Intelligence Courses in Kenya and colleges offering security and intelligence studies in Kenya

This guide introduces you to intelligence courses in Kenya.

We shall also highlight the colleges and universities offering security and intelligence studies in Kenya.

We hope that by the end of it, you will be able to select a suitable intelligence and security course to help you advance your career or get started as a professional intelligence officer locally and overseas.

Read on.

Intelligence Courses in Kenya and where to study

By enrolling for the courses we list below, you will build skills that can help you tackle a variety of security issues including intelligence activities.

You will additionally gain a thorough understanding of the ethical dilemmas which manifest themselves in the course of criminal investigations.

Here are some of the top Intelligence Courses in Kenya and the colleges offering them.


Certificate in Intelligence

Course description: This is a beginner course for those involved in law enforcement in Kenya and will help you understand the role of intelligence in Kenya’s National security.

Entry Requirements: KCSE Mean Grade of KCSE or an equivalent certificate.

Course Duration: The period of study varies depending on your availability as follows…

  • Full time learners– 1 month
  • Part time learners – 6 months
  • Distance Learning Mode learners – 3 months
  • Evening mode – 3 months

Course Fees: 40,000 Kshs. (Tuition Fee) plus Kshs. 1,000 (Admission Fee)

Where to study: KICJ (Kenya Institute of Security & Criminal Justice) Contact them on 020 2532148


Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation

Course description: This is widely regarded as one of the best investigation courses in Kenya and is ideal for court prosecutors, scene-of-crime officers, lawyers, state counsels, security managers in public and private institutions and everyone else interested in understanding forensic investigations. It can also be a great alternative to a Diploma in Intelligence now that this course isn’t available in Kenya.

Entry Requirements: C- Minus or craft Certificate level (approved by the Kenya National Qualification framework).

Course Duration: 2 academic years

Course Fees: 120,000 Kshs. (Tuition Fee) plus Kshs. 1,500 (Admission Fee) according to the latest Kenya institute of security and criminal justice fee structure.

Where to study: KICJ (Kenya Institute of Security & Criminal Justice)

Security Intelligence Management course (and Counter Terrorism Training)

Course description: This course imparts skills and knowledge to participants in areas such as threats and risk assessment, counterterrorism, cybersecurity measures and more. It’s ideal for practicing security officers.

Entry Requirements: Background in security

Course Duration: 1 week intensive training.

Course Fees: About kshs.100000

Where to study: Kenya School of Monetary Studies(KSMS). Please visit the KSMS website and confirm their next intake for the course. Call 0727/733 600668-70 for clarification.


Certified Security Investigator Course

Course Description: The certificate course is designed to help you develop a general understanding of topics such as the science of inquiry/investigations. You will also be exposed to the techniques used in modern criminal investigations. In addition, the course examines the methods and concepts related to investigating specific crimes. The program typically targets investigators as well as security managers.

Entry Requirements: Background in security

Course Duration: 1 week.

Course Fees: Not available. Call to enquire using the numbers given below.

Where to study:  Institute of Professional Security Studies (IPSS). Telephone numbers: 0722-311701/0792-308295/0707-933521/0724-561243/0728-123584


Diploma in Forensic Science

Course description: If your passion is forensic science (application of scientific methods & processes to solve crimes), then this is the course for you. It’s one of the most popular KISCJ courses.

Entry Requirements: C- Minus or craft Certificate level (Kenya National Qualification framework).

Course Duration: 2 academic years

Course Fees: 120,000 Kshs. (Tuition Fee) plus Kshs. 1,500 (Admission Fee) according to the latest Kenya institute of security and criminal justice fee structure.

Where to study: KICJ (Kenya Institute of Security & Criminal Justice)

Diploma in security and intelligence management

If you’re looking for this course- and we have to admit that its pretty comprehensive- then you’re not in luck.

That’s because none of the colleges currently teaching Intelligence Courses in Kenya has this course.

Your only option is online and that means you have to enroll in a foreign institution.

You need to do your research well since some of the foreign qualifications are not accepted in Kenya.

Course description: This course addresses a host of fundamental and in-depth topics, including financial crime, analysis, intelligence’s role in local and international counter-terrorism, and more. In short, you will obtain a comprehensive knowledge of everything to do with intelligence in our ever-changing world.

Entry Requirements: Varies

Course Duration: 12-24 months depending on route chosen

Course Fees: Varies

Where to study: Check out the following forensic investigation colleges (overseas) for the relevant information.


Intelligence Courses in Kenya –other options

The following institutions offer several popular short security courses in Kenya and have a few options that suit people interested in intelligence.

You can also check them out if you’re after counter terrorism courses in Kenya.

1.   DCI Academy (formerly C.I.D. Training School, South C)

The courses offered at the DCI training school cover aspects such as:

  • Gathering intelligence
  • Managing evidence
  • Forensics/Criminalistics
  • Managing crime scenes
  • Surveillance
  • Entering premises
  • Use of force
  • Human rights
  • Road checks
  • Stop and search
  • Officer safety

It also collaborates with foreign partners like the  Bundeskriminalamt(BKA) to offer advanced intelligence programs.

They are also one of the few institutions teaching a document examination course in Kenya.


2.   Kenyatta University

Here you can take a Diploma in Security Management &Police Studies and a number of short courses in security.


3.   Leaders Institute of Professional Studies

The institute operates from information House, just opposite Afya Centre/Choppies supermarket in Nairobi and has been offering security training in Kenya (at the certificate, Diploma, and even Higher Diploma level) for several years now.

Their main courses are:

  • Security management
  • Criminology (for those who have met the stringent qualifications for criminology).
  • CCTV Surveillance and management (certificate in CCTV management).

Call them on 0720441985 for directions.


4.   NIS academy Kenya

The NIS (National Intelligence Service) is responsible for state intelligence in Kenya and has its own school.

They mostly serve trainees recruited to join NIS and its officers.


5.   Mt. Kenya University

MKU’s institute of security studies has programs in Forensic Science, Criminology, and Security Management.



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