KMTC Nyeri Campus Guide: All you need to know

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So today I visited KMTC Nyeri Campus and wanted to learn more about what it is like to study at this classic KMTC campus.

And so this is for you if you’re planning to make this campus your home for the next few years.

Let’s do this..

KMTC Nyeri Campus Location

The campus is on the extreme lower parts of Nyeri town and shares the same compound with the busy Nyeri level 5 hospital, Nyeri’s sole referral hospital.

The area is fairly silent but for the occasional matatu hooting as they pass by.

The college’s ground isn’t that big so buildings are built close to each other.

Overall, most of the buildings are in fairly good condition.

How to access KMTC Nyeri

Alight at Nyeri’s lower stage and look for a bodaboda or Taxi outside Naivas Nyeri. Ask him/her to drop you at KMTC  Nyeri.

Boda guys charge about shs.50.


A bit of History

KMTC Nyeri College is one of the oldest medical colleges in Kenya.

I learnt that it was opened way back in 1947 as a specialized School of Nursing offering Kenya Enrolled Nurses training.

The other milestones were as follows:

1975: Environmental Health Sciences started.

1981: Medical Laboratory Sciences course including medical laboratory certificate launched.

1995: Community Health Nursing programmes started. First admission of learners into the popular KRCHN (Diploma in Nursing) course.

2004: Community Health Nursing (Kenya Registered) Upgrading course

2005: Clinical Medicine started.


KMTC Nyeri Campus courses offered

Nyeri KMTC offers myriad diploma courses.

I was told by students that exams are tough as nails in some courses but students do pass.

Of course, you’re here to create a good future for yourself and the assumption is that you’ll work hard.

Please note that the minimum mean grade is C plain at KCSE and the courses last 3 years, but for the community health nursing course which takes 3.5 years.

Here now is a complete list of courses you can take at KMTC Nyeri.


Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing.


C in English/Kiswahili and Biological sciences/biology.

C- in any two of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, or Physical sciences


Diploma in Clinical Medicine/Surgery


C in English/Kiswahili and Biological sciences/biology and Physical sciences/chemistry. C- in any of Maths, Physics, or Physical sciences


Diploma in Pharmacy


C in English/Kiswahili and chemistry/ Physical sciences and Biology.

C- in any of Maths, Physics, or Physical sciences

Diploma in Medical Imaging Sciences

C in English/Kiswahili and Physics / Physical sciences and Biology/biological sciences.

C- in any of Maths or chemistry


Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

C in English/Kiswahili and Biology / Biological sciences and Physical sciences/Chemistry

C- in any of Maths, Physics, or Physical sciences


Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences

C in English/Kiswahili and Biology/Biological sciences

C- in Maths and one of: Physics/Physical sciences, Chemistry

KMTC Nyeri certificate courses

Nyeri KMTC doesn’t currently offer any certificate courses.

If you must take a KMTC certificate, check out these KMTC courses:

  • Molo– Certificate in Health Promotion(Deaf students)
  • Murang’a, Msambweni, Othaya, Manza, Bondo, Chwele, Rera, Kaptumo, Kitui, Webuye, Siaya– Certificate in Health Records
  • Kabarnet, Garissa, Kapenguria, Lodwar– Community Health Nursing Certificate
  • Loitoktok, Kilifi, Meru– Medical Engineering certificate
  • Nairobi, Machakos- Orthopaedic Plaster Technology Certificate
  • Manza, Kapenguria, Kwale, Mwingi, Kitui, karuri, Lake Victoria, Kuria– Environmental Health Sciences certificate


KMTC Nyeri Campus Intakes

The college has two intakes: In March and September every year in all courses.

You should , however, note that for Clinical Medicine, intakes are exclusively in March.

KMTC Nyeri Campus How to apply

You can apply any time through the KMTC admissions portal here.

You just follow the simple steps highlighted on the website to complete your application.

The admissions officer will then call/SMS/ email you after processing your application.


KMTC Nyeri fee structure

The fee varies from course to course. But in general, it’s between shs.70000-shs.120000 per year.


An overview of the General Infrastructure

Regarding infrastructure, there are a few areas the college can improve.

To begin with, the lecture halls are okay although sometimes they are insufficient due to rapid student population growth.

Moving on, the dining hall is fine though a student told me she sometimes finds the food boring.

But that should be the least of your worries since you can always eat out – there are dozens of ‘cafes’ selling pretty much everything at friendly prices.

This brings me to the library..

And this needs a massive uplift- the books are nothing to write home about and its small- sits just about 60 students.

At least the ICT lab is awesome- the Wi-Fi speed is amazing and the computers quite fast.

Kudos to the college’s ICT team.

Credit to the college, the magnificent looking new tuition block -housing a library, 2 general laboratories, and an extra skills laboratory- is nearing completion.

The new library will even have an E-learning section…how cool is that? That means you’ll no longer have to worry about the outdated text books.

Lastly, I learned that the college is installing a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine.

This will be of great help to students undertaking Medical Imaging Sciences course at KMTC Nyeri campus.


KMTC Nyeri Campus: Hostels

Many of you have been asking about hostels at the Nyeri KMTC and it’s true that the college has its own– men and girls- facilities.

Each hostel room has 4 beds (Deckers), a water closet, reading chair and table (some rooms miss some of these accessories).

And at shs.10000 per term, the fee is fair.

Sadly, the competition is stiff because of the aforementioned raised student numbers and you’ll need to arrive early on the reporting day to secure a hostel.

They offer them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Then, if you’re to stay there, you must play by the rules..guys cannot visit girls hostels and vice versa, lest you’re suspended for 6 good months.

Something else: You can’t cook in the hostels (That means a cold shower!).

Hate all that?

No issue, you can always get nice accommodation outside the college in the neighboring Kangemi, Ruringu, Blue Valley etc.



KMTC Nyeri Campus: Student Life

I’m sure you have heard this: all study and no play makes jack a dull boy.

So, how is play at Nyeri KMTC?

Well, if you like the telly, the huge screen will serve your entertainment desires.

It has a DSTV decoder so you can catch up with EPL games and UEFA champions league matches live.

I had mentioned the WiFi…It’s always on and very swift even when on YouTube.

And that means the world to us, YouTube and social media obsessed guys.

That’s not all:

You can participate in the following games while at KMTC Nyeri

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Table tennis
  • Basket ball
  • Chess
  • Draft
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Darts
  • Badminton

The only issue is that for some games, you’ll have to travel to one of the neighborhood high schools as the college lacks a field.

If you’re good, you’ll get an opportunity to travel all over Kenya to represent KMTC Nyeri at the college’s expense.

If you prefer spending your free time worshipping and getting close to God, you won’t be disappointed:

The CU (Christian union) and CA (Catholic association) are very active and the sessions very lively.

Even the Islamic grouping is very welcoming.

Besides, you can attend one of the Churches or Mosques on Sundays and Fridays.

Oops, I almost forgot about the biggest fun day in the institution- The Fresha’s night.

This is held to welcome newcomers and is the mother of all parties….

Great Music, Miss MKTC Nyeri pageant (Hello model!), performances have it all.

Enjoy to the fullest as it will be another 365 days before you can experience it again!

I should add that being a Medical college, students wear a specified uniform during class time.

KMTC Nyeri contacts

For any questions, get in touch with the KMTC Nyeri Campus using the following details:

Mobile number:0796759944 /0796759940





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