirement

The course is ideal for anyone who plans to work in the ICT field (or any individual who is already practicing in ICT and want to upgrade their skills).

The certification can be particularly powerful when combined with a Degree or a Diploma in ICT.

So, in short, the course is designed to help ICT students/practitioners acquire the latest skills.

That said, the minimum requirement to qualify is a K.C.S.E certificate (or above).

How long does a CISCO course take?

The duration per module varies but it is anything between 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on whether you’re attending part-time or full-time classes.

You can, of course, take shorter if you opt for self-paced learning via as long as you devote more hours to the course.


A word on CISCO exams

The exams for CISCO courses are taken online – you typically have to take an end-of-chapter exam after completing each chapter and a final course exam (after completing the entire course).

Your instructor will guide you about exam scheduling but in general, exams can be taken throughout the year.

The CISCO Networking Academy certificate is available soon after passing the final exam.

CCNA course fees – cisco fee structure in Kenya

The total fee payable for the CCNA course differs from one institution to the next.

But on average, you should budget at least Kshs.10000 for each module of CCNA- most colleges charge between Kshs.8000 to Kshs.15000 per CCNA module.

The fee for the other courses is also in the same range per module (but for the free introductory course on

Important Note: You can book the final CCNA certification exam at your preferred prometric testing center in Kenya (e.g. Computer Pride or AFLARTI) to get the final CCNA certification. The fee for CCNA certification in Kenya is about Kshs.40000/- (without the voucher). Keep in mind that some employers demand for the official CCNA certification exam (and not the CISCO Networking Academy certificate you are awarded after passing the Academy Exams).


CISCO Kenya contacts (CISCO Corporation Kenya Offices)

Offices: Landmark Plaza, 7th Floor, Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi

Telephone number: +254 20 276 4000

Important Note: If your question is about studying for CISCO courses, you should reach out to CISCO CCNA Academy through the website. Here is the link.

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