Full Scholarships for Kenyan Students in 2024

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After recently writing about the various Scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates, some of you emailed our editors about where to get full scholarships for Kenyan students.

Here we list the various full scholarships for Kenyan students (at various levels of tertiary education) and the basic requirements.

Read on.

Full Scholarships for Kenyan Students

We start with the fully funded scholarships for Kenyan students at the undergraduate level (locally and abroad).

Commonwealth Undergraduate Scholarships

These are provided by the CSFP (Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan), an international programme through which various governments- from commonwealth countries- fund scholarships and fellowships for students from other commonwealth countries.

Dozens of Kenyans have benefited over the years and you could be next.

It’s important to note that these full scholarships for Kenyan students (male and female) include fully-financed post graduate scholarships.

Basic requirements

Read the prospectus highlighting the eligibility criteria for each available programme on the CSC Website (click).


Full local scholarships in Kenya ’s  University of Nairobi

There are a couple of interesting opportunities at the University of Nairobi.

These are again offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level and you’ll need to talk to the financial aid office at the University of  Nairobi to see if you’re qualified.

Here they are:

1.      Rattansi Education Fund scholarship

This is an undergraduate scholarship for needy students and is financed by the Rattansi Education trust.

The trust runs similar programmes in about 20 universities (private and public) across the country.


2.       Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Fund Scholarships 

This scholarship funds postgraduate students in a variety of disciplines and is funded by the board of Trustees of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Fund.

Please note that the scholarship may cover 1 academic year or be renewed every academic year.


3.      The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarships

The Rockefeller Foundation has been offering educational aid to Kenyan students since the start of the 20th century and issues several undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships every year on merit basis to deserving students at the University of Nairobi.


4.        Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships 2020

These are paid for by the Aga Khan Foundation and targets students pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


5.      Prof. Muriuki Scholarship

Professor Muriuki Scholarships are available to regular undergraduate learners admitted to the UoN (University of Nairobi) and are funded by the university itself.


6.       Mitsubishi Scholarships

This is yet another scholarship for bright but financially disadvantaged undergraduate students.

But unlike the previous programmes, this is only awarded to UoN students who excel in their studies in the following schools/departments:

  • Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
  • School of Biological Sciences(Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Conservation/Natural Resources Management programme).

Like its title suggests, this programme is financed by the Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan’s largest trading company (Known in Kenya for its motor vehicle brand).


7.       Chinese Ambassador Scholarships

The Embassy of China in Kenya avails a few scholarships to deserving University of Nairobi students (undergraduate).

You should contact the University for directions and how to apply for these scholarships- also see University of Nairobi Scholarships page.


Kenyatta University OVS Scholarships

Another institution offering full scholarships for Kenyan students is Kenyatta University thanks to the OVS Scholarship Fund and HELB (Higher education loans board).

These scholarships target 100 orphans and other vulnerable students with high potential with a goal of helping them accomplish their career ambitions through higher education.

Talk to the University to learn more about the eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

You can read more about the scholarship here.


Wangari Maathai scholarship

Named after the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, this goes to students pursuing environmental and natural resources conservation programmes in Kenyan universities.

It’s awarded annually and is financed by three entities- The Green Belt Movement, Rockefeller Foundation, and KCDF (Kenya Community Development Foundation).

Selection Criteria

To qualify for consideration, you must be:

  • A woman between 18 – 25 years of age.
  • Enrolled in a recognized Kenyan tertiary institution
  • Able to demonstrate how an environmental conservation project(s) you have started or been involved in have impacted the community (positively).

How to apply

Email info@kcdf.or.ke to receive detailed scholarship information.

More details here


Ministry of education Kenya scholarships

The ministry of education occasionally advertises full scholarships for Kenyan students.

These scholarships are offered by governments of countries friendly to Kenya such as Poland, Egypt, Algeria, and New Zealand and have varying requirements.

It’s impossible for us to print all the particulars on this page so we recommend that you keep checking the   Ministry of education Kenya scholarships webpage for the latest opportunities and application details.

Here’s the link.


Full post graduate scholarships for Kenyan students

This section focuses exclusively on the available scholarships for Masters and PhD students.

Here are the renowned ones:

DAAD scholarships

One of the goals of this scholarship programme by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is to build capacity for Kenyans working in the public service through relevant postgraduate training at institutions like the University of Nairobi and Strathmore University.

Programmes funded by DAAD

You can apply for funding for any of the following courses under this scholarship.

