Interior design courses in Kenya – all you need to know

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Learn everything you need to know about Interior design courses in Kenya below

Interior designers work with clients to create aesthetic rooms/spaces -clients range from indivudal homeowners to giant corporations.

And it can be a satisfying and well-paying career especially if you are creative and can easily come up with fresh ideas.

Of course, having a relevant course such as a diploma in interior design will go a long way in helping you win projects (if you want to go into self-employment) or secure a job in an interior design firm.

In this article, we shall introduce you to the various interior design courses in Kenya to help you make an informed decision if you’re planning to pursue interior design as a course.

We shall also look at other important information including requirements for interior design course and colleges offering interior design in Kenya including the best interior design schools in Nairobi.

Let’s get started:


Interior design courses in Kenya- everything you need to know about studying interior design in Kenya including interior design course requirements in Kenya

There are several courses you can take- depending on your KCSE grade- if you want to build a thriving career as an interior designer.

These are:

Certificate in interior design

This is an entry level interior design course and can be a great starting point for anyone who wants to venture into the interior design field.

This course equips professionals and any other person who is interested in interior design with the competencies and skills required to design, present, and construct interior building spaces to meet customers’ needs.

Recommended institutions for a certificate in interior design course

We recommend the following interior design colleges for the course..

Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT)

The course takes 9 months here and the institution admits persons with 2-3 years working experience (in any field) desiring to enter the interior design field.

Regarding learning, lessons are held in NIT’s spacious design studios with professional trainers and interior design experts supervise all the trainings.

Fees: You pay Kshs.70000 for the first semester and Kshs. 68000 in the subsequent semesters.

Dedan Kimathi University (Certificate in furniture technology and interior design)

At Kimathi, the certificate course goes for 1 year and you need a minimum of D+ mean grade (KCSE) to be admitted.


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Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts

Established in 1993, Catholic Church run Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts(BIFA) teaches everything to do with Art and Design and it can be another great place to study for your certificate course.

Again, the minimum requirement for the certificate course is D+.

After the Certificate Course, what next?

After successfully completing the course, you can join formal employment, become a junior consultant,   open an interior design business, etc.

You may also choose to further enhance your skills by taking a Diploma course (details below).

Diploma in interior design

At the Diploma level, you learn how to collaborate with other design pros to produce coordinated, perfectly harmonious indoor spaces that are easy to the eye, unified, and ideal for the activities scheduled to be held there.


Recommended institutions for a diploma in interior design course

If you want to this interior design course in Nairobi, consider these institutions:

Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT)

The minimum requirement to join is C- (KCSE Mean grade) or a Pass in a recognized Craft Certificate course (this includes certificate in Architecture, Art and Design, and Building Construction).

A NIT-examined Diploma in interior design takes about two and one-half (2 ½ ) years to complete.

Fees: You pay Kshs.43200 for the first semester and Kshs. 39700 in the subsequent semesters.


Evelyn college of design, Nairobi

At Evelyn College, the Diploma is pursued in stages as follows:

Pearson B.T.E.C Level Three
This takes Four terms (each 14 weeks long) and you cover 18 Units in total.

Pearson B.T.E.C Level Four
This takes two terms (each 14 weeks long) and you cover 8 Units in total.

Pearson B.T.E.C Level Five
This takes two terms (each 14 weeks long) and you cover 6 Units in total.

Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts

Minimum requirement for the Diploma is C- (and above).

For more information, email or call them on 0721-837917.

Quick Tip: These are also the best institutions to check out if you are looking to pursue interior design short courses in Nairobi (they have a couple of short term, part time programs)


Other institutions offering diploma level interior design courses in Kenya

Maseno University

To study interior design at Maseno, you need at least a KCSE Mean Grade of C Plain plus a C- in English language and a D+ Mathematics.

Vera Beauty College

Some campuses of Vera Beauty College offer a diploma in interior design.


After the Diploma course, what next?

Upon successful completion of your course, you can choose to seek employment in top interior design firms.

You may also become a freelance interior design consultant or contractor specializing in building interiors.

Your final option is joining a degree program (details next).

