D plain courses in Chuka university [10+ courses you can pursue at Chuka Uni]

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 Are you looking for D plain courses in Chuka university? If yes, read this article to the end.

The good news is that even if you scored a D in your KCSE, that doesn’t mean you will never get a good course…there are a couple of  D courses offered at Chuka university that you could choose to pursue.

Find them below..

D plain courses in Chuka university

Before we look at the specific courses, note that all D courses we will look at in Chuka university are certificate courses(the institution only offers D courses for the certificate level).

But that should not worry you- Chuka University allows students who graduate from their certificate programmes to join relevant Diploma courses so you can use the certificate to apply for a Diploma course afterward (and later on a relevant Degree course, based on what you’re studying).

Let us now go ahead and look at courses offered for those with a minimum grade of D under different faculties at Chuka university…..

Faculty of Business Studies D plain courses

  • Certificate in Business Management

Entry requirement -Mean grade of D and above in KCSE

Course duration -2 semesters

Mode of study -FT(full time) or Work-based, Day, Evening, or Weekend modes

  • Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Management

Entry requirement: Mean grade of D and above in KCSE

Course duration: 2 semesters

Mode of study: FT / Work-based Day, Evening/ Weekend

Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Technology

  • Certificate in Advanced Software Engineering

Minimum entry requirement -Mean grade of D in KCSE.  You must also have a D(plain) in Mathematics to be accepted for software engineering

Course duration -6 months/2 terms

Mode of study -Full / Part-time

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  • Certificate in Computer Science

Entry requirement -Mean Grade of D(plain)

Course duration-  2 semesters

Mode of study – Fulltime or Work-based.

Before I forget, this course is only offered on the main campus.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

  • Certificate in Information and Communication Technology

Mean grade -D(plain) in KCSE

Course duration – 2 semesters

Mode of study – full or part-time

  • Certificate in Computer Literacy/Packages

This is a basic computer proficiency course that you can take as you wait to join another programme at Chuka or at another college/university

Minimum entry qualifications: KCSE Certificate

Duration: 3 months.

Mode of study – Full-time or part-time.

chuka university d courses

Faculty of Environmental Studies and Resources Development

  • Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment

Entry qualification – KCSE Certificate. To clarify,  you can do this course with D or even a lower grade in KCSE (what is important is a KCSE certificate).

Course duration – 3-4 weeks.

Study mode – Full-time or Part-time

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

This faculty offers 8 courses for those who scored a D plain in their KCSE.

Here they are:

  1. Certificate in Community Development

  2. Certificate in Criminology and Security Studies

  3. Certificate in Project Planning and Management

  4. Certificate in Social Work

  5. Certificate in Disaster Management

  6. Certificate in Leadership& Public Administration


Minimum entry grade for each of the 6 courses -KCSE D(plain) and above. You must also have a minimum grade of D in English/Kiswahili, or D- (Minus).

Courses duration -2 to 3 semesters:

Mode of study -Full-time, Part-time/ Evening/ Weekend

This are other 2 courses under this department that just requires just any KCSE grade for admission.

Here they’re:

     7. Certificate in National Cohesion, Values & Principles of Governance

     8.Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management

Minimum entry grade for each of the 2 courses- you can pursue this course with D plain in your KCSE.

Course duration -1 semester (equals 4 months).

Mode of study -Full-time, Part-time, Day, Evening, and Weekend.

School of Nursing and Public Health

  • Certificate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Minimum entry qualification – D plain in KCSE or its equivalent D in English/Kiswahili, Biology, Chem and D in either Math/Phys/Home Sci/Agri.

Course duration – 4 semesters

Course duration – Full-time or Work-based

Campuses offering this course -Main campus


Now that you are familiar to all D courses offered at Chuka university above, the next thing after making a decision on the course you would like to pursue is how you apply.

Below is the way to go about it:

Step 1: Pay the application fee

Forms should be submitted upon the payment of a (Non-refundable application Fee) of Kshs. 1,000 for Certificate Programmes.

In this regard, below are the banks to pay through and the respective details…

  • Account Name: Chuka University
  • Bank and account number: 

Kenya Commercial Bank- a/c no 1103755439

Cooperative Bank- a/c no 01129058189900

Equity Bank- a/c no 0210261453469

Family Bank Ltd- a/c no 054000002641

Standard Chartered Bank- a/c no 0102024755200

Barclays bank Ltd- a/c no 2035727666

Step 2: Apply online

Here is how to apply at Chuka university online

  1. Go to the institution website or click Chuka University Online Application Form to get there.
  2. Read all the instructions carefully then go ahead and fill out the form as instructed.
  3. Attach all needed documents.
  4. Submit the form.

Side note: Be sure to attach all scanned documented as per instructions.

Documents you need to attach:

  1. Application fee payment deposit slip paid via any of the above-mentioned banks.
  2. Your Certificates and Transcripts, Certified copies of your Result Slip and your Original receipt
  3. Copy of your National ID Card or your Birth Certificate.
  4. A disability card or a certified medical letter from a government facility where necessary.


Alternative application method

  1. Go to the institution and get yourself the form.
  2. Fill it out while making sure you follow all the instructions.
  3. Attach all needed documents (as listed above).
  4. When done, return the original Duly filled-in form to: the REGISTRAR (ACADEMIC AFFAIRS), CHUKA UNIVERSITY P.O. BOX 109 -60400, CHUKA (return the form on or before the closing date as advertised).

D plain courses in Chuka university -Final words

Admissions are usually on September, January, and May – and December, April and August of each year for part-time/holiday-based/work-based students’ of each year so apply well ahead of the month you’d like to join.

Chuka University contacts

If you have a questioin, call or visit the institution using the following details.

Phone Number-020 232 9073 (Registrar Academic)

Email Address- info@chuka.ac.ke

Location- The university is located near Ndagani Market along Nairobi – Meru Highway, just 2 Km after Chuka Town.


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