Is industrial mathematics marketable in Kenya?

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So, what is industrial mathematics course all about and is industrial mathematics marketable in Kenya?

Well, read on to find the answers:

What is industrial mathematics course all about?

As a course, industrial Mathematics is all about numbers…

You can simply look at it as a branch/sub-set of mathematics that involves the development of various mathematical methods/models.

Once developed, these models are then applied in a variety of industries and businesses especially during decision making.

The most important thing to note is that industrial mathematics concentrates more on mathematical modeling and computational techniques and is a kind of a link between the business world and Mathematica.

What is the aim of industrial mathematics courses?

The key objective of industrial mathematics courses is to produce graduates that have the following skills (among others):

  • Abstract reasoning
  • Critical analysis
  • Logical thinking

These skills are critical when it comes to making daily decisions in the business world- and remember that managers have to make tough business decisions every day for their businesses to thrive.

Where can you work?

Some of the sectors where you can get work include financial industry (banks and insurance companies), automotive companies, think-tanks, digital services companies (including Telcos like Safaricom) and more.

There are other areas where you can get employment as an industrial mathematician including pharmaceuticals, mining firms, shipping organizations, construction companies, power utilities, and manufacturing.

Your work will be to apply mathematical modeling, statistics, and projections and to an array of industrial/engineering problems.

Other duties you might be expected to perform depending on where you are working include:

  • Calculating the best places an oil company can drill
  • Solving complex heat-transfer problems
  • Determining optimal launch schedules for an aerospace company
  • Modeling water-tank safety
  • Determining ways to improve manufacturing processes
  • Building a model to estimate medical malpractice costs


Employment opportunities for holders of industrial mathematics course in Kenya

Some of the positions that you can be hired for if you take the course in Kenya include:

  • Industrial mathematician
  • Assistant industrial mathematician
  • Data Support Manager
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst
  • Manager- Industrial Statistics
  • Credit Data Analyst
  • Actuarial Associate
  • Principal Statistical Programmer

Key skills and interests required to pursue a career in this field

  • Excellent numerical skills
  • Good logical reasoning skills.
  • Passion and resilience.
  • Team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to visualize things/scenarios

Now lets us answer the next important question: is industrial mathematics marketable in Kenya?

Is industrial mathematics marketable in Kenya?

Overall, industrial mathematics is not as marketable as some other courses in Kenya- for instance, you cannot compare it to engineering courses because there are way more jobs for holders of engineering qualifications in Kenya compared to those who have graduated with industrial mathematics.

That said, there are jobs here and there – and it is the same case even when you look at the global market- so yeah, it would be unfair to say that it’s a worthless course.

Maybe there will be more jobs in the years ahead as the course becomes more known- I would say the course is not very well known  by employers in Kenya currently and many of them still appear to prefer to hire those with courses like economics and statistics for jobs that need solid math/statistical skills.

So keep that in mind as you compare your options..

Now that I have answered your “is industrial mathematics marketable in Kenya?” question and also shared some information on what it is all about, let’s look at a few other details about the industrial mathematics course in Kenya


Qualifications for industrial mathematics courses in Kenya

Degree (Bachelors)

Here are your options when it comes to an industrial mathematics course at the degree level in Kenya..

  • Industrial Mathematics (JKUAT)

Minimum entry requirements

KCSE Mean grade: C+

Additional requirements

In addition, you must have the indicated minimum grade in each of the following cluster subjects

Option A:

Chemistry – C-
Physics –    C-


Option B:

Physical Sciences-  C-
Biological Sciences-  C-


Other acceptable qualifications:

Diploma in a relevant science field from a recognized institution.

Go here to read more details about the course.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Masters degree

If you’d like to pursue industrial mathematics course at the masters level in Kenya, I recommend Dedan Kimathi University- they offer a Masters of Science(Msc) in industrial mathematics

See the screenshot below for the minimum course requirements:

industrial mathematics course in Kenya

Diploma in industrial mathematics

I did not find any university or college offering the course at the diploma level


Courses that you can take instead of industrial mathematics

If you want to build a career in mathematics and you are worried that industrial mathematics has limited job opportunities, perhaps you can consider the following courses:

  • BSc in Mathematics, BSc (General)- You can pursue this at JKUAT.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (University of Nairobi)- go here for details.
  • Bachelors of Science in Mathematics(Technical University of Kenya)- Go here for its details
  • Bachelors of technology in  Applied Statistics(Technical University of Kenya)- Go here for its details
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) In Mathematics & Computer Science(Multimedia University of Kenya)- This unlocks opportunities in both Maths and ICT fields. View more details.
  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics- You can also pursue this at the University of Nairobi.

Final words

This course is ideal for those who love numbers- you must have a passion for numbers.

Don’t forget that you will be taught how to apply advanced mathematical theories and abstract concepts in resolving complicated situations in businesses and industries.


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