New HEF funding website – all you need to Know about new HEF funding website 2023

You might have heard that now you can only get government funding (scholarships and loans) by applying through the New HEF funding website (Higher Education Financing).

So, how does it work and what do you need to be able to apply for scholarships via the HEF funding portal Kenya?

This is what this article seeks to answer read it to the end if you’re unsure about the now-in-force HEF portal or you have been having countless questions about the new HEF government funding system

New HEF funding website – all you need to Know about new HEF funding website Kenya

What it is

The Higher Education Financing Portal is an online funding evaluation too through which you can apply for a scholarship, HELB loans, and even bursaries after you have received your KUCCPS admission letter.


Who is eligible?

The HEF website was launched in 2023 to help the government process funding –under a scientific tool they call Means Testing Instrument[MTI]- for 2022 KCSE students joining universities and TVET colleges in Kenya.


Does everyone qualify for government scholarship under HEF portal?

No- only those students admitted to public/government institutions qualify for scholarship.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re left entirely to your own means if you have been called to a private institution..No!

The thing is, even if you won’t get a scholarship, you can still apply for Government loan to ease the financial burden on your parents/sponsor (HELB loans) via www hef portal co ke (that is the web address for the portal)


How much will I get once I complete the application for HEF funding?

Well, it will depend on your financial category- the category that the portal puts you into as determined by many factors including the income (household income band) of your parents/sponsor.

Other determinants are:

  • The programme/course you chose to study- points awarded differently for STEM and Arts courses.
  • Affirmative performance(Gender… varied weights given depending on whether you’re a male or female).
  • Marginalization –  students coming from marginalized counties(or an institution in such regions) are awarded bonus weights
  • Your parent’s background …..varied weights are assigned based on whether you’re an orphan,
    from a single parent, from divorced parents, etc.
  • Previous school type – again varied weights allocated based on whether you have attended private
    or public schools.
  • Expenditure on education – others weights are added depending on whether you have
    other siblings in secondary school/tertiary institutions(and their number).
  • Family size as well as composition – varied weights given too based on the number of
    children(and whether polygamous/monogamous) and also the age of your parents.
  • Living with Disability – there are varied weights too based on any  disability(and the severity of the disability).

Below is the general amounts given as scholarship and loans – the remainder you pay yourself- based on the 4 categories as specified in the New HEF funding website:

Vulnerable students

You get 100% government funding (82 % Scholarships -18 % Loan).

Extremely needy students

You get 100% government funding (70 % Scholarships-30 % Loan).

Needy students

You get 93% government funding(53 % Scholarships-40 % Loan) so you pay 7% yourself(your family).

Less needy students

You get 93% of funding(38 % Scholarships-55 % Loan) meaning you again pay 7% yourself(your family).


how to apply for government scholarship in kenya 2023


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Now proceed reading below..👇

How much does it cost to apply for HEF government scholarship?

Nothing…. all scholarship and loan applications are made free of charge.


When is the deadline?

The deadline for 2022 KCSE candidates is August 31 so you must apply before then.

The idea is to enable the government to make the disbursement of funds in September(at the start of your first year of study).


How many students will the government sponsor?

Out of all the KCSE graduates in 2022, over 45000 students going to the university and 42000 placed into TVET colleges by KUCCPS will be sponsored 100% because the government has determined that they’re either vulnerable or extremely needy.


How do you maneuver when you are applying?

The HEF website has a number of features that make it easy for you to apply for government funding.

You simply create an account, upload your documents, and even track the status of your application.

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What are the requirements?

  • A copy of your sponsorship letter if you had been sponsored by someone/an organization in secondary school
  • A valid e-mail address
  • A genuine phone number -registered under your name(not parent/guardian)
  • Your K.C.P.E and K.C.S.E index nos
  • Your TVET college/university admission letter
  • Your parent/guardian registered tele-phone numbers
  • Your national ID no(if you have- select No when registering on the HEF portal if you’re yet to get an ID)
  • Death certificate any deceased parent(copy of both death certificates if both parents have passed on).
  • A clear passport photo
  • Your birth certificate
  • KUCCPS course Code(check KUCCPS Website)

In addition, if you’re applying for a HELB loan, you must have the national ID card numbers plus the registered tele-phone numbers of 2 guarantors(May be your parents).

government scholarship requirements

Must I apply?

Yes, otherwise you have to go back to your pockets to fund your education- but you can apply again next year if you somehow miss this year’s deadline.


Final words

The HEF funding model is a significant improvement over the previous system of funding higher education in Kenya.

The new model is more equitable and ensures that all students, regardless of their financial background, have access to higher education.

So try your luck.


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