Universities offering music courses in Kenya

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So, are there Universities offering music courses in Kenya? Find out below..

We are all talented differently- some of us are good in conventional jobs in fields such as accounting, law, medicine, and engineering while others are at home in artistic jobs like  fine art and music.

Speaking of music, there are a couple of universities offering music courses in Kenya that you can study at if you want to take a music course.

Universities offering music courses in Kenya

Here are the universities offering music-related courses such as diploma in music in Kenya:

Kenyatta University

KU is one of the best universities offering music courses in Kenya and you can take a couple of amazing music courses at KU.

Below is a list of music courses in Kenyatta University:

Certificate of Music

Minimum qualifications:

KCSE Aggregate C-

Evidence of music activity (Member of Church/other recognized organizations/ Orchestra/ Armed Forces).

Holder ABSRM Grade 6 piano performance(at least)/an equivalent certificate-in-piano-performance.

Diploma in music

Minimum qualifications:

KCSE Aggregate C(plus a C+ grade in music)

Higher Certificate of Music(from Kenyatta University)/equivalent

Holder of ABSRM(Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) Grade 6 theory(at least) and Grade 5 practical /evidence of music activity (Member of Church/other recognized organizations/Orchestra/Armed Forces).

Bachelor of Music-B.ED (Music)/Bachelor of Music(Technology)

Minimum qualifications:

KCSE Aggregate C+(plus a B plain/equivalent in music)

Holder of ABSRM(Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) Grade 5 theory(at least) & Grade 4 practical.

Diploma of Music/Education(from Kenyatta University)/equivalent.

PI teacher certificate + ABRSM grade 5 theory(with C+ minimum at KCSE).


B.Ed (Music)

PI teacher certificate + ABRSM grade 5 theory(with C+ minimum at KCSE).


Masters in music courses at Kenyatta University

  • Master of Musical Arts(Performance)
  • Master of Music(Musicology)
  • Master of Music in Education
  • Master of Arts(Composition)
  • Master of Arts(African Music)
  • Master of Arts(Ethnomusicology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts(D.M.A.)

Minimum qualifications for the above master courses

  • Degree OR
  • Any first degree+Postgraduate Diploma in ME(Music Education) along with a 2-years music   teaching experience(at least).

Keep in mind that for Masters Degree in performance, you must have a BA/Bachelor of Music (in performance).


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Doctorate Programmes

Doctor of Musical Arts(D.M.A)

Minimum qualifications

  • Master of Musical Arts(from KU/any other Institution)
  • Master of Arts(MA) in Music Performance /Master of Music Performances with solid performance record if you’re applying with performance degree
  • Master of Arts(MA) in Musical Composition.

Doctor of Music Education(D.M.E)

  • Master of Music Education
  • Master of Education (with Music+3 years experience in teaching/research).

Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)


Music Education

Minimum qualifications

  • Master of Music Education
  • Master of Arts(MA)/Master of Music-in-Music Performance
  • Master of Arts(MA) or Master of Music.

Go here to view more details about the above music courses in KU.

Maseno University-Main Campus

Maseno University offers a Bachelor of Arts (Music)-with IT as well.

This program combines music, dance, and even theatre so it’s a holistic course that touches on nearly all aspects of performing arts (from dance techniques/choreography, sound engineering, music composition , music therapy, performance, to music journalism).

You can also take a Diploma in Music and Certificate in Music.

Here are the links to the three music courses:

Bachelor of Arts(Music) With IT

Diploma in Music

Certificate in Music


Moi University

Moi University is yet another public university offering the Bachelor of Arts(Music) program so it is an option too.

The course still takes 4 years here and you can join as a self-sponsored student or under government sponsorship.

Just like Maseno University, you can also pursue a Diploma in Music at Moi University.

Don’t forget that the Diploma takes just 2 semesters.

Go to the links to the two courses below to check if you have met the minimum requirements:

Bachelor of Arts(music)

Diploma in Music


Kabarak university school of music and media

Kabarak is one of the private universities offering music courses in Kenya and it can be another fantastic choice.

Kabarak University’s School of Music has been operating since August 2015 and offers over 13 music courses.

Here are the courses you can choose from:

  • PhD in Music(taught through coursework and thesis)
  • Master of Music Theory/Composition & Performance
  • Master of Music-Education
  • Master of Musicology
  • Master of Church’ Music
  • Bachelor of Music -in Church Music
  • Bachelor of Music -Production Technology
  • Bachelor of Music Theory/Composition & Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Church Music & Theology
  • Diploma in Music
  • Certificate in Music
  • ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) Short Courses Theory as well as Practicals’ Grade I— VIII

Keep in mind that the minimum requirements for the above music courses are similar to those of KU music courses more or less.

Go here to view the complete entry requirements and other details about the Kabara University music courses.

University of Eastern Africa –Baraton

Baraton University is among the oldest private universities in Kenya and has also been offering a degree in music- Bachelor of Arts (BA) in music.

This Seventh-day Adventist university is located in Baraton, which is about 50kms from Eldoret Town.

Go here to view the entry requirements and the units you will cover when taking a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in music at Baraton University.

Here is the link to the course


Wrapping it up

These courses are all aimed at equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to help you participate and make money in Kenya’s growing creative economy.

I hope that this article will help you make an informed decision as you take the first step towards the career of your dreams.



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