KMTC fee structure for nursing [2024 Intake]

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Here is an overview for KMTC fee structure for nursing

As the demand for skilled healthcare professionals continues to rise, nursing remains an indispensable and highly respected profession worldwide.

In Kenya, the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) stands as a beacon of quality healthcare education, offering aspiring nurses the opportunity to join a profession that makes a significant impact on people’s lives.

In fact, this is one crucial aspect that often concerns prospective students is the affordability of education.

That being so, we have  a comprehensive and student-friendly fee structure for KMTC nursing programs, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of a fulfilling nursing career.

In this article, we delve into the KMTC fee structure for nursing programs.

KMTC fee structure for nursing

Here, we will look at the fee structure for all nursing courses offered, certificate, diploma and higher diploma.

But before then, it should be noted that the fee structure includes the following items:

  • Registration Fee -kshs.2000 paid (only during admission)
  • Activity Fee-1000 each semester
  • Examination Fee-kshs.5,000 each semester
  • Library and ICT services-Kshs. 2000
  • Tuition Fee-Kshs. 15,000
  • Research and Development Fee-Kshs. 5,000
  • Transport Fee-kshs.6,000
  • Maintenance Fee-Kshs. 5,000
  • Student Identity Card-Kshs. 700

1.      Certificate in community Nursing

Minimum entry requirements:

Mean grade: C-minus

Additionally, you must have the following grades in the Cluster subjects:

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • English/Kiswahili – C- (minus)
  • Biology/Biological Sciences- C- (minus)
  • Chemistry or Physics/Physical Science or Mathematics- D+ (plus)

Course duration: This course takes a duration of 2 ½ years at KMTC.

Fee for the Year 1

  • 1stsemester=41,700
  • 2ndsemester=39,000


Fee for the Year 2

During the second year, you do not pay for registration fee and student id card since these is only paid for during admission, therefore, the fee is reduced by Kshs. 2000 +Kshs. 700 =Kshs. 2700

Simply, this is what you pay per semester:

  • 1st semester=Kshs. 39,000
  • 2nd semester=Kshs. 39,000

TOTAL PER YEAR = Kshs. 78,000

Fee for half a year (6 months)

Total amount paid in 6 months= Kshs. 59,000

2.      Fee for Diploma in:

·        Community Health Nursing

·        Kenya Registered Nursing and Midwifery

·        Registered Nursing Mental Health & Psychiatry

·        Health Counseling

Each Course duration: 3 years

Fee for the Year 1 for all the above listed courses

  • 1st semester=41,700
  • 2nd semester=39,000


Fee for the Year 2 and year 3

Again here, during the second year and third year, fee is exclusive of registration fee and student id card which is a total of Kshs. 2700

So, you pay fee as follows:

Year 2

  • 1st semester=Kshs. 39,000
  • 2nd semester=Kshs. 39,000

TOTAL PER YEAR = Kshs. 78,000

Year 3

  • 1st semester=Kshs. 39,000
  • 2nd semester=Kshs. 39,000

TOTAL PER YEAR = Kshs. 78,000



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Now proceed reading below..👇

3.      Higher diploma in:

·        Kenya Registered Nurse Anaesthesia

·        Critical Care Nursing

·        Pediatric Nursing

·        Psychiatric Nursing

·        Ophthalmic Nursing

·        Nephrology Nursing

·        Palliative nursing care

·        Pe-rioperative Nursing

·        Family Health Nursing (Distance learning)

Minimum entry requirements for the above higher diploma courses:

  • Diploma in Nursing or in Community Health Nursing (KRN/KRCHN), Diploma in Nursing (KRN/KRM)
  • You must also be Registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) and be a holder of a valid practicing license
  • Additionally, you must have 1 year post NCK licensing experience

 Duration for each course:

5 modules


Item Amount in Kshs
Registration Fee 2000
Examination fee 10,000
Tuition fee @25,000 per module for 5 modules 125,000
Maintenance fee 9000
TOTAL in Kshs 146,000


4.      Kenya registered community health nursing – distance/e-learning


Registration Fee 2,000
Examination Fee 10,000
Tuition Fee @ 25,000.00 per module for 4 modules 100,000
Maintenance Fee 9,000
TOTAL KSHS. 121,000


KMTC fees structure for nursing [Other important details]

  • During application, you will have to pay an application fee worth 2,022 through KMTC Pay bill No. 964150 when filling the application form on the application portal here.
  • Please note that for your meals and accommodation, you pay separately if you are staying the KMTC hostels and rates are available only upon admission.
  • Also, it should be noted that in your course of study, you will have to provide an extra amount to cater for (incidental expenses such as attachments and research.
  • Additionally, if you choose to have accommodation outside KMTC for one reason or another, please note that the applicable rent fee and other charges will depend on the property you are renting depending on the contract you signed with your landlords or agent.
  • Lastly, you must be vaccinated against Hepatitis B and Typhoid and you also must provide the vaccination evidence during registration and must have NHIF cover which you must supply a copy of the card on reporting date to KMTC.

How and when to apply at KMTC for a nursing course.

When it comes to application, you must apply after the application are announced through the social media usually when  intakes are open.

To better guide you,  KMTC  announces its intakes through some of the following social media platforms; newspapers, TV, radio, and online through KMTC website.

So, once announced, you apply online through KMTC portal and pay an application fee worth Kshs. 2,022 as indicated above using the pay pill number that we have provided above.

Side note: Remember, you have to apply as a regular student (the institution is currently admitting only government-sponsored student).

Payment modes

Just so you know, any fee payment exclusive of the accommodation and food must be paid directly to the following KMTC bank account.

KMTC National Bank Account Number (Nairobi)

Account number: 01003086514000

Account name: Central Collection Account

Quick note: Please note that, direct cash payments to the college will not be accepted.

KMTC fee structure for nursing [Contact]

To contact KMTC, kindly call 020-2725711/2/3/4, 020-2081822/3, 0737-352543 / 0706-541869 or, email

Final words on KMTC fee structure for nursing

Before transacting any payment to KMTC accounts, please note that fee can vary from year to year.

That is fee is subject to change based on government regulations, economic factors, and institutional policies.

Therefore, to obtain the latest and accurate information regarding the KMTC fee structure for nursing, I recommend visiting the official website of Kenya Medical Training College or directly contacting their admissions or finance department.

That way, you will have the most up-to-date details on tuition fees, additional costs, payment options, and any available financial aid or scholarships that might be applicable for nursing students.

Good luck in your studies!


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