Banking and finance courses in Kenya [Everything you need to know]

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If you’re interested in a career in banking (you view yourself as a banker and you dream of working in a commercial bank or a SACCO), below are the  Banking and finance courses in Kenya you should consider doing, their minimum qualifications, colleges/universities to study them at, and more.

Banking and finance courses in Kenya [Everything you need to know]

Banking and finance qualifications in Kenya

Degree (Bachelor’s)

KCSE Aggregate grade: C+

Additional requirements: Grade C plain in Mathematics Chemistry/Physics/ Biology  and English/Kiswahili OR

A relevant Diploma or Professional course (for example, a CPA-K) from any recognized institution.

Examples of degrees you can take

  • Co-operative Management (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Finance
  • Bachelor Of Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor Of Economics and Statistics
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Finance
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Financial engineering
  • Bachelor of Co-operative Business
  • Bachelor of Co-operative & Community Development

Universities offering Banking and finance in Kenya

Here now are some of the best universities you can study for finance-related degrees and diplomas in Kenya:

Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK)- Public

This has for long been considered the best for Co-operative studies

See more details

Strathmore University -Private

Strathmore is also a leader in banking and finance training. It’s one of the universities offering financial engineering in Kenya

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KCA University

KCA is another good institution when it comes to finance programmes.

See more details

In a nutshell, nearly all accredited universities in Kenya offer at least one of these finance courses in Kenya so you’re spoilt for choice.

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Diploma Banking and finance courses in Kenya

KCSE Aggregate grade: C-

Additional requirements: Grade C plain in Mathematics


A relevant certificate from any recognized institution.

Examples of courses in finance and banking you can take at the diploma level

  • Diploma in finance and banking
  • Diploma in finance and accounting
  • Diploma in banking and finance by KNEC
  • Diploma in Credit Management
  • Diploma in Microfinance
  • Diploma in Risk Management and Insurance
  • Diploma in Banking

Popular Universities and colleges offering Banking and finance in Kenya

In addition, you can take a Diploma in banking and finance (by KNEC) at any TVET college near you.

Here is a list of TVET colleges in Nairobi to get you started

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Now proceed reading below..👇

Certificate in Banking and finance in Kenya (and related courses)

You can start with a Certificate of Banking and finance if you did not get the required grades to start higher.

You can then use the certificate to apply for a diploma programme and eventually a degree course.

Here are the minimum qualifications:

KCSE Aggregate grade: D

Bear in mind that the course is offered by quite a number of colleges in Kenya including CHRM(College of Human Resources Management)

Other related finance and banking courses you can pursue

  • Certificate in Banking (you can take this at KCA university)
  • Certificate in Co-operative Management(Cooperative university)
  • Certificate in Credit Management(You can take this at the Kenya School of Credit Management among other colleges)

The other option is the certificate in banking by KNEC which you study at a TVET college near you.

Professional courses in Banking and finance in Kenya

If you want to make yourself more marketable, consider pursuing a professional course that is relevant to banking and finance – these add value to your qualification in addition to giving you more practical skills.

Now, if you’d like to take a professional course along with your Banking and finance qualification, here are some options:


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  1. ACCA

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  1. KASNEB’s CCP(Certified Credit Professionals)

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Banking and finance courses in Kenya- More about Banking and cooperative Management careers

Banking and cooperative management are distinct yet interrelated professions that are concerned with how societies create, manage, and distribute financial and other resources .

As mentioned at the start, a professional in banking or co-operative societies management is generally called banker.

That said, the financial sector is broad and it comprises other financial institutions including insurance companies and investment firms so you could work in these kinds of organizations too.

Key skills and interests required to pursue a career in this field

  • Numerical abilities (Mathematical skills)
  • Organizational skills
  • Planning skills
  • Time management skills
  • Digital literacy
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Analytical skills
  • Team spirit
  • Negotiation skills



What the job/career/professional entails

Duties vary depending on the position but typically, your roles may include the following:-

  • On-boarding quality credit facilities (to support growth of business)
  • Recording and updating financial reports
  • Managing overall credit quality within acceptable limits.
  • Preparing and controlling budgets
  • Preparing financial statements, invoices and proposals
  • Advising ICT support offices in charge of Core Banking Systems
  • Managing the preparation of balance sheets, income statement and expense report among other financial tools.
  • Ensuring compliance with set policies and programs
  • Building good relationships with clients


Career prospects for students who complete Banking and finance courses in Kenya (banking and finance jobs in Kenya)

Certificate holders

  • Cashier in a small SACCO

Diploma holders

  • Assistant Credit officer
  • Clerk
  • Money Agent
  • Front Office Teller

Degree holders

  • Bank Teller
  • Risk Officer
  • Loan Officer
  • Investment Advisor
  • Research officer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Risk Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Financial Analyst

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I study banking and finance without economics?

Yes. For the most part, economics is not a pre-requisite for admission into a banking and finance course in Kenya

Is Banking and finance marketable in Kenya?

Jobs are somehow dwindling due to the emergence of digital banking so you can never be sure of getting your dream job.

That said, people do still get jobs here and there.

Final words

Remember you can advance to masters in finance/commerce and even a PhD in finance/commerce if you want to target higher management positions or work in academia.

Good luck.

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