Is industrial chemistry marketable in Kenya?

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Now, Industrial Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that applies chemical and physical processes towards transformation of raw materials/other inputs into products that are useful to human beings.

It actually falls into the physical sciences’ domain of subjects.

So, is industrial chemistry marketable in Kenya?

Read on to find out..

Is industrial chemistry marketable in Kenya?

Well, I have been looking around- and it seems that industrial chemistry jobs in Kenya are not that many..

That said, there are a few jobs that you can be hired for with an industrial chemistry course in Kenya..

Here are a few of them:

  • Chief Chemist
  • Commercial Executive for Speciality Chemical Companies
  • Commercial Manager at Chemicals Companies

In short, the jobs are not that many though it’s not completely unmarketable.

Now that I have answered your “Is industrial chemistry marketable in Kenya?” question, let us look at the course in more detail.

What exactly is the course all about?

Now, Industrial Chemistry specifically deals with the commercial production/manufacturing of chemicals (and related products) from raw materials (natural) and their derivatives.

In essence, you will be taught the manufacturing processes that raw materials (natural) and their derivatives are taken through in order to become a final product that has value for human beings.

Career prospects for holders of Industrial Chemistry in Kenya

You can work as any of the following (among others):

  • Development chemist
  • Technical representative
  • Research scientist
  • Operations manager
  • Fuel development chemist
  • Plant manager
  • Production process manager


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Where can you work with a course in Industrial Chemistry in Kenya?

Industrial chemists are in demand in a variety of industries including firms/organizations dealing with petrochemicals, plastics food, polymers, cosmetics, minerals, and of course, pharmaceuticals.

You can also work in government departments including the Government Chemist.

Qualifications to do industrial chemistry in Kenya

Degree in industrial chemistry in Kenya

KCSE  Mean Grade: C+

Additional requirements (cluster subjects and required grades):

Chemistry/ Physical Science– C+

Mathematics– C+

Physics / Biological Science /Biology  or Geography–  C+

Alternative entry qualifications

A diploma in industrial chemistry or another relevant subject (with a credit- at least) from a recognized institution.

Duration:  The programme typically takes 4 years


Diploma in industrial chemistry

KCSE  Mean Grade: C-

Additional requirements (cluster subjects and required grades):

Chemistry– C-

Mathematics– C-

Physics / Biological Science /Biology  or Geography–  C-

Duration:  The programme typically takes 2-3 years


Universities offering degree in industrial chemistry in Kenya

University of Nairobi (UoN)

Here you can enroll for a Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) in Industrial Chemistry.

Learn more

Technical University of Kenya (Tukenya)

You can as well pursue a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Industrial Chemistry at TUKENYA.

Learn more

Embu University

Embu University also offers a Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) in Industrial Chemistry.

More information


Multimedia University of Kenya

Another university that admits students for a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in industrial Chemistry is Multimedia (Its located along Mbagathi Way)

More details

JKUAT University

Students wishing to pursue industrial chemistry in Kenya can also entry  at JKUAT University (Faculty of Science entry).
The minimum requirements are as outlined above.

Read more


Universities offering Diploma in industrial chemistry in Kenya

Technical University of Kenya (Tukenya)

Here you can take a Diploma in Technology (in Industrial Chemistry)

See more details

Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

KIST offers a Diploma in industrial chemistry along with a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry.

Visit KIST’s website


Alternative courses you can take instead of Industrial Chemistry

Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) in Analytical Chemistry- TUKENYA University

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tec) in Medicinal Chemistry- TUKENYA University

Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology in applied Chemistry(Analytical option) – TUKENYA University

BSc. IN CHEMISTRY- You can take this at JUAT University (you must have obtained a B- grade Chemistry / Physical Science in your K.C.S.E. to be accepted).



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