D plain courses in Zetech university [All D courses]

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Looking for D plain courses in Zetech university? If yes, read this article to the end.

Zetech University is a private university located in Ruiru in Kiambu County offering a number of D courses.

In this article, we will look at all D courses offered at the university- we shall also add extra helpful information you need to know if you want to join Zetech.

Without further ado, let’s get started

D plain courses in Zetech university

Below are all D courses you can enroll at Zetech university and the cluster subjects for all the courses that require specific cluster  subjects.

Zetech Business and Technology Institute (ZBTI) Programmes

Zetech Business and Technology Institute- a subsidiary of Zetech University- offers several good certificate and diploma programmes and most of the courses are D courses- the courses are approved by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)

Here are these D plain courses at Zetech University, starting with business courses:


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Now proceed reading below..

School of Business & Economics -All D courses offered

· Certificate in Supply Chain Management (KNEC)

This course gives you an opportunity to effectively and efficiently manage the activities of an organization’s supply chain(procurement department) and you can do it first then use the certificate to apply for a Diploma in Supply Chain Management course(Having a diploma is better).

Entry Requirements -Be a holder of K.C.S.E with a minimum aggregate of D Plain

Course duration -4 terms(a term=3 months)

·  Certificate in Business Management (KNEC)

Here you learn how to manage business activities to ensure all operations run smoothly and prepares you for roles such as an administrative assistant, receptionist, customer care assistant, etc.

Entry Requirements -Be a holder of K.C.S.E with a minimum aggregate of D Plain

Course duration -4 terms

·  Certificate in Human Resource Management (KNEC)

This is yet another course that you can do with as low grade as D.

Just as the title suggests, it helps you to obtain the knowledge and skills required to successfully fulfill the role of human resources generalist(you can be hired as a HR assistant)- but again it’s better if you can use the cert as an entry point to the diploma in HR.

Entry qualifications -Be a holder of a KCSE D plain.

Cluster subjects:

  • English -D- (minus)
  • Mathematics -D- (minus)

Programme duration -Roughly 2 years- the certificate course is divided into 2 modules.

D plain courses in Zetech university [in the School of Education, Arts & Social Sciences]

Here we will look at D courses offered in Zetech university School of Education, Arts, & Social Sciences.

· Certificate in Food Production & Service (KNEC)

This is a good course especially if you want to gain knowledge in the production of food and beverage- you can work as a Waiter/Waitress, chef, or an F&B assistant in Vocational Training Centers.

Entry Requirements -KCSE D plain

Course Duration -2 years


· Certificate in Community Development& Social Work (KNEC)

If you enroll in this programme, you will be fully equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitude that prepares you to perform duties related to social work and community development.

Admission Requirements – KCSE certificate with a minimum aggregate of D (plain)

Programme duration – Four (4) terms

3.      School of ICT, Media & Engineering -Courses you can pursue with D plain

In general, ICT and engineering related courses have better future prospects than business courses because you can either look for a job or go for self-employment(remember unemployment is a huge problem in our country so taking a course that can lead to self-employment makes a lot of sense).

Here are ICT, media, and engineering related D courses you can take at Zetech University….

· Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Power) (KNEC)

If you dream of working in the field of electrical engineering, then this is the course to pursue.

Entry requirements – An aggregate of grade D in K.C.S.E

Cluster subjects: Additionally, you must have scored a D plain in each of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.

Programme duration -5 terms.


·  Certificate in Information Communication Technology (KNEC)

The course is intended to teach you  a wide range of software technics.

In addition, you are also equipped with technological ICT skills required by industries at the certificate level.

In a nutshell,  this is the course to go for when it comes to beginner ICT skills- that is if you didn’t get the grades required to pursue ICT at a higher level.

Entry Requirements -An aggregate grade of D in your KCSE.

Cluster subjects: You must have a D plain in both Mathematics and English.

Course duration – Five (5) terms.


·  Certificate in Journalism(Part 1) (ICM)

This is the last course you can enroll in with a minimum grade of D plain in your KCSE at Zetech university.

Of course it’s a journalism course so you may want to read our previous article is journalism a marketable course in Kenya before making a decision.

Entry Requirements -The only requirement is being a holder of K.C.S.E with a minimum aggregate of D Plain

Course duration – 3 terms.


D plain courses in Zetech university -When to apply and how to apply

When to apply

The most convenient time to apply for a course at Zetech university is in January, May, and September.


This is because the intakes are usually in those months.

Dont forget that you can still apply during any other months as long as you indicate in the application form that you’d want to join in either January, May, or September.

How to apply to Zetech university -step by step

  1. Click here to go to the Zetech website.
  2. From there, go to apply online and choose a course you would like to pursue.
  3. Next, check the admission criteria (this will differ depending on the course you want to do).
  4. Click here to proceed.
  5. After that scan all the required documents; namely:
  • Colored passport-size photo (the most recent one).
  • KCSE Result slip/ High School Results (A copy).
  • Your copy of your National ID or Birth Certificate (for Minors).
  1. Now, make a payment of Kshs. 1,050 for a certificate or artisan course and submit.

Once you successfully apply, a notification will be sent you your email that the institution will use to reach you.

Conclusion on D plain courses in Zetech university

As I conclude, if you need any help or clarification, reach Zetech university via:

WhatsApp: +254 706622557

Phone: +254 719 034500

Inquiry email: courses@zetech.ac.ke


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