6 months certificate courses in Kenya & Colleges Offering them

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So, are there any 6 months certificate courses in Kenya you can take?

Well, there are various 6 months short certificate courses in Kenya you can pursue just in case you somehow do not have enough time to attend a diploma course (or may be you’re looking at acquiring a quick certification to help you land an opportunity you’re targeting soon).

I will share with you about these 6 months certificate courses in Kenya below including their requirements and where you can take them.

6 months certificate courses in Kenya and 6 months certificate courses in Kenya requirements

What I love most about these best 6 months certificate courses in Kenya is that thy are in diverse fields meaning that you’re likely to find an interesting course, whatever your passions are.

Here they are:

TVET (Technical and Vocational Training) Short certificate courses

You see, there are TVETS that  offer quite a number of short certificate courses in areas like ICT, plumbing, automotive mechanics, welding, etc.

So you can check into any TVET near you and see which short courses (lasting 6 months) they are teaching.

To point you in the right direction, below are a few TVETs in Kenya offering such programmes:


Nairobi Technical Training Institute(NTTI)

Some of the 6 Months certificate courses offered at NTTI:

  • Certificate in Plumbing and Pipe Fitting(Grade 3)
  • Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(Grade 3)


KCSE Mean Grade: D-(Minus)




  • Stores Management Level 5(CBET)- Needs KCSE Aggregate grade D+
  • Fashion Design Level 5(CBET)-Needs KCSE D(Plain) Aggregate grade
  • Food and Beverage Production/Service(National Skills Competence Certificate-Grade 3)-Needs any grade at your KCSE.

I’m sure there’s a good TVET near you so pay them a visit and see what they have for you.

Indeed, there is the Certificate in Procurement and Logistics course….though this course goes for a little longer(8 months) – it is taught at KCA University


Professional Certification Courses

If you want to chase promotion or greener pastures in your line of work, why not pursue a professional certification course that aligns with your main course/professional.

If you agree with me, I suggest you enroll in one of the following professional certification courses, depending on your background(where you work):

  • CPA– Good for anyone working in Finance-related areas (or Finance students at University)
  • Project Management Certification(PMP)- Good for anyone in ICT and who’s regularly expected to oversee large ICT projects
  • Certified Information System Auditor/ Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)-Great for ICT/Computer science graduates who’d like to join the cyber-security field.
  • CIFA(Certified Investment and Financial Analysts)- A solid certification to go with your actuarial science (or any other finance degree)
  • Certified Procurement & Supply Professional of Kenya-For those in procurement/supply chain management
  • CHRP(Certified human resource management professional)- For those in HR.
  • Professional Marketing certification-For marketers

Note that the above are just examples.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Short Language Courses

If you’re in areas like hospitality or tourism or even aviation (or you plan to work in that field in the future), knowing a second language can be very advantageous.

Again there are some excellent private language schools in Kenya –Including Goethe Institute and Alliance Française – offering the most popular foreign language courses as well as a couple of TVET institutes in Kenya you can enroll in.

For instance, NTTI offers the following Languages for Beginners:

  • French
  • German
  • Kiswahili
  • English


Digital Skills/ICT Short Certificate Courses

We all know that digital skills are the in-thing right now in the job market so you may want to polish up your ICT skills by enrolling in marketable short ICT courses in Kenya.

If that is what you have in mind, you may consider taking a short 6 months ICT courses in marketable niches such as:

  • Software/apps development– learn how to create mobile apps/computer software
  • Digital marketing– Check out Kenya Online College’s wonderful Digital Marketing Course in Kenya
  • CCNA– Master advanced networking with the world-famous CISCO Certified Networking Associate qualification.
  • Graphic design course– Learn how to design marketing materials such as posters, banners, logos, and more for businesses.
  • SPSS Skills– SPSS is popular for data analysis and can be an option, based on your interests.
  • Product Designing (UI/UX)-Nice if your passion is graphic design
  • Animation– Cool if you are coming from a design background(graphic and video design)
  • Data Science– You love numbers? And do you have a background in statistics/maths/Economics/ Computer science/ Actuarial science? If yes, Data science is an in-demand skills and could be worth your time.
  • Artificial intelligence& Machine Learning– AI is taking over the world and professionals with AI/Machine learning skills will continue to be hotcakes in the foreseeable future.


Hospitality and Tourism short courses

If you are really into entering the hospitality and/or tourism industries, there are loads of short courses you can pursue and use them to kickstart your career.

These include:

  • Hospitality management short certificate course
  • Tour guiding short course
  • Hotel management short course
  • Catering short course
  • Culinary arts short course
  • HouseKeeping and accommodation short course
  • Cookery & bakery
  • Pastry and bakery
  • Airline Cabin Crew

You can find these courses in colleges like:

  1. Cascade institute of hospitality-Thika
  2. Amboseli institute of hospitality and technology-Thika
  3. Utalii College

Entrepreneurship / Business Short Courses

If you are into business and entrepreneurship and you’re looking for courses that can help you get the skills you need to take your business to the next level, there’s no shortage of amazing programs for you.

Examples are:

  • Travel Agency Techniques(for those who want to start/run a travel agency)- Offered at Kenya Utalii College
  • Certification in Entrepreneurship- Offered by Kenya Institute of Management(KIM)
  • Certificate in Business Start-up-Offered in some ABE-accredited colleges
  • Financing a business courses- Example is the Small Business Finance Course(Taught Online by Coursera)
  • Leadership courses
  • Customer service courses

Healthcare Short Courses in Kenya

There are institutions that teach short courses in healthcare including nursing assistant training, CPR certification , or first aid and you may want to check them out.

Examples are:

  • First aid course St John ambulance
  • Certificate in Community Health Extension Work– KMTC offers it and it takes 4 months actually
  • Echocardiography-Great for radiographers. Also at KMTC
  • HND in Anaesthesia(For Clinical Medicine or Nursing practitioners)- Also at KMTC
  • Community Mental Health-For Volunteers in community health, Community-based workers and/or people who handle people with various mental challenges. Also at KMTC.



Best short medical courses in Kenya [20+courses]

Art and Design Short Courses

If, on the other hand, your interest is arts, consider taking a short fashion design courses(Check out Mcensal School of Fashion & Design)  or even an interior design course(check out Kenya College of Interior Design).

What’s more?

You can even enroll in photography classes at KenyaOnlineCollege or other institutions.

Besides, you may do a course in Videography at KenyaOnlineCollege too or other institutions.

Add to the list the Certificate in Film Technology..The course goes for a little longer(8 months) and is taught at KCA University (KCA is one of the Universities that offer certificate courses in Kenya)

Remember that these courses (unless stated otherwise) take between 4- 9 months


Free 6 months certificate courses in Kenya

Google offers a few free certificate courses in Kenya , if you’re into ICT/Digital sector.

(See their courses here)

You can also check out Alison Learning, for free online learning certificate courses (see Alison’s free online courses here)


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