Teaching courses with D plain

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This article focuses on all you might need to know about teaching courses with D plain so, read it to the end.

Well, after finishing high school, it is usually time to chase your dreams and if your dream career is in the teaching field and unfortunately you scored D in your KCSE, your main concern now will probably be what teaching course you can pursue with D plain in your KCSE.

To help you make the right decision, this article got you covered with all you would like to know about teaching courses.

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Teaching courses with D plain

To point you in the right direction, let us find out if there is any teaching course you can pursue with D plain in your KCSE in this section.

So, can I pursue any teaching course with a D plain in my KCSE?

To be blunt, you can’t pursue any teaching course with a mean grade of D in your KCSE……Yeah, and that is the way it is at the moment, but I will explain why as we move on.

Additionally, I will also take you through  the entry requirement you require to pursue teaching courses at different levels.

The reason you can’t pursue a teaching course with D plain

Without beating around the bush, the reason you can’t do a teaching course is that TSC has set diverse requirements for Kenyans desiring to be registered as either, primary, secondary, or ECDE teachers.

Simply, you must meet the following qualification.

Primary school teacher

Minimum Entry Requirement:

  • Mean grade of C plain

Other requirements:

  • At least C in two art subjects or languages

Secondary school teacher

Minimum Entry Requirement:

  • You must have a minimum mean grade of C+ in your KCSE.
  • In addition, you should have a C+ in 2 subjects of specialization.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECDE)

Just before we look at the qualifications  for diploma in ECDE, it is worth knowing that the ministry of education has set the ECDE Diploma as the minimum qualification for one to be employed as an early childhood teacher.

With that in mind, let us now have a look at the qualifications you must meet to pursue this course below.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • KCSE Mean Grade- C Plain or its equivalent
  • But Candidates with disabilities are admitted with a mean grade of C- Minus in KCSE or its equivalent

Side note: With only C plain or C- if you are a candidates with disabilities, you will be admitted to do diploma in ECDE.

Just so you know, you only need  the aggregate grade to be admitted to take a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECDE) because no cluster subjects are required.

Having known that, you are now sure you can’t pursue any teaching course with D in your KCSE and you might be wondering what is next now that you do not qualify to do any teaching course.

To better guide you, there are two options for you; -you can either choose to go back to high school and improve your grades.


Pursue any other marketable D plain courses in other fields as we will guide you below.

Best D plain courses you can pursue

With the above two options, if you choose to do any other D plain course, I would advise you to do craft certificate courses.


This is because these courses are artisan courses, and what you should know about the artisan courses is that, most of the courses are marketable courses.

In fact, you only need to start from the certificate level and then advance to the diploma level to be more competent.

When you do so, the good thing is that you can  get employed in the public or private sector, or employ yourself as long as have the capital to start a small business.

And interestingly, when you employ yourself, you are also creating job opportunities not only for yourself but also for others people.

With that said, I will point you in the right direction when it comes to D plain courses, by referring you to an article I had written earlier about  D plain courses in colleges in Kenya.


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Teaching courses with D plain- FAQs

1.       Which grade is needed in teaching?

To pursue a teaching course at different levels, the requirements are different and to answer your question, for a diploma in ECDE, you need to have a C in your KCSE.

For a primary school teacher, you must have scored a minimum grade of c plain in your KCSE and in addition, you must have at least a C plain in two art subjects or languages.

And finally, to become a secondary school teacher, you must have scored a C+ plus in your KCSE, plus C+ in 2 subjects of specialization.

2.       Can I bridge to become to do teaching if I scored D in my KCSE exams?

To be precise, yes, bridging is allowed but only by the college/university offering the teaching course you are interested

This is because the goal is to allow you to reach the grade for the course, so that they’ll allow you to join your chosen course if you achieve that grade during your bridging exams

However, the TSC won’t recognize your bridging certificate at the moment so, be aware that bridging  will not be helpful in the teaching field.

The final word on Teaching courses with D plain

That is all we have for teaching courses with a D plain in your KCSE.

And  by now, you know all the requirements you have to meet to qualify to pursue teaching at different levels as per TSC requirements.

Additionally, you are aware that even If you bridge and get a bridging certificate, TSC will not recognize your bridging certificate’

Importantly, you have known that even if you do not qualify to do teaching courses with D plain, you can still pursue other marketable D courses.

In fact, the courses are so many but you must choose the course you would like to pursue wisely especially by considering the most marketable courses at the moment.

All the best!



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