Online CPA classes in Kenya –colleges offering KASNEB online classes

With COVID-19 ravaging the planet, most Kenyan colleges and Universities have been forced to adapt their teaching methodology and a number of them have started to offer online CPA classes in Kenya.

Online learning comes with tons of advantages including more flexibility which means you can even take your classes at the time that’s most convenient.

Plus, the fee for CPA e learning courses is , in general, cheaper than in person classes.

Now, if you have been wondering where you can attend your online CPA classes in Kenya, we have been looking around and we have about three colleges setting the pace when it comes to KASNEB online classes.

Here they are:

Online CPA classes in Kenya –colleges offering KASNEB online classes

Summit institute of professionals – our top choice

Summit institute of professionals is one of the top CPA colleges in Nairobi and has been running Online CPA classes since late 2020.

You will be taught by a team of extremely knowledgeable CPA tutors- some of the lecturers are KASNEB examiners- using the highly effective teach by doing (TBD) methodology.

Whether you’re worried about passing your AFR paper or just want someone to hold your hand as you prepare to resit your QA  paper, Summit has modeled its online classes in a way that makes everything looks easy peasy.

In short, Summit is one of your best bets if you’re looking to pass your next CPA examination while studying from the comfort of your home.

Contact information

For details on their online and blended learning schedule and current fee, get in touch with Summit Institute via:

Physical Location: Bank House, 6-th Floor, Moi Avenue (near Nairobi Sports House).

Website –

Call/SMS/Whatapp-  0721627388 /0720672527 /0745560764



Royal Business School

If you’re unable to attend one-on-one classes due to job commitments or because you don’t have a reputable training institution near you, then Royal Business School is another great option.

At the time of writing this, the college was offering online classes from CPA section 3 to Section 6- we, however, understand that the institution can hold other classes online provided there’s a minimum quorum.

To join or get more information about Royal Business School’s CPA online classes, contact them as indicated below.

Contact information

Physical Location: Stanbank House, Moi Avenue (Next to Kenya National Archives)


Tel: 0716 338701


Destiny Technical College

Closing our list of colleges to check out if you want to study CPA online in Kenya is Destiny Technical College.

They also offer online classes in other KASNEB qualifications including CAMS, ATD, CS, and CIFA.

Contact information

Physical Location: The Bazaar Plaza, Moi Avenue, 11th Floor


Tel: 0725948551/0725126418/0720322961



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