Higher diploma in perioperative theatre technology [All you need to know]

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 07:07 am

So you want to pursue a Higher diploma in perioperative theatre technology?

Well, it is a logical step after finishing the diploma in perioperative theatre technology because it boosts your chances of landing better opportunities in your career as an operating theatre technician.

With that in mind, below is what you need to know about pursuing a higher diploma in perioperative theatre technology in Kenya.


Higher diploma in perioperative theatre technology – all you need to know


What is a Higher dip in perioperative theatre technology all about?

Now, the programme is usually designed to equip holders of the operating theatre technician qualification (Diploma with the extra skills and competencies you need to offer more specialized services in operating rooms.

Yeah, you are able to go beyond assembling and preparing surgical tools/equipment/accessories before surgery(and ensuring they are clean and well-kept after an operation) to areas like being an Academic in perioperative theatre technology (working as a trainer in colleges teaching it).

It can also make you be promoted to the in-charge of junior perioperative theatre technologists.


What are the qualifications to do the course?

You guessed it right:

You need at least a diploma in perioperative theatre technology from an accredited institution in Kenya (or outside Kenya)

You may also need to have 2 years working experience (after graduation) in some cases.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Which colleges offer higher diploma in perioperative theatre technology locally?

This is where things become a little tricky…

Imagine this: There is no college offering the course in Kenya at the time of writing this….

And we have checked with all currently licensed medical colleges in Kenya –both private and public- and the answer has been a loud NO.

In fact, only one college came near to offering the course….Nairobi Women’s Hospital Medical Training college though what they offer is a Higher Diploma in Peri-Operative Theatre Nursing (which targets nurses)

But why is it that not a single College teaches the course in Kenya?

Your guess is as  good as mine……….perhaps someone will mount the course at some point in the near future (In which case, we shall be updating the article as soon as that happens).

So, what options do you have now that no-one is doing it here?

Read on to find out where you can take the course..

Where to take the course

If you can’t wait, I suggest that you enroll for the course in a foreign institution….we did some checks and saw a couple of institutions (Colleges and Universities) offering the course online and we believe that this is your best bet if you want to advance to the higher diploma immediately.

Below we share the names and contact details of these colleges…reach out to them and ask for more information about the programme directly.

Krishna institute of Medical Sciences- India

Name of the course:  Postgraduate Diploma in Operation Theatre Technique

College website: https://www.kimskarad.in/

Virohan Institute of Management and Health Sciences- India

Name of the course:  Advanced Diploma in Operating Theatre Technician

Website to find more details: https://partner.virohan.com/rustomjee/courses/operation-theatre-technician


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Colleges offering perioperative theatre technology in Kenya

Perioperative theatre technology entry requirements

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