  • Communication studies, Computer Science, & IT (JKUAT & Strathmore University)
  • Engineering, Urban Planning, Environmental & Resources Management, Technology (KU, JKUAT & Makerere University)
  • Health Sciences, Psychology, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine (Mt Kenya University, Busitema University Uganda, and Alzalem Alazhari University, Sudan)
  • Law (Tanzanian German Centre for Postgraduate Studies & EAC Law Tanzania)
  • Mathematics, Business, Economics, Management (Moi University & Strathmore University)
  • Natural Sciences (ICIPE, Makerere University, Hawassa University, Ethiopia)
  • Social Sciences, Development, Governance, Education (Addis Ababa University, Moi University, CERM-ESA, Ardhi University, Tanzania)
  • Master’s Programme in German Studies (University of Nairobi)

How to apply

You can read general scholarship information and other guidelines from this link: www.daad.de/incountry-inregion

EADB (East African Development Bank) Medical Training/Fellowship Programme

Funded by the East African Development Bank, this is one of the best known medical scholarships in Kenya and is aimed at those seeking to advance their clinical expertise in cancer and neurological illnesses.

It also benefits medical scholars from other East African countries including Tanzania and Rwanda and pays for all your training, travel, and accommodation expenses.

Basic requirements

The requirements depend on the course you’re applying for.

Take a look:

1.      For Neurology clinical courses

  • Be a holder of a MBChB degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
  • Be a currently-enrolled MMed (Masters of Medicine) student or already holding an MMed qualification.
  • Be based in either Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, or Rwanda

2.      For Oncology for TOT (Training of Trainers) courses

Kenyans applying for a TOT course in Oncology must first meet the above 3 requirements (For Neurology programmes).

In addition, you must commit to train others in the various oncology clinical courses.

Read more



Swedish Institute Study Scholarships (SISS)

The fully-funded SISS scholarship gives you a chance to hone your leadership and professional skills in top Swedish Universities.

There are about 300 master’s degree scholarships available for nationals from 34 countries including Kenya and is ideal for those able to study full-time.

You can expect to commence your studies in the autumn of 2020 if successful.

How to apply

All the instructions are published on this web page: https://si.se/en/apply/scholarships/swedish-institute-scholarships-for-global-professionals/


Other full scholarships for Kenyan students

Here now are other interesting full scholarships for Kenyan students:

AkiraChix Codehive Program (for Young Women)

AkiraChix targets young women with a passion for technology careers and offers full sponsorship for Kenyan girls aged 19-23 years to learn coding skills via their year-long codeHive program.

This is a residential program and you must come from a socio-economically disadvantaged background to be accepted.

Other benefits include mentorship from role models enlisted to AkiraChix’s Women in Tech program and a conditional 6-months business incubation after completing the codeHive program.

Graduates are also assisted to find and secure employment in leading organizations operating in the East African region.

How to apply

Click here to see when the program is running next.


MEST Training program

This funds you to study entrepreneurship and is intended for Kenyans with plans to launch their own tech startups.

Graduates who successfully persuade the MEST’s board in their concluding pitch receive seed funding for their startups besides entering one of MEST’s incubators across Africa.

Further details about the program and how to apply can be accessed via this link: https://meltwater.org/


Akoma Scholarship 

The scholarship helps African content creators & storytellers (women) and benefits 30 individuals with an ambition to excel as content writers or storytellers.

In addition to your monthly expenses being paid for (the amount is determined by the scholarship committee), there’s a substantial monthly stipend.

Basic requirements

You must:

  • Be female (and of African Ancestry).
  • Have graduated from a recognized high school.
  • Be willing to attend an Accredited College.
  • Have participated in community/church activities

Check out all the information here.


Diploma scholarships in Kenya

Lastly, we look at fully funded diploma scholarships in Kenya:

Wült Diploma Scholarships in Germany

Wült Scholarship is offered to learners from developing countries like Kenya and funds Diploma studies at Wült Institute of Business & Technology.

For details, check this link: https://www.wult.de/scholarships/

Editors note: The Wült Scholarship is no longer available.

Akili Dada Scholarship

This is a partial Diploma studies scholarship for young women from Kenya and the wider East Africa.

Click here to learn more.


Final word

Most of the above-mentioned scholarships are awarded annually and you should apply next year if you have found that the deadline is already expired.

We will also keep updating the information and adding newly announced opportunities including emerging NGO scholarships in Kenya as soon we learn about them.

For now, try your luck with what we have listed.

Good luck.

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