Java Programmer Salary in Kenya: How much can you earn?

Last updated on April 12th, 2024 at 05:03 am

So, how much is the java programmer salary in Kenya?

Well, on average, the java programmer salary in Kenya starts at shs.80000 and can increase to about shs.250000 per month depending on the organization you are working for.

Needless to say, the biggest companies offer the highest salaries along with an expansive list of benefits- housing, insurance, and even educational benefits.

These include Telcos like Safaricom and some of the multinationals running operations in Kenya including Andela.

Besides, you are likely to earn more as a Java developer if you have more hands-on experience in Java projects and salaries can rise up to shs.300000 per month.


Is Java a marketable skill in Kenya?

If you are a student planning to pursue a software engineering course in Kenya, I recommend that you perfect your Java skills as well as other marketable programming courses such as Python, JavaScript, Android, and Ruby.

Most of these are offered in the diploma in software engineering program in institutions such as the Kenya institute of software engineering Thika.

Another institution that you can attend and get awesome coding skills in Kenya is Moringa School along Ngong road.

That way, you will be multi-skilled and capable of competently executing myriad programming projects in whatever language your employer may demand.


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Java Programmer Salary in Kenya: Concluding thoughts

As we have seen, Java programmers are well remunerated in the country and you can expect to pocket at least shs.80000 (in institutions such as Banks) in your first job.

And overall, the java programmer salary in Kenya can climb to more than shs.300000 in some of Kenya’s biggest companies particularly if you possess in-depth knowledge in related cutting-edge programming languages including Ruby and JavaScript.

For students yet to join college or Kenyans seeking to change jobs, Java could be a worthy side skill to learn, going by the above salaries.

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