Degree in interior design in Kenya

The requirements for interior design course at the degree level are the same:

  • KCSE mean grade of C+ OR
  • A recognized Diploma in interior design or other relevant areas such as Diploma in Technology (in Design). A HND (Higher National Diploma) may also be accepted.

Course Duration

For the most part, the course including the popular interior design course in Nairobi University takes 8 semesters from the date you register.


Universities offering degree in interior design in Kenya

Here now are some of the universities you can enroll into for a degree in interior design:

  • Nairobi University – The interior design course in nairobi university is the Bachelor of Interior Design.
  • Technical University of Kenya- The interior design course in technical university of Kenya is called Bachelor of Technology (Design)
  • Maseno University- Bachelor Of Arts (BA) in Design- with IT (Interior Design)

As regards Kenyatta University, it seems the formerly popular interior design course in Kenyatta university is missing from their course list (they seem to have stopped it for some reason)

Interior design course requirements (interior design course requirements in Kenya)

So, what are the requirements to study interior design in Kenya in general?

Well, in summary, the general requirements are as follows:

  • Certificate: A minimum of D+ mean grade (KCSE)
  • Diploma: The minimum requirement to be accepted is usually C- (KCSE Mean grade) or a PASS in a recognized Certificate course (some universities ask for a C plain).
  • Degree: KCSE mean grade of C+ OR a recognized Diploma in interior design


Where can I study interior design in Kenya?

Here are the contacts of the best interior design schools in Kenya. We recommend them to those who want to pursue interior design courses in Kenya.

Dedan Kimathi University

Location:  Nyeri –Mweiga road

Telephone: 0713835965/0713123021



Nairobi Institute of Technology (one of the best interior design schools in Nairobi)

To get more information about Nairobi institute of technology interior design programs, visit or contact them using these details:

Location:  Westlands (board a route 23 Matatu from Khoja stage and ask to be dropped at NIT gate).

Telephone no:  0773 588 187


Quick Note: NIT interior design institute               also offers a part time interior design course (contact them for details about their next intake)


Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts(BIFA)

Location:  Buruburu Phase III, Opp. Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Mumias S Rd

Telephone no:  0721 837917


Note: You must visit the college and book for an interview before securing admission- they normally hold interviews before admitting students to assess how well you’re suited for their interior design courses.


Evelyn College of Design

Location:  Maji Mazuri Rd, Off James Gichuru Rd

Telephone no:  0722-327850


Maseno University

Location:  Kondele, Kisumu-Busia Road Maseno, Kisumu (main campus)

Telephone no:   +254 – 57 – 351620/22


Nairobi University

Location:  University Way, Nairobi

Telephone no:   020 – 4910000, 0204913065, 0204913015



Technical University of Kenya

Location:  Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi

Telephone no:   +254(020) 2219929



Vera Beauty College

Location:  Aghro House, Moi Avenue, 7th floor, Nairobi (Headquarters)

Telephone no:   Call/SMS/ WhatsApp 0704577577



Is Interior Design marketable in Kenya?

If you have a creative eye, the course can be very marketable.

Indeed, there a quite a number of career paths you can pursue once you graduate- general interior designer working in both public and private entities, interior designer specializing in Kenya’s building industry, freelancer interior designer, consultant interior design, or even an entrepreneur who creates employment by launching and expanding an interior design enterprise.

However, like every other course, you should not do the course blindly- take your time and study the available opportunities, the competition, your career objectives, future prospects, and more.

Once you have gathered enough information, assess yourself and see if you have what it takes- most of the time you need to package yourself the right way and know where to look for jobs to succeed.


Wrap up

To come up with eye catching interior designs that will make you a hotcake in the interior décor market, you need to perfect the use of texture, color,  scale, proportion, furnishings, lighting, fixtures, and more when decorating a space.

We have just introduced you to the various interior design courses in Kenya that you can enroll in to hone your skillset and become the interior décor pro everyone will be running to.

Go ahead and choose the best course for you and an appropriate school of interior design to attend.

It could prove to be the best decision you have made in your life so far.

Good luck!

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