KASNEB Loans and Bursaries to students in 2024

Last updated on February 22nd, 2024 at 05:40 pm

KASNEB Loans: KASNEB is expected to start providing bursaries and educational loans to deserving students in the near future.

In a communiqué sent to TVET colleges, national polytechnics, universities, and all other institutions offering KASNEB exams, KASNEB announced that its foundation- officially referred to as the KASNEB Foundation- has been legally registered by the government and that it is now just waiting to launch its operations.

It should be noted that this is the body that will be charged with the responsibility of issuing loans as well as bursaries to needy students pursuing KASNEB courses in accredited training institutes.

The Foundation- whose establishment was endorsed by the National Treasury & Planning- was officially launched on 24th July 2020.

Like other foundations, its operations will be overseen and governed by a board of trustees.

In the communiqué, KASNEB also announced that all its accredited training institutions shall play a key role in the foundation’s operations including acting as the receiving agents, issuing temporary registration nos to enable students apply, etc.

How will the loans be administered?

In general, KASNEB will partner with financial institutions, reputable lending institutions, and such other authorized bodies.


KASNEB Loans- Application Process

Applicants shall be applying through an application portal hosted on HELB’s website or via a link on KASNEB’s website.

In the latter case, the applicants will be redirected to the HELB application portal.

Once here, those applying will be required to complete a form online- you should fill the form accurately with the requisite details.

The relevant team will then take over and process the submitted applications.

Ultimately, the applicants will be notified of the final outcome.


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KASNEB Loans- the Eligibility Criteria

Not everyone qualifies. Here are the conditions:

  • You must have met the set entry requirements (minimum) for the KASNEB certificate, diploma, or professional qualification you want funding for.
  • The foundation shall be giving preference to orphans, those without any other means of sponsoring their studies, and students who come from extremely poor backgrounds.
  • You must be enrolled at a training institution that has been fully accredited by KASNEB.

Qualifying Loan Amount

The loan shall pay for the applicant’s tuition fees in the accredited institution they’re training in for the chosen KASNEB courses.

It shall also cover all the fees usually payable to kasneb -registration fees, exam booking fees, and of course, the annual registration renewal fee.

The fee will also cater for exemption fees for applying kasneb students transiting to higher courses like Diploma and/or professional qualification from Certificate/Technician courses.


Objects of KASNEB Foundation

  • To hold money (and other assets) in trust with the objective of utilizing the same to issue bursaries and/or loans to students from a needy background to help them pursue their chosen kasneb qualifications.
  • To administer the loan fund in collaboration with highly reputable lending institutions, other institutions in the financial sector, or other authorized bodies to needy students desiring to obtain various KASNEB qualifications.
  • To invest in communities as one way of helping KASNEB give back to the wider society.

PS: Please do not forget that KASNEB loans can only be applied during a specific period – and it is KASNEB that announces it- so make sure you follow KASNEB on social media to get updates about the next application period.



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