Cost of law degree in Kenya – fees and other expenses

So, you want to do law degree in Kenya? Great!- law can be an amazing course if you make the cut and work hard.

Needless to say, it is important to plan your finances in advance to avoid the disappointment of dropping out of your law course due to a lack of funds.

Which brings me to the question I want to answer in this article: What is the cost of law degree in Kenya? (How much does a law degree cost)

Read on to find out how much it will cost you to complete the course- bear in mind that the cost of studying law in Kenya differs from one law school to the next.

Cost of law degree in Kenya – total fees and other expenses

Here is a breakdown of the cost of studying law in Kenya in some of the top law schools in Kenya:

Cost of law degree in Kenya- Kabarak University School of Law

Self-sponsored students

Tuition fees: KSh.100000 per semester for 4 years (1 year has 2 semesters)

Administrative fees: KSh.31,350 per semester for 4 years (1 year has 2 semesters)

Government-sponsored students

How much does a Bachelor of Law Cost?


Note: Accommodation and catering expenses are not included in the administrative fees.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

University of Nairobi school of law fee structure

UON law school fees is as follows:

First Semester

Tuition Fees:

KShs.75,480 per 6(six) units or KShs.12,580 per course unit.
Other expenses:
Registration fee
– KShs.1,000 (per semester)
Student ID Card -KShs.500 (per year)
Computer fee– KShs.5,000 (per year)
Caution money – KShs.5,000 (paid once in semester 1)
Examination fee– KShs. 5,000 (per year)
Medical cover – KShs.5,000 (per year)
Student Association fee– KShs. 5,000 (per year)
Activity fee -KShs.2,000 (per year)
Total fee- KShs.99,980 /Semester for the 1st year

Summary of total law degree fees per semester (for the 4 years)

Tution Fees (Kshs) Other Charges (Kshs) Total (Kshs)
Sem 1 75,480.00 24,500.00 99,980.00
Sem 2 75,480.00   1,000.00   76,480.00
Sem 3 75,480.00 19,500.00   94,980.00
Sem 4 75,480.00   1,000.00   76,480.00
Sem 5 75,480.00 19,500.00   94,980.00
Sem 6 75,480.00   1,000.00   76,480.00
Sem 7 75,480.00 19,500.00   94,480.00
Sem 8 75,480.00   1,000.00   76,480.00

Total Cost for the law degree at UON (48 units) = KShs.690,340

Strathmore University law school fees

Year 1:

Semester 1

Caution money- Ksh.3600

Administrative fee- Kshs. 8000

Tuition fee- Kshs.258,377

Total- Kshs. 269,977

Semester 2

Caution money- Ksh.3500

Tuition fee- Kshs.264,873

Total- Kshs. 268,373

Total for the year- Kshs.538,351

Year 2:

Semester 1

Administrative fee- Kshs. 4000

Tuition fee- Kshs.260,407

Total- Kshs. 264,407

Semester 2

Caution money- Ksh.3500

Tuition fee- Kshs.235,074

Total- Kshs. 238,574

Total for the year- Kshs.502,981

Year 3:

Semester 1

Administrative fee- Kshs. 4000

Tuition fee- Kshs.249,081

Total- Kshs. 253,081

Semester 2

Caution money- Ksh.3500

Tuition fee- Kshs.250,096

Total- Kshs. 253,596

Total for the year- Kshs.506,677

Year 4:

Semester 1

Administrative fee- Kshs. 4000

Tuition fee- Kshs.248,269

Total- Kshs. 252,269

Semester 2

Caution money- Ksh.3500

Tuition fee- Kshs.247,660

Total- Kshs. 251, 160

Total for the year- Kshs.503,429

Total cost- Kshs.2,051,438


Riara university law school fee structure

Bachelor of Laws

Fees per Core Unit- Kshs.20,400 Students should take 7 units/semester so you pay Kshs.142,800 per semester for 8 semesters.

Foundation Units- Kshs.13,200 per unit.

Pre-Kenya-School-of-Law Programme

Fees per unit– Kshs.20,400 (students should take 1 unit per semester)


Daystar university school of law fee structure

Law degree programme (main campus): Tuition fees is calculated based on a full course load of 18 (eighteen) credit hours/semester at Kshs.6950 per credit hour.

In other words, you will be paying about Kshs.125,100 (as tuition fee) per semester for the 8 semesters.

There are other charges too (payable in the first semester)– these come to Kshs.16,500.


Kenyatta university school of law fee structure

Tuition fee (Bachelor Of Laws) – Kshs.150,000.00 per year

Statutory fees – Kshs.21,200.00 per year

Total per year- Kshs. 171,200.00

So for the 4 years, you can expect to pay Kshs.684,800 (minus accommodation and living expenses).

MKU school of law fee structure

The Bachelor of Laws degree at MKU costs Kshs.70,000 per semester (Kshs. 140000 annual tuition fee) and you’ll again go for 8 semesters.

And in keeping with the trend, other charges -including accommodation charges- have been excluded in this fee so budget for them separately.

Cost of law degree in Kenya – recap

On average, the cost of studying law in Kenya (tuition and other mandatory charges) for self-sponsored students is between kshs. 600000 and Kshs.2.5M.

Of course, the cost is way lower for government sponsored students- you can pay as little as kshs.250000(tuition and other mandatory charges) if you’re admitted under KUCCPS.

Don’t forget to add your personal costs (accommodation and living costs) when budgeting – the total payable here will largely be determined by your lifestyle.

In a nutshell, the total amount you will finally pay to study law in Kenya will come down to the university you select and your lifestyle.

I should add that you also need to budget for your post-graduate diploma (advocates training program) at the Kenya school of law since you can only be admitted to the bar after completing the diploma.

Good luck.

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