Early childhood education courses in Kenya: All you need to know

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Kids will always be born so you’re unlikely to lack a job as an ECDE teacher in Kenya.

And that is where Early childhood education courses in Kenya come in- you need to pursue an ECDE course in Kenya to get employment as an ECDE teacher.

In this article, we shall be covering everything you need to know about Early childhood education courses in Kenya (ECDE courses in Kenya) from the minimum qualifications to the colleges offering ECDE courses in Kenya.

Let’s get started:

Early childhood education courses in Kenya: All you need to know

ECDE qualifications in Kenya and course duration

Certificate in ECDE qualifications

KCSE mean grade: D+

Duration for a certificate course in ECDE in Kenya: 1 ½ years

Diploma in early childhood education requirements

KCSE mean grade: C plain / KCE Division 2

Other acceptable qualifications

  • Certificate in ECDE
  • A DICESE/Kindergarten Headmistress Association/ Montessori Certificate  (with at least a D+ mean grade in KCSE)
  • P1 Certificate
  • Lastly, you may be accepted if you’re a long-serving ECDEteacher as long as you hold a KNEC proficiency exam Certificate.

Duration for a diploma in early childhood education in Kenya: 3 years

Degree in ECDE requirements

KCSE mean grade: C +

Other acceptable qualifications

KCSE aggregate grade of C(plain) with an ECDE Diploma from an accredited institution or a P1 certificate


KCSE aggregate grade of C-(minimum) with a relevant certificate and diploma from an accredited institution.

Duration for a degree in ECDE: 4 years

Colleges and Universities offering ECDE courses in Kenya

Below are some of the colleges and universities you can study for an ECDE course in Kenya at including some of the best ECDE colleges in Nairobi:

Colleges offering certificate in ECDE in Kenya

If you want to start with a certificate in early childhood education in Kenya, consider the following colleges:

  • MIT TTC(Teachers Training College)– Machakos
  • Amicus ECD College-Nairobi
  • Anns ECD Teachers College-Kisii
  • Patrick ECDE Training College and High School-Ruiru
  • Premese Africa Development Institute-Nairobi
  • Nyanchwa Adventist College-Kisii
  • Nabongo Teachers Training College-Bungoma
  • Nakuru Teachers Training College- Nakuru TTC is one of the private ECDE colleges in Kenya
  • Bunks ECDE College-Nairobi
  • Kipsigis Teachers Training College-Litein
  • Othaya Teachers College-Othaya
  • KCA University-Thika road
  • KIDS(Kenya Institute of Development Studies)-Check them out if you want to study for your ECDE online. Here is the link to their website.


Universities and Colleges offering diploma in ECDE in Kenya

And here are some of the institutions you might want to join if you are qualified for a Diploma in ECDE course in Kenya:

  • Bomet TTC(Teachers Training College)
  • Kenyatta University(School of Education)
  • University of Nairobi(Kikuyu Campus)
  • Zetech University
  • Premese Africa Development Institute
  • Carlile College
  • Eregi TTC
  • Shanzu TTC-Mombasa
  • Nakuru TTC
  • Asumbi Teachers College
  • Kitui TTC
  • Nyanchwa TTC
  • Kaimosi TTC
  • Kagumo TTC- Kagumo is one of the very best public ECD colleges in Kenya
  • Thogoto TTC

Other colleges you can consider:


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  • Jude’s Technical College-Mumias
  • Tendo Valley Teachers College-Maua
  • Nyeri Catholic ECDE TTC-Nyeri
  • Migori TTC-Migori
  • Kitale Cedar ECDE College-Kitale
  • JTTC (Jerusa Teachers Training College-ECDE)-Kakamega
  • International Montessori School-Nairobi
  • Butula Teachers Training College(ECDE)-Butali
  • Maragua Teachers Training College-Muranga
  • Baringo Teachers Training College-Seretunin (Visit their website here)


Universities offering a Degree in ECDE in Kenya

For those who want to take a degree in ECDE (Bachelor of Education-Early Childhood Development), below are some of the universities we recommend.

  1. Kenyatta University
  2. Chuka University
  3. Kibabii University
  4. Pwani University
  5. Lukenya University
  6. Laikipia University
  7. KHEU(Kenya Highlands Evangelical University)
  8. Garissa University
  9. Koitaleel Samoei University College
  10. KCA University
  11. Mount Kenya University
  12. Maasai Mara University
  13. Masinde Muliro University
  14. Maseno University
  15. PUEA(Presbyterian University Of East Africa)
  16. Scott Christian University
  17. St Paul’s University
  18. Tom Mboya University College
  19. Turkana University College
  20. University Of Kabianga
  21. University Of Nairobi

Upgrading training for certificate in ECDE holders to Diploma

If you already hold a certificate in ECDE, you need to upgrade to a Diploma in Early-Childhood-Teacher-Education (DECE) to qualify to teach CBC curriculum.

The program takes 9 months including 3 months of compulsory teaching practice.

Now, while the government through TSC initially wanted to fund the program, it appears as if they have developed cold feet so you might have to pay for the fee yourself.

We shall update the article as soon as the ministry of education /TSC releases more information about the program- it is not even yet clear if there are any approved institutions for the course.


Early childhood education courses in Kenya: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is ECDE course marketable?

As mentioned at the start, ECDE is a marketable course because nearly every other adult will have kids at some point in life- and these kids must undergo basic education so you will hardly lack jobs.

Remember that while at the moment ECDE teachers in Kenya are employed by county governments, there have been rumours that eventually they will be absorbed by the TSC (which might mean better terms of service).

Also don’t forget that if you have an entrepreneurial brain, you can open your own early childhood education center – the requirements are very basic- and make a lot of money over the years.

The other opportunity you can consider is starting an ECDE college as long as you advance your studies to at least a degree level.

In short, there are a lot of opportunities for holders of ECDE qualifications in Kenya all over the country.


What can I do with a diploma in early childhood education in Kenya?

Here are some of the typical jobs for holders of a diploma in ECDE in Kenya:

  • Early Childhood Development Education(ECDE) Caregiver
  • ECDE Teacher
  • Assistant ECDE Teacher
  • Graduate ECDE Teacher
  • Teacher-Special Education Needs


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