Is telecommunication engineering marketable in Kenya?

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Is telecommunication engineering a good career? Find out in this article

So, is telecommunication engineering marketable in Kenya?

Well, below is what we feel about your employment prospects if you take this course…

Is telecommunication engineering marketable in Kenya?

Now, just like most engineering courses in Kenya, telecommunication engineering is a marketable course and you have a good chance of getting a meaningful job after graduating if you are planning to take this course.

But why am I saying that telecommunication engineering is a marketable course in Kenya?

Well, there is one major factor that makes this course promising..

You see, it is very clear that Telecommunication and ICT industries have really exploded in the last few years in Kenya (just like everywhere else in the globe).

More importantly, the telecom industry is projected to continue expanding in the foreseeable future meaning more demand for qualified telecommunications professionals including engineers.

Remember most of the job opportunities for those with the course are in the telecoms sector so you are unlikely to miss out on a job as long as the industry is doing well.

Telecommunication engineering job prospects in Kenya

The jobs you can get with the course include:

  • IP NOC Engineer
  • Engineer–Telco and IT Data Center Networks
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Officer
  • Engineer-Fixed Technical Support(Customer Solutions)
  • Network Monitoring Engineer
  • VAS Operations Engineer
  • Field Engineers
  • BSS Engineer
  • IP Core Engineer
  • Pre-Sales Engineer
  • IP Engineer
  • Telecommunication technician

What do telecommunication engineers on a daily basis?

Here are some of the typical duties as a telecoms engineer:

  • Coordinating maintenance activities/tasks to ensure the availability of mobile and fixed networks.
  • Monitoring and optimizing data networks
  • Providing customer support in the field for connected customers.
  • Planning and deploying Telco Data Centre Networks/ VAS/ OSS/Financial Services Network/Machine-to-Machine networks etc.
  • Ensuring seamless connectivity to the centralized resources.
  • Finding Fiber infrastructure Faults as well as Ensuring restorations are completed in a timely manner.
  • Provide preventive maintenance reports and carry out regular inspection of cabling systems
  • Analyzing risks and proposing the relocation of Fiber/other cables in case of Road/ Power Utilities/ water and sewerage expansion, new building facilities, etc.
  • Performing (and documenting) disaster recovery tests
  • Providing spares and other materials forecast (for maintenance works)
  • To act as a representative of the company towards the general public/local authorities (County Governments) in managing permits and/or rights of ways
  • Liaising with security teams in curtailing vandalism of cables/support equipment
  • Supporting, developing, and integrating VAS Systems
  • Ensuring proper site acceptance.
  • Ensuring proper contractors’ control.
  • Ensuring proper execution of works Orders.
  • Ensuring proper use of the defined processes/procedures in daily work.


Who hires telecommunication engineering graduates in Kenya?

Apart from big Telcos like Safaricom and Airtel,  you can get a job with ISPs (internet service provider) like Jamii Telkom in Kenya.

There are also specialized telecommunication engineering companies in Kenya like Spade Telecom & IT that could hire you (these companies offer technical support to Telcos, Government departments/Agencies, ISPs, etc.)

Telecommunication engineering courses in Kenya

Let us now look at the telecommunication engineering courses you can take in Kenya to qualify for telecommunication engineering jobs in Kenya..

Overall, you can secure a job once you complete any of the following courses at a reputable institution:

  • Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
  • HND(Higher National Diploma) in Telecommunications Engineering
  • Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering

Remember that you need to go for internship before you start looking for a job since most employers will consider having at least 1-year of practical telecommunications experience in a GSM-related field or any other relevant field a big plus when recruiting.

Qualifications for telecommunication engineering courses in Kenya

Degree in telecommunication engineering (general requirements)

KCSE mean grade: C+

Additional requirements

Have a C+ in:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry/Physical Science
  • Biology/Biological Science (or any subject from Group III/IV/V)

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Please note universities like JKUAT have higher entry requirements.

Just so you know, the mean grade (minimum) is B – (minus) if you want to study at JKUAT.

