Courses Offered at TVET Colleges in Kenya

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Do you want to take a TVET course but aren’t sure which one to take? To get you started, this article lists some of the courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya.

TVET colleges comprise of Technical Training Institutes, Polytechnics, Vocational Training Centers, and any other approved learning institution.

Simply put, they are educational institutions that provide students with the skills needed for direct employment or self-employment.

And what exactly are TVET courses?

TVET courses are an excellent way to gain the technical knowledge and practical skills required for a variety of jobs.

These programs place a greater emphasis on providing students with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field rather than theoretical knowledge.

Furthermore, in today’s job market, simply being educated isn’t enough. You must also have the necessary practical skills to complete the work. That’s where TVET courses come in; giving you the exposure and skills you need to excel in your chosen field.

Needless to say, gone are the days when attending university was considered the real deal and enrolling in TVET colleges was considered a sign of failure. Currently, most students (even those who meet university entry requirements) choose TVET courses over degree programs.

But why is this so?

Currently, most TVET graduates outperform degree graduates in terms of employability.

When compared to university graduates, they are more likely to be found on the job market, with practical-based education, specialized programs, hands-on learning environments, and so on.

With that in mind, let us take a look at the courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya.


Courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya including TVET diploma courses

TVET colleges provide a variety of TVET courses that are designed to fully prepare students for the job market.

These courses include diploma courses, certificate courses, and artisan courses.

But, before we go any further, let’s look at the requirements for pursuing any TVET course in Kenya.

The good thing about TVET colleges is that no student is left out, regardless of their KCSE results.

The following are the minimum requirements:

  • Those with a KCSE score of D- (minus) or below (including those with an E) can pursue any selected artisan course at a variety of institutions.
  • To pursue a TVET certificate course, you must have a KCSE mean grade of D (plain).
  • A minimum mean grade of C- (minus) in your KCSE is required for diploma courses.

Students who have previously taken certificate courses can also upgrade to diploma courses.

Please keep in mind that the minimum entry requirements for different TVET courses may differ depending on the institution. Therefore, before submitting an application, you should contact the institution where you want to study.

Another thing to consider is that the subjects you studied in high school will influence the type of course you will take.

Having said that, let us now take a look at the courses available.

It should be noted that the courses listed below are only a sample of the many excellent programs available at TVET colleges.

Keep reading because I will link you to a complete list of all the courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya near the end of this article.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Food Production
  2. Diploma in Business Administration
  3. Diploma in Information Technology
  4. Diploma in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Tourism Management
  6. Diploma in Journalism
  7. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  8. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  9. Diploma in Catering and Accommodation
  10. Diploma in Homecare Management


Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate in Disaster Management
  2. Certificate in Social Work
  3. Certificate in Community Development
  4. Certificate in Business Management
  5. Certificate in Tour Guiding
  6. Certificate in Electrical Engineering
  7. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  8. Certificate in CPA
  9. Certificate in computer Engineering
  10. Certificate in Catering and Accommodation


Artisan Courses

  1. Artisan in Building Technology
  2. Artisan in Fashion Design and Garment Making
  3. Trade Test in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  4. Artisan in Masonry
  5. Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  6. Artisan craft in Garment Making
  7. Artisan in Electrical Installation & Electrical Wireman
  8. Artisan in Plumbing
  9. Trade Test in Beauty Therapy
  10. Artisan Craft in Food & Beverage


NITA Courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya

NITA provides short specialist courses for anyone who has completed Form 4 and wants to gain skills that will allow them to start earning within a short time.

Here are some examples of courses:

  1. Masonry
  2. Welding and Fabrication
  3. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  4. Electrical Installation
  5. Carpentry & Joinery
  6. Plumbing, Pipe Fitter
  7. Motor Vehicle Electrician and Electronics
  8. Panel Beating and Spray Painting
  9. Arc Welding
  10. Motor Controls

Courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya – Wrap up

Finally, it’s worth noting that a few TVET colleges, such as Nyeri and Kisii National Polytechnics, offer Higher National Diploma courses for those who want to advance to a Higher Diploma qualification.

To be eligible for a higher diploma, you must have completed a diploma in the same or a closely related field.

Now, depending on the institution, the following higher diploma courses are available:

  1. Nyeri National Polytechnic
  • Higher diploma in Automotive Engineering
  • Higher diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Higher diploma in Information Studies
  • Higher diploma in Business Management
  • Higher diploma in Human Resource
  • Higher diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  • Higher diploma in Building and Civil Engineering
  • Higher diploma in Electrical Engineering


  1. Kisii National Polytechnic
  • Higher diploma in Applied Biology
  • Higher diploma in Library & Information Studies
  • Higher diploma in Business Administration
  • Higher diploma in Entrepreneurship Education
  • Higher diploma in Human Resource Management


  1. Eldoret National Polytechnic
  • Higher diploma in Construction Engineering(Building/Civil)
  • Higher diploma in Applied Biology
  • Higher diploma in Applied Chemistry
  • Higher diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Higher diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Higher diploma in Mechanical Engineering



  1. Kenya Technical Trainers College (Now called Kenya School of TVET )
  • Higher diploma in Construction (Building and Construction)
  • Higher diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Higher diploma in Library and Information Management
  • Higher diploma in Record Management
  • Higher diploma in Teaching
  • Higher in Secretariat Management

So there you have it: a comprehensive list of courses offered at TVET colleges in Kenya (kuccps tvet courses).

If you need more information before deciding on a course or would like to see a complete list of the courses available, please visit this link for all diploma courses, this link for all tvet certificate courses, this link for all artisan courses, and this link  for all NITA skills courses.

Best wishes as you make your career decision.



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