JKUAT nursing fee structure

If you are planning to enroll in a nursing course in JKUAT, your in in the right place because this article has JKUAT nursing fee structure to help you plan for your studies.

Just so you know, in JKUAT, all nursing Programmes  are offered in the school of nursing.

And in this article, we will go ahead and look at the total fee payable for different nursing Programmes offered in JKUAT.

Additionally, we will also guide you when it comes to entry requirements for each Programme, duration each course takes, mode of study for different Programmes and much more.

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JKUAT nursing fee structure

Nursing Programmes offered in JKUAT school of nursing and their qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • PhD in Nursing

BSc. in Nursing


  • Kshs 225,000

The minimum entry requirements:

You must have a mean grade of C+ in KCSE or its equivalent

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • C+ in English/Kiswahili
  • C+ in Biology
  • C+ in Chemistry Mathematics or Physics.

BScN Upgrading

Entry requirements:

  • Diploma in Nursing from any recognized institution
  • You must have not less than 2 years working experience after attainment of the Diploma in Nursing
  • Finally, you must have a valid Practice licence from the Nursing Council of Kenya

Courses duration:

Direct Entry: Four (4) academic years on

Mode of study: Full time basis

Upgrading Programme: Eight (8) trimesters

Mode of study: Parttime/blended mode

Side note: Please note that graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme must undertake a one-year internship Programme and sit a licensing examination as prescribed by the Nursing Council of Kenya.


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Master of Science in Nursing (MSc. IN NURSING)


  • Master for 2 years=Kshs 357,000

Minimum Entry Requirement

  • You must have met the entry requirement for BSc. in Nursing training
  • Also, you must be a holder of Bachelor of Science Nursing from JKUAT or other Universities (the universities must be recognized by senate and registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK)).
  • You must also be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya as KRCHN/BSCN with a valid practice licence
  • Lastly, you must have completed 2 years post-BSc. N training

Specialization under Master of Science in Nursing

“Master of Science in Nursing (Midwifery & Reproductive Health, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Education, Medical Surgical Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing, and Paediatrics and Child Health Nursing)

Course duration:

Course duration: Takes at least two academic years

In short, it should not, exceed 60 months

Ph.D in Nursing


  • Kshs. 510,000

Entry requirements

  • You must have met the entry criteria for BSc. in Nursing and Masters of Nursing/Masters of Science in Nursing
  • You must have a master of Nursing/Masters of Science in nursing or its equivalent from JKUAT or from any other institution recognized by the JKUAT senate.
  • One year experience post -masters is taken into consideration before your admission
  • Last and not least, your PhD must be in line with the Master of Nursing/Masters of Science in nursing specialization or its equivalent.

Course duration:

The course a duration of at least thirty-six (36) months that is from the date of registration and shall not exceed eighty-four (84) months from the day of registration.

Study mode: Either full-time or par- time

JKUAT nursing fee structure-Intakes

To apply for different nursing Programmes offered at JKUAT, the intakes are usually 2 times in a year.

Simply, the intakes are usually on the month of January and May of the year.

Having known that, I would advise you to visit JKUAT school of nursing website and on the advertisement, tab you will see if they have advertised for any intakes.

Additionally, you can also contact the institution using the contact details we will provide at the end o this article.

JKUAT nursing fee structure-Application process

To apply for any of the above nursing Programmes, you can apply either as a self -sponsored student of as a government-sponsored student.

Here, the difference is if you apply as a self-sponsored student, you will have to pay your fee without any help by the government.

Alternatively, if you apply as a government sponsored student, depending with your level of need, the government will help you part of your fee.

Application process as a self-sponsored student

Now, to apply as a self-sponsored student, you apply internally at JKUAT main campus, or through its many campuses countrywide.

At this point, you just have to obtain the application form from any JKUAT branch near you, fill it out and later return it to the institution you took it from.

However, remember you have to return the dully filled form plus all the attached documents before the indicated deadline.

 Application process as a government-sponsored student

As usually, just like any other course offered at JKUAT, you will have to apply though KUCCPS to benefit from government funds.

Steps to follow to apply through KUCCPS:

  1. To start with, you will have to visit the KUCCPS student portal on net
  2. Next, access the Student’s Portal by Clicking on the button marked: “Student’s Portal”.
  3. After that, the next process is to log in.
  4. To log in, click on the button marked: “LOGIN” and log in by entering your KCSE Index Number, Year you did your KCSE and your password (KCPE Index or Birth Certificate Number).
  5. At this point, a list of institution will be displayed, select JKUAT as your preferred institution.
  6. Now, go ahead and select the nursing programme you are interested.
  7. Finally, send your application and wait for the reply.

Final words on JKUAT nursing fee structure

That is all the information we have on JKUAT nursing fee structure including the minimum entry requirements.

However, the fee is subjected to changes which can affect whatever we have indicated in this article, therefore, I would advise you to visit JKUAT website for the most -up-to-date fee structure.

Also, it should be noted that application through KUCCPS might only apply to students taking bachelor of science in nursing.

For more information, kindly contact JKUAT via any of the following phone number or email.

Good luck!


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