Qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya in 2024

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We tell about the qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya in this article

If you’re passionate about teaching and want to be paid well as a teacher, perhaps you should consider teaching at an international school.

I’m referring to international schools in Kenya such as Hillcrest, Braeburn, Aga Khan Academy, Braeside, SABIS, Gems Cambridge, and more.

Of course, you must be qualified to be considered for international school teaching jobs in Kenya.

Which brings me to what this article is all about: qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya.

So, what are the qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya?

This article will list the current international school teacher requirements and how to become a teacher in international schools.

Read to the end.

Qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya

Below is a summary of the general qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya..

  • Bachelor’s Degree in the subject(s) you intend to teach
  • Up-to-date (Recent) training in relevant subject(s) area including IB/IGCSE teacher training (in some cases)
  • International Teacher certification from any accredited university/college (in some cases)
  • Relevant teaching experience – 2 years+ in specific subject(s)
  • Proficiency with latest educational technology
  • Fluency in English

Qualifications that can give you an extra advantage:

The following qualifications can give you an edge over the competition when applying for teaching jobs in Kenya international schools:

  • Master’s Degree in the relevant subject(s)
  • Qualification to teach multiple Modern Languages courses (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Certification in Virtual/ Online/Distance teaching & learning
  • TSC certificate (most schools demand TSC registration or any other acceptable teaching license)

Keep in mind that a Police clearance certificate (certificate of good conduct) is often needed (it must not be expired).

Plus, experience in teaching multi-cultural/ international environments is key here since teaching in these schools is quite robust.

How to become a teacher in international schools in Kenya

As you can see, the first step in your path to a career as a well-paid teacher in an international school is getting a degree in education (in the subjects you intend to teach e.g. Science, French, Humanities, English, Economics, ICT, and more).

Next, taking a course in Teaching International Curricula can give you a massive boost– you can enroll in any institution offering IB training for teachers in Kenya or take a course with wider coverage of skills/knowledge needed to teach international curricula successfully.

Here is a list of the institutions offering IB training for teachers in Kenya, IGCSE teacher training, and other helpful short courses for teachers in Kenya (for both experienced and new teachers interested in teaching in international schools).


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International baccalaureate training for teachers in Kenya

You can take the following courses if you wish to teach in international baccalaureate schools in Kenya:

Aga Khan Academy virtual IB workshops

Aga Khan Academies offers authorized International Baccalaureate(IB) training workshops virtually for teachers in Primary and Middle Years as well as Diploma Programme teachers.

The workshops teachers strategies and techniques you should use to teach IB courses effectively (in a classroom) and are facilitated by highly skilled IB experts.

For queries about the course (including the next intake), write to workshops@agakhanacademies.org

PGCEi courses (Post Graduate Certificate in Education International)

Another option you can go for is pursuing the PGCEi, a distance learning programme (part-time) of professional development for educators working outside the UK.

The course is offered by University of Nottingham through Braeburn international school and you’re awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Education(international) upon successful completion.

This certificate confers you the Qualified Teacher Status(in England & Wales).

Minimum Entry Requirements

You should hold a relevant degree from an approved university/ or any other accredited institution of higher learning- In general, a 2nd class honours (at least) is needed.

In addition, you must satisfy the following English language requirements to be admitted (except where English is your first language):

  • IELTS 6.5 (the least you can have  is 6.0 -in any element)
  • TOEFL iBT 87 (the least acceptable is 21 (in listening), 22 (in reading), 23 (in speaking) and 21 (in writing).

Please note that the above English Language entry conditions are waived for graduates of recognized universities in Tanzania or Kenya.

How to Apply

If you’re interested, write an email to Jennifer Kaumbulu via jennifer.kaumbulu@braeburn.ac.ke. Jennifer is the Head of Teacher Training at Braeburn.

Don’t forget that the fee (for the course) is £3,500 and is to be paid upon being accepted into the course.


IGCSE teacher certification in Kenya

Those who want to go for IGCSE teacher certification in any subject as a way of enhancing their chances of getting hired for teaching openings in international schools can go for an online IGCSE Teacher certification course.

Here is a list of IGCSE courses you can check out:

  • Cambridge International Diploma (for teachers)-Link
  • Cambridge Teacher Training Diploma- Link

CTIC (Certificate in Teaching International Curricula)

The other worthwhile alternative to the above international school teaching courses is RIARA University’s CTIC Certificate.

The good thing about this International Teaching Curricula course is that it has vast coverage and will equip you with requisite skills and knowledge to teach and examine international curricula locally and internationally.

Here is what the CTIC covers- there are six main areas of study:

  1. Internationalism & International Education
  2. BNC (British National Curriculum)
  3. IGSE (International General Certificate of Education)
  4. IB (International Baccalaureate)
  5. Computing -Introduction to essential Computer Applications
  6. Inquiry-Based Pedagogical Approaches/Techniques & Practicum

Mode of Study

The course is holiday-based so you attend lessons during school holidays


The fee is Kshs.6000 per unit and you are required to take 6 units to be awarded the certificate.

How to Apply /get more information

Call 0703 038 000 or write an email to info@riarauniversity.ac.ke or admissions@riarauniversity.ac.ke

Qualifications to teach in international schools in Kenya  – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much do teachers make in international schools?

Average salary can start at Kshs.50000 and can rise up to over Kshs.500000 per month in some international schools depending on your experience and qualifications.


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