TSC requirements for diploma in special needs education

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Now, if you’re planning to do a diploma in special education (or you’re already doing it or maybe you have just completed the course) and you want to know if you’ll get hired by TSC, below are the TSC requirements for diploma in special needs education you need to meet…


TSC requirements for diploma in special needs education 

To be eligible to be enrolled into the Diploma in special needs education and deployment as a special needs teacher later, you must satisfy these minimum requirements:

Diploma in special needs education requirements -Admission requirements

  • You must be less than 50 years old.
  • You must either hold a P1 (Primary Teacher) Certificate (by training) or an equivalent qualification plus  2 years classroom teaching experience(minimum).

Other acceptable qualifications:

  1. A P1 (Primary Teacher) Certificate (by promotion) – after passing the PTC exams (by the Ministry of Education’s Directorate of Quality Assurance/Standards).
  2. A P2 Teacher certificate together with a certificate in SNE(special needs education) from KISE(Kenya Institute of Special needs) or any other government recognized institution. Here you need  a D plain(at least) in KCSE or KCE Division IV. And in terms of teaching experience, you must have taught for 5 years(at least).
  3. Certificate in ECDE but it must be from a government ECDE college(institution) in addition to having a D+ (Minimum)/KCE Division II plus  2 years classroom teaching experience(minimum).


With these diploma in special needs education in Kenya qualifications, you can be accepted for the Special needs education Diploma at Kenya Institute of Special Education(KISE) and later on be considered for redeployment to a special needs school as a teacher by TSC (once you complete the Dip.).

TSC requirements for special needs education graduates in Kenya (degree in special needs education secondary option)

To stand a chance of getting hired by TSC as a special needs secondary school teacher, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Be a legit Kenyan citizen.
  • Hold a B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) degree in SNE (Special Needs Education) from any recognized university.
  • Have a KCSE mean grade of (minimum) C+(plus) -or above.
  • Have a similar grade -C+(plus) or even above in both English and Mathematics.
  • Be proficient in KSL (sign language) for hearing impaired.
  • Be physically as well as mentally fit to handle and teach students with special needs.
  • Have a deep passion for teaching, mentoring, and working with students with special needs.

Of course, having the above qualifications does not guarantee employment- you must pass the TSC interviews plus a competency test.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

What do special needs teachers do?

Well,  below are just a few of your normal duties and responsibilities if you’ll be working as a special needs teacher:

  • Develop and implement IEPs (individualized education plans) for learners with disabilities.
  • Provide instruction/guidelines and support to learners with different disabilities in various settings including a classroom, the community, etc.
  • Collaborate with parents/guardians as well as other professionals to make sure that learners with disabilities under your care receive the very best possible education.
  • Advocate for rights of learners with disabilities.
  • Monitor the progress of students and make necessary adjustments to the instructions you’re using.
  • Maintain accurate records (essential records) of how your students are progressing.
  • Participate in important professional development activities – this will ensure you stay up-to-date about the latest trends touching on special education.


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