Strathmore university certificate courses [2024 Intake]

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Read this if you are wondering if there are certificate courses you can take at Strathmore Uni…I shall take you through all the Strathmore university certificate courses and what you need to qualify.

But first things first: There are just a handful of Strathmore university certificate courses because being a premier University, Strathmore university focuses more on Undergraduate and Post-graduate programmes (All degree programmes up to PhD).

That said, below is a list of Strathmore university certificate courses currently on offer..


Strathmore university certificate courses

Now, before we begin, let me say this: Many of the certificate courses at Strathmore university are for fresh form 4 leavers..

You know, they are designed to be taken after you have just completed your KCSE during that long break between your KCSE and joining college/university (as a way of keeping yourself busy or learning a new skill that could be handy when you transit to college/university).

Others are specialist programmes for special groups, mainly to help fill a particular skills gap (e.g. a short certificate course in Data science, which targets people with a mathematical/statistical degree).

You will notice that as we go through them, starting with the ICDL…..

International Certification in Digital Skills(ICDL)

The ICDL is one of the best known digital literacy certifications on the planet and some employers make it a pre-requisite when recruiting.

So it can add you important digital competencies and also give you an edge in some jobs in the future.

Who is the course for?

  • High school leavers – I told you…as you wait to join your dream University or College
  • Any students who feel they need top-notch computer applications skills.
  • Any student who will be applying to a College/University that has ICDL certification as one of the basic entry requirements.
  • Anybody who’s working but feel challenged when it comes to IT experience and computers, in general.

ICDL fees at Strathmore university

Both ICDL 1&2- Kenya Shillings 40,000.00


Certificate in computer applications(CCA)

The alternative to ICDL is a normal certificate in computer applications..and again the goal of the course is to make you get a deeper understanding of the most crucial ICT(Information and Communications Technology) applications.

What will you cover?

  • Introduction to Microcomputers
  • Word Processing -MS Word
  • Spreadsheets – MS Excel
  • Database Management -MS Access and SQL
  • Communication tools-Email & Internet
  • Presentations -MS PowerPoint
  • Desktop publishing/design -Adobe PageMaker, CorelDraw Graphics Suite and Photo impact
  • Web programming -basics
  • Networking & Computer(PC) Troubleshooting


  • Business Communications
  • Business English
  • Office practice
  • Etiquette
  • CV Writing
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Business Ethics
  • C.T. for Business Management

CCA fees at Strathmore university

Kshs60,000- if you take everything (and it will last 10-15 wks to complete).

Otherwise, there’s a fee for each unit(if you’d like to take selected units)…

Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)

CCNA is a valuable addition to your Diploma/Degree in IT/ICT/Computer Science- and it shows that you have the most essential computer networking skills.

Indeed, it’s an international certification that is highly valued by IT recruiters.

So it’s a programme that specifically targets those looking for exemplary networking skills because you’re probably seeing yourself working in networking/IT security all your life.

Keep in mind that the course is divided into stages (levels) have to pass Level 1, 2, and 3 with each stage taking about 3 weeks to complete.

Minimum qualifications

You must have completed CISCO IT Essentials qualification

Have knowledge in MS Office applications

Other short certificate ICT courses at Strathmore university

  • A+ (Computer hardware and software)
  • Desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Basic Web Designing
  • Databases

Classes schedule

Part-Time leaners-Evening and Saturdays

Fulltime students- Morning (8.15am – 12.15pm) and Afternoons(12.15pm – 4.15pm)

Note that the university can customize a class to fit your schedule upon request.

Certificate in Data Science

This course is for graduates(first degree) in areas such as Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Actuarial science,  IT. Computer science, and the like who want to pivot into data science.

To be specific, you’ll learn how to process, manipulate- and also analyze data- and ultimately produce visualizations that will help shape key business decisions using Python programming.

The course is offered in conjunction under iLabAfrica.


  • Knowledge of statistics & programming vital
  • KCSE C plain (mean grade) minimum (or equivalent)


  • You have a degree/diploma in a relevant area(mentioned previously)

Remember you have to pass the entry interview – it tests your Maths and English skills- before getting accepted.

What will you cover?

  • Intermediate data visualization(Python)
  • Databases (for DS)
  • Machine learning+Big Data
  • Module project

Course fees


Course duration

4 months

Mode of learning

Fully online(5:30-8:30pm) daily weekdays(Mon-Friday)

Email to find out more about the course.


Certificate in culinary arts

Learn excellent kitchen skills if you have a passion for preparing finger-licking good food with the certificate in culinary arts course at Strathmore university.

Who is the course for?

High school leavers, who find culinary arts interesting

What you will learn

The course covers preparation of:

  1. Breakfast meal items
  2. Lunch food Items
  3. Dinner food items
  4. Pastries, Cookies, as well as Cakes
  5. Dessert plus Cake Options
  6. Beverages (different Options)
  7. Party as well as Finger Foods

It also teaches you basic Healthy Eating principles, Food and beverages service, Personal development, and even the basics of starting and successfully running a hospitality business.

Course duration

  • 6 weeks

Class schedule

  • Monday to Friday- starting 8:15 am all the way to 4:15 pm

Course Fees

Interview fee: Kshs1,500.00

Tuition Fees : Kshs. 45,000.00

Kitchen kit (you must have this): Kshs 2,000.00

How to get more details

To learn more about the course, email or You can also call Rose Njuguna on 0700282116


Strathmore university certificate courses- other courses offered occasionally

It’s worth mentioning that, for the most part, you have to part with between Kshs. 1,500.00 – Kshs.2000.00 as application/interview fee for these certificate courses.

And this money caters for your entrance exam- because you must ace that to be admitted.

How to contact Strathmore university about certificate courses at Strathmore university

Call (+254) 703-034000 or 703-034200 or 703034300 if you have any questions about Certificate courses in Strathmore university .

Learn more.


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