Computer Engineering Salary In Kenya [How Much Can You Earn?]

So, how much is the computer engineering salary in Kenya?

Well, this is a question on the lips of many students considering pursuing the computer science course in Kenya.

Now, the computer engineering salary in Kenya starts at about shs.50000 (fresh graduates) and can rise to about shs.200000 if you have a working experience of about 5 years.

That’s according to our survey on various job websites and information available from some of those holding computer engineering jobs in Kenya.

Of course, there are instances where the pay starts slightly below the above figure (mostly in small businesses) and others where you are likely to pocket more than shs.200000 per month, especially when you occupy a managerial position.

Having answered the question of how much is the median computer engineering salary in Kenya, let’s now turn our attention to other issues related to computer engineering.


Who do computer engineers do?

A computer engineer is basically an artisan (fundi) and undertakes duties such as testing, repairing, and servicing various computer components.

These include parts like processors, memory devices, circuit boards, and assorted computer networking gargets.

They also assemble computers and may be involved in maintaining other computing devices such as projectors, photocopiers, and printers.


Is computer engineering marketable in Kenya?

In our opinion, there aren’t many formal employment opportunities for graduates of computer engineering course in Kenya.

However, the course can be great for students who have a passion for entrepreneurship and willing to open their own IT repair firms.

Indeed, thousands of desktop and laptop computers are purchased by students and working Kenyans every year meaning there will always be demand for maintenance services.

The other opportunity is in consultancy- with proper marketing, you won’t lack maintenance contracts in schools, hospitals, and county as well as national government institutions.


Alternatives to computer engineering

If you still find computer engineering fascinating but you would rather be employed, I recommend that you pursue software engineering rather than pure computer engineering.

Here you are more into programming (instead of hardware serving and troubleshooting) and as you might be aware, the demand for programmers world over is at an all-time high.

In fact, software engineer jobs in Kenya abound- organizations in both the private and public sectors are constantly seeking new programming talent to help them build apps (or to improve their existing systems).

And the software engineering salary per month in Kenya is significantly higher than the computer engineering salary in Kenya.

For instance, Safaricom software engineer salary starts at about shs.100000.

In fact, developers salaries in Kenya are among the highest in Africa.

The other study area you can opt for is IT security and forensics.

Here you will learn how to protect IT systems against hackers and your main job will be to ensure that data held by the company you are working for is never accessed by criminals.

You will also be involved in other cybersecurity roles such as undertaking forensic investigations where hacking and data theft incidents have occurred.

Like in software engineering, computer security and forensics jobs in Kenya are plenty and can remain unfilled for long as only a few Kenyans have the required qualifications.


The computer engineering salary in Kenya ranges between shs.50000-shs.200000.

Having said that, our advice, if you have just completed form 4 and planning to pursue computer engineering in Kenya (or currently looking to switch jobs), is to consider taking software engineering since it pays better.

Again, jobs may not be readily forthcoming after completing your computer engineering course.

This can be a blessing in disguise for those inclined towards entrepreneurship as the market for computer service technicians remain high across the country.

Whatever your decision, the team at the  wishes you success.


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