NYS courses offered Kenya: List of courses offered in NYS

NYS courses offered: Here is a list of courses offered by NYS training institute in Kenya to help you know the options you have if you want to pursue a NYS course.

NYS courses offered: List of courses offered at NYS

So, which courses does NYS offer?

Well, below is a list NYS training programs including courses offered at NYS Naivasha as well as courses offered at NYS Gilgil.

Plant operator/Mechanics courses at Machakos

  • Plant operation (artisan)
  • Plant Mechanics(artisan)
  • Welding & Fabrication(artisan)

Entry requirements: KCPE (minimum)

On Job Training (At Tana)

  • Plant operation (artisan)
  • Plant Mechanics(artisan)
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics(artisan)

Entry requirements: KCPE (minimum)

NYS Courses at Yatta School of Agriculture(Machakos)

  • Agriculture- Craft certificate
  • Agriculture-Diploma
  • ICT- Craft certificate

Entry requirements: KCPE (minimum)


Diploma: C- (KCSE mean grade)& above

Craft: D plain (KCSE mean grade)

ICT- Craft certificate

D+ (KCSE mean grade)& above

NYS courses offered at NYS Engineering Institute (Nairobi)

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Options: Power option/Installation and control option/ or Telecommunication)

  • Mechanical Engineering

Options: Production, Material &metallurgy, Fabrication technology& metallurgy, and Industrial Plant

  • Computer Studies
  • Information Technology/ICT
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction plant
  • Building technology
  • Avionics
  • Air Frame

Entry requirements for courses i to viii:

KCSE mean grade: C

Cluster subjects: Mathematics- C-, Physics- D+

Entry requirements for courses ix and x (Avionics and Air frame):

KCSE mean grade: C+

Cluster subjects: Mathematics- C+, Physics- C+

On Job Training courses at Kerio Valley

  • Motor vehicle Mechanics (Artisan)
  • Plant Mechanics (Artisan)
  • Plant operator (Artisan)

Entry requirements: KCPE (minimum) but for Plant mechanics which you need to have a KCSE certificate.

NYS Courses at Textile and Garment Training Institute (Nairobi)

  • Fashion & Design -Diploma
  • Fashion & Design- Craft
  • Fashion and Design/Clothing and Textile -Artisan
  • ICT- Craft

Entry requirements:

Fashion & Design


KCSE mean grade- C-


KCSE mean grade: D

Fashion and Design/Clothing and Textile -Artisan

Minimum: KCPE

ICT -Craft

KCSE mean grade: D+ plus a D plain in English (at least)

NYS Courses at Center for Early Childhood Education(Naivasha)

Diploma in ECDE (Early Childhood & Development Education)

Craft in ECDE(Early Childhood & Development Education)

Entry requirements:

Diploma in ECDE

KCSE mean grade: C(plain)

Craft in ECDE

KCSE mean grade: D+

Courses you can take at NYS Catering School (Gilgil) and entry requirements

  • Diploma in Food and beverage- C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • Craft in Food and beverage- D+(KCSE mean grade)
  • Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Management- C plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Craft in Catering & Accommodation management- D+(KCSE mean grade)
  • Craft in ICT- D+(KCSE mean grade)

On Job Training Courses (Nairobi)

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics(artisan)
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician(artisan)
  • Panel beating and spray painting (artisan)

Entry requirements: KCPE (minimum)

Courses at NYS Advanced Building School (Nairobi)

  • Masonry (craft)
  • Plumbing (craft)
  • Electrical Installation (craft)
  • Carpentry(craft)
  • Upholstery(craft)

Entry requirements: KCSE D plain (mean grade) except for Upholstery which needs a KCPE certificate (minimum)

Courses at NYS Technical College (Mombasa) and the minimum grade

  • Mechanical production (craft)- D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Electrical & Electronics (craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics (craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning(craft) -KCPE
  • ICT (craft)- D+ (KCSE mean grade) plus a D plain in English
  • Plumbing (craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Masonry (craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Carpentry (craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Welding and Fabrication(craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Courses at Rural Craft Training Center(Turbo)

  • Automotive Engineering (Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Mechanical Production(Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics(artisan)- KCPE
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician(artisan)- KCPE
  • Panel beating and spray painting(artisan)- KCPE
  • Welding and Fabrication(artisan)- KCPE

NYS Courses at Nairobi Engineering Craft Training School(Nairobi)

  • Mechanical Production (Craft)- D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Electrical Installation(Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • ICT (Craft)- D+ plus a D plain in English (at least)
  • Automotive Engineering(Craft)- D plain (KCSE mean grade)

Courses at NYS Vocational Institute (Nairobi)

  • Motor Vehicle Technology (Craft)- D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Electrical & Electronics technology(Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Metal Processing Technology (Craft)- D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • ICT(Craft)- D+ plus a D plain in English (at least)

NYS Courses at NYS Driving School (Nairobi)

Driving course (Class B,C& E)- and you need a KCPE certificate & above.

Courses at NYS Institute of Business Studies(Nairobi)

  • Supply chain management (Diploma) – C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • Supply chain management (Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Human Resource Management (Diploma) – C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • ICT (Diploma)- C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • Sales & Marketing (Diploma) – C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • Sales & Marketing (Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • Business Management (Diploma) – C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • Business Management (Craft)- D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • CPA (I,II,III)- C+(KCSE mean grade) plus C+ in English and Math
  • Secretarial studies (Diploma) – C-(KCSE mean grade)
  • Secretarial studies (Craft) – D plain (KCSE mean grade)
  • ATD (I,II,III)- C-(KCSE mean grade)


NYS courses offered: Important notes

  • The duration of all diploma courses is about 3 years including internship.
  • The duration of all craft courses is about 2 years including internship.
  • The duration of all artisan courses is around 2 years except for plant operation which usually takes 6 months.
  • NYS Driving courses take 6 months- although the institution is intending to reduce it to just 3 months
  • ATD and CPA courses take three years

PS: To check if the NYS courses intake is open, go to NYS official website of their Facebook page.



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