Is law marketable in Kenya?

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So, is law marketable in Kenya?

Now, we have written a lot on law courses in Kenya but there is this question that you people keep asking us: is law marketable in Kenya?

Well, here is our quick answer:

Is law marketable in Kenya?

Law is a marketable course and is likely to remain marketable in the foreseeable future despite the emergence of technology (technology is disrupting a lot of traditionally marketable careers including finance jobs).

You see, we are not going to see crime going down because a lot of people will always try to break the law if given a chance (even though they might claim to be religious).

So yeah, you cannot lack a job once you study law in Kenya unless you’re extremely unlucky.

Here are some of the jobs that you can be hired for in Kenya once you graduate with a law course in Kenya:

  1. Legal researcher
  2. Legal counsel
  3. County legal counsel
  4. Legal manager
  5. Corporation secretary / Company Secretary
  6. Director of legal services
  7. Legal administrator
  8. Legal assistant
  9. In-house lawyer
  10. Chief legal officer
  11. Assistant legal officer
  12. Litigation associate
  13. Criminal justice officer
  14. County attorney
  15. Legal protection officer
  16. Litigation advocate
  17. Tax & legal assistant
  18. Legal expert
  19. Legal fellow
  20. County solicitor
  21. Prosecution Officer
  22. Lecturer
  23. Judge
  24. Conveyance lawyer
  25. Family lawyer
  26. Solicitor General
  27. Mediation Lawyer
  28. Constitutional Advisor
  29. Magistrate
  30. Criminal lawyer
  31. Attorney General

The truth is, there are countless opportunities for holders of law qualifications in Kenya so I really cannot see the reason why you should not do the course (if it has been your dream to become a lawyer).

These jobs are available in county governments, the national government, private sector companies, law firms, and even in academia (legal researchers, legal fellows, and even law professors are often in demand).


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Is diploma in law marketable in Kenya?

While it may not be as marketable as the LL.B Degree, there are decent jobs you can qualify for with a diploma in law.

These include paralegal jobs in the NGO sector, some of which pay very well.

However, if you’re able, I suggest that you upgrade to an LL.B after completing the diploma. That way, you will have more job openings you qualify for.

Now that I have answered your question “Is law marketable in Kenya?”, let us look at a couple of other details about studying law in Kenya

Definition of important terms

What is law?

Law refers to the system of rules and regulations found in the constitution and legal codes which are enforced by the courts.

These rules provide the limit under which people, business organizations, and government agents interact lawfully.

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer is any person who has professionally qualified to practice law.

Some of his/her roles include giving legal advice to firms/other parties and representing clients in lawsuits.

What is a Law degree?

This is an academic degree conferred to those who study law at a university.

Note that after you qualify with a Bachelor of Laws(LLB.) Degree, you have to proceed to study for a diploma in law at the Kenya School Of Law for 12 months.

This is followed by a six months compulsory internship (called pupillage) in registered law firms.

You can also go for internship in the State Department of Law in Kenya or the Office of Director of Public Prosecution(ODPP).

You have to pass the diploma and then do your internship in order to be allowed to practice!

Key skills and interests required to pursue a career in law

  • Trustworthiness and discretion
  • Good command of English (Both oral and Written)
  • Active listening skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Analytical and logical reasoning
  • Good research skills
  • Excellent reading skills
  • Planning and organization skills
  • Good negotiation skills

What the job/profession/career entails

Lawyers typically advise and represents individuals, business firms, and government agencies/departments on legal issues and/or disputes.

Typically, lawyers do the following:

  • Communicate with their clients, judges, and others involved in ongoing court cases
  • Conduct research and analyze legal problems
  • Interpret law provisions and statutes
  • Interpret rulings and judgments
  • Prepare and file legal documents such as lawsuits, contracts, and appeals among other duties.


A word about the Council for Legal Education(CLE)

CLE is the state body that is in charge of overseeing law education in Kenya- it assesses and authorizes the syllabuses of all universities that teach law in Kenya.

It also administers bar entry exams for graduates of law that are seeking to get admission to the bar.

The Council of Legal Education(CLE) administers bar examinations in Kenya.

The centres of these exams have been the Kenya School of Law(KSL), Bomas of Kenya, JKUAT (Karen campus), Cooperative University of Kenya and KASNEB Towers among others.

A word about the LSK (Law society Of Kenya)

The Law Society of Kenya(LSK) is the association that represents the interests of lawyers in Kenya.

It is a good idea to register with the LSK once you become a practicing advocate (LSK advises and helps legal professionals in various ways including in career growth).

That said, LSK also advises the government as well as the larger public on legal/constitutional issues.


Where can I study diploma in law in Kenya?

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