Tourism management courses in Kenya [All you need to know]

Are you planning to enroll for a Tourism management courses in Kenya and you would like to learn more about it?

Well, if your answer to this question is yes, this is the guide for you.

Just so you know, tourism is a thriving and essential industry in Kenya.

In fact, it is contributing significantly to the country’s economy and providing numerous employment opportunities.

Along with that, as the sector continues to grow, there is a rising demand for skilled professionals who can effectively manage and promote tourism activities while ensuring sustainable and responsible practices.

In this article, I will take you through what is Tourism management courses, different levels of the tourism management course, different institutions offering the course, where you can work after completing the course and so on.

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Tourism management courses in Kenya

So, what is Tourism management courses?

Well, Tourism management is a field of study that focuses on the planning, development, marketing, and management of various aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry.

In short, when you enroll for this course, you gain knowledge, skills, and tools needed to succeed in this industry.

What are some of the topics I will cover when I pursue Tourism management courses in Kenya?

When you enroll for this course, you will cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the fundamentals of tourism to mastering marketing strategies, sustainable development, cultural preservation, hospitality management, and more.

Tourism management courses I can pursue

1.      Artisan in tour guiding and operations (LEVEL 4)

When you take this course at an artisan level, please note that you need to upgrade to a diploma or a degree level to open more well-paying job opportunities.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Mean grade of E plain in your KCSE.

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • NONE

Institution offering the course:

  • Kenya Coast Polytechnic

2.      Certificate in tourism management/ Certificate in tour guiding and operations

Again, for this course at the certificate level, the job opportunities and the pay may nit be that good, therefore, I would advise you to upgrade to at least the diploma or bachelor level.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Mean grade of D plain in your KCSE.

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • NONE

Some of the institution offering the course:

  • Ahmed Shahame Mwidani Technical Training Institute
  • Centre for Tourism Training and Research
  • Coast Institute of Technology
  • Eldoret Polytechnic
  • Kieni Technical and Vocational College
  • Lodwar Technical and Vocational College
  • Maasai Mara Technical Vocational College
  • Michuki Technical Training Institute
  • Taveta Technical and Vocational College

3.      Diploma in tourism management/ Diploma in tour guiding management/ Diploma in technology (tourism and travel management)/ Diploma in technology (tourism and travel management)

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Mean grade of C- minus in your KCSE.

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • NONE

Where offered

  • Ahmed Shahame Mwidani Technical Training Institute
  • Centre for Tourism Training and Research
  • Chanzeywe Technical and Vocational College
  • Co-operative University of Kenya
  • Coast Institute of Technology
  • Eldoret Polytechnic
  • Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute
  • Masai Technical Training Institute
  • The University of Embu TVET Institute


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4.      Bachelor of science (tourism management)/ Bachelor of tourism management

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Mean grade of C+ (Plus) in your KCSE

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • C plain in either English or Kiswahili


  • A Diploma in Tourism or Tour Guiding from a recognized institution.

Where offered:

  • Chuka university
  • Co-operative university of Kenya
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga university of science and technology
  • Karatina university
  • Kisii university
  • Maasai mara university
  • Moi university
  • Maseno university
  • Technical University of Kenya
  • University of Eldoret
  • University of Kabianga

Where you can work after the completing Tourism management courses in Kenya

  • You can work for a tour company, creating and organizing travel packages and itineraries for tourists, ensuring they have a memorable experience while exploring Kenya’s attractions.
  • You can work as a hotel/Resort Manager since so many hotels and resorts in Kenya require skilled managers to oversee operations, guest services, and overall customer satisfaction.
  • You can organize and manage various events, conferences, and seminars, utilizing your skills in planning, coordination, and customer service.
  • You can work in a travel agency, assisting clients in planning their trips, booking flights, accommodations, and activities based on their preferences and budget.
  • You can work as a tourism development officer for either a government agencies or private organizations to promote tourism, develop sustainable tourism strategies, and enhance the local tourism industry.
  • You can work as a hospitality manager in a hotel or restaurant management.
  • If you’re interested in maritime tourism, you can work on a cruise ship, managing guest services, entertainment, or excursions.
  • You can guide tourists on eco-friendly and responsible tours focused on wildlife, nature, and local cultures but only if you have a passion for conservation and sustainability.
  • If you have an interest in cultural preservation, you can manage and promote historical sites and museums that is working as a cultural Heritage Site Manager
  • You can also work as an adventure Tour Guide leading adventurous travelers on activities like safaris, hiking, or water-based excursions.
  • Last but not least, you can also work as a Freelance Travel Writer or Blogger by combining your passion for travel and writing by creating travel content for magazines, blogs, or websites.

Fee for Tourism management courses in Kenya

  • Artisan courses and Certificate courses= Kshs. 55,800 to Kshs. 67189
  • Diploma courses=Kshs. 67189 for TVET institutions and kshs.78000 to 156500 for private institutions.
  • Bachelor courses=kshs.115,000 to Kshs. 204,000

Application process for travel and tourism courses

To apply, you can apply through  KUCCPS application portal  for the courses offered by  TVET institutions if you enroll for the course in one of the institution.

Alternatively, you can also apply online through the institution of your choice website or get the application form from the institution, fill them out and return them back before the deadline.

Final words on Tourism management courses in Kenya

That is what we have for Tourism management courses in Kenya.

But before we wrap up, it is worth noting that, gaining practical experience through internships, and continuously updating your knowledge and skills will enhance your employability and help you thrive in the tourism industry in Kenya or even beyond its borders.


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