In addition, you must have an aggregate score of B plain in the 4 four cluster subjects below (and also have the indicated minimum grade in each subject)

Option A:

Mathematics – B
Chemistry – C+
Geography or Biology-    C+
Any Group IV subject


Option B:

Mathematics  –  C+
Biological Sciences-  C+
Geography or Biology-  C+
Any Group IV subject


Other acceptable qualifications

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering& Telecommunications Engineering (with a credit pass)
  • KNEC diploma (or any recognized Diploma) in Telecommunications/ Electrical Engineering
  • A HND(Higher National Diploma) in the above fields.


Universities offering telecommunication engineering in Kenya

Here now are some of the best universities that you can attend for your telecommunication engineering course in Kenya:


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

KCSE mean grade: C-

Cluster Subject Requirements: None


Colleges offering Diploma in telecommunication engineering in Kenya

The following TVET Colleges, National Polys, and Technical Training Institutes offer a Diploma in Telecommunication in Kenya..

  • KIMC(Kenya Institute of Mass Communication), Shikanga, Nairobi-Call 020 551555
  • Borabu TTI, Nyangoge,Kisii-Call 0746 211764
  • Coast Institute of Technology(CIT),Voi-Call 041 2011393
  • EASA (East Africa School of Aviation), Fedha Road, Nairobi-Call 0716 164229
  • Eldoret Polytechnic, Simat/Kapseret Kapseret-Call 0714 871685
  • Kabete Polytechnic, Waiyaki Way (near Uthiru)-Call 0713 338683
  • Jeremiah Nyaga Technical Institute, Rwika, Embu-Call 0700 334477
  • Kakrao TVC,Migori- Call 0748 805052
  • Konoin TTI, Konoin, Bomet –Call 0721 912902
  • Koshin TTI, Koshin, Eldoret -Call 0720 976589
  • Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, Majengo Kisauni Road, Mombasa – Call 0712 725554
  • Kisii National Polytechnic,Kisii-Call 058 2031958
  • Kisumu National Polytechnic, Technology road, Kisumu-Call 057 2501501
  • Mathenge TTI,Othaya(Nyeri)-Call 0725 737174
  • Matili TTI,  Kimilili –Call 0707 747007
  • Mawego TTI, MawegoKadongo road(Homabay)-Call 0734 156640
  • Nairobi TTI, Mogira Road,Ngara(Nairobi)-Call 020 6764863
  • Nuu TVC, Off Garissa Road, Mwingi-Call 0700 083255
  • Nyandarua Institute of Science & Technology, Ol Jorok, Nyandarua-Call 051 8011682
  • Ol’ Lessos TTI, Kapsabet- Nabkoi rd (Nandi)-Call 020 2395160
  • PC Kinyanjui TTI,  Dagoretti South, Nairobi-Call 020 2042736
  • Railways Training Institute, Mwangeka Road, Nairobi-Call 0740 859121
  • Rift Valley Institute of Science & Technology, Nakuru-Call 0720 668238
  • Siala TTI, Migori- Call 0706633334
  • Wote TTI, Wote(Makueni)-Call 0728 658649
  • Ziwa TTI, Moi’s Bridge- Call 0705 981111

Is telecommunication engineering marketable in Kenya –Frequently asked questions

Is telecommunication engineering a good career?

Yes it is because there are a lot of jobs you can be hired for with a telecommunication engineering course.

Also, there is no dull moment because you’re in charge of interesting tasks such as maintaining networks (to prevent failure), upgrading existing network infrastructure, deploying new network systems, negotiating with 3rd parties such as KENHA for wayleaves, etc.

Finally, telecommunication engineering salary in Kenya is quite decent (you’re likely to be paid very well particularly once you become experienced enough).


Is telecommunication engineering marketable in Kenya- Recap

The course is marketable mainly due to the continued growth of the Telecommunication and ICT industries as a whole not just in Kenya but also globally.

In a nutshell, the course is worth both your time and money.



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