Plant engineering course in Kenya: All you need to know

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In this article, I shall be speaking about plant engineering course in Kenya- and I shall try to cover as much as possible.


Plant engineering course in Kenya: What is the course all about?

Plant engineers generally work in power or manufacturing plants –they are employed by companies/organizations/agencies that have state-of-the-art plants installed (a plant is a machinery/system that carry out diverse industrial/manufacturing processes).

To be clear, as a plant engineer, you may be expected to supervise the operation as well as maintenance of these systems.

Another area you are likely to find yourself in is engineering of processes in industries.

In addition, you might be implementing projects in areas like recycling or be involved heavily in planning of complete production plants/heavy equipment.

What do plant engineers do?

Overall, plant engineers are responsible for coordinating the trouble-free operation of industrial plants.

Here are their typical responsibilities:

  1. Troubleshoot technical maintenance issues in plants.
  2. Manage the manufacturing of products smoothly and effectively.
  3. Auditing safety control programs regular.
  4. Prepare a schedule to ensure production operations go in efficiently.
  5. Assist in the installation and general maintenance of all plants and tools.
  6. Administer all activities and procedures (and also assist) in manufacturing of products.
  7. Recommend important improvements to current products.
  8. Analyze all plant requirements and help in the requisition of relevant tools and equipment.
  9. Design all preventive maintenance programs in coordination with maintenance and engineering staff.
  10. Evaluate existing production processes and prepare reports about all activities/ associated plant machinery and equipment.
  11. Provide an interface with other engineering departments to ensure all equipment/plants are operating optimally.

Typical Plant engineering jobs in Kenya

  • Plant and machinery engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer.
  • Plant engineer/ heavy equipment plant mechanic
  • Mechanical technician
  • Engineering technologist
  • Engineering supervisor
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Engineering technician
  • Plant supervisor
  • Plant inspector
  • Process engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Power plant operator


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Skills/Interests that you should have to pursue Plant engineering in Kenya

Below are some of the skills and interests you may need to be successful in the plant engineering field:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Team worker
  • Organized
  • Good communications skills
  • Maths knowledge
  • Excellent attention to details
  • Interest in repairing equipment
  • Design skills/knowledge
  • Passion to work comfortably with your hands


Plant engineering courses in Kenya

To work as a plant engineer, you can start by pursuing a diploma course in plant engineering.

Here are the minimum requirements and where to study:


Diploma in Plant Engineering minimum requirements

KCSE Mean Grade: KCSE C-

Cluster requirements: None


Colleges offering Diploma in Plant Engineering

Here is where to study for a Diploma in Plant engineering:

Muranga University– Contact 0771 370 824

Keep in mind that the other option you can take is Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Plant Option)- And the good thing is that this is offered by many technical institutes, National polytechnics, and even TVET colleges.


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Universities offering Plant engineering in Kenya

I did not find any university in Kenya offering plant engineering at the degree level so if you want to take a bachelor’s degree in plant engineering, you may have to attend a foreign university.

But again you can just take a degree in mechanical engineering (a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering will open for you some of the jobs that I listed earlier)

Now, if you would like to go in the direction of BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, your options are JKUAT, KU, Moi University,  Dedan Kimathi University, and more.

Here are the general entry requirements:

KCSE Mean grade: B- (minus)

Extra requirements: You must also attain the total mean score set by KUCCPS in 4 cluster subjects which are often Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography/ Biology.

Besides, you must have at least a C+ grade in every of these 4 cluster subjects individually (this applies for self-sponsored students too).

Note that if you don’t have a C+ minimum in either Geography or Biology (the last cluster subject), you can still get a place if you had a C+ in any  group III subject or any of the group IV subjects.


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