Most expensive universities in Kenya [Top 5]

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For most students, the amount of fees charged by a university can influence their decision to join or look for a more affordable alternative.

Below you will find a list of the most expensive universities in Kenya to help you make a more educated decision.

Let’s dive right in.

Most expensive universities in Kenya

The list covers the cost of both the most expensive public universities in Kenya as well as private universities in Kenya.


Strathmore University

The quality education here is top notch but you have to dig deeper in your pocket to finance your study at Strathmore.

The University excels in science and arts disciplines.

In addition, Strathmore is considered one of the best universities in Kenya to pursue business courses.

Fees for some undergraduate programs go as high as shs.250000/- per year with select masters courses costing even more.


Kabarak University

Another institution to frequently feature in the list of the most expensive universities in Kenya is the privately-owned Kabarak University.

Self-sponsored students need to cough up as much as shs.82300 per semester in programs such as Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Church Music & Theology and BCom. (Bachelor of Commerce).

Law and pharmacy are even pricier and you will incur a cost of shs. 117300 and shs. 147300 respectively per year.

Kabarak university fees structure for government sponsored students is however not that much- you pay about just shs. 223,500 over the 4 years.


USIU (United States International University-Africa)

You can trust the professors at USIU-Africa to mould you into a respectable professional but you’ll again need to be well-prepared prepared financially.

Fees averages over shs.100000 in most programmes with some degrees-pharmacy included- costing nearly shs.200000 per semester (if you include the myriad administrative fees).


University of Nairobi

It’s not as expensive as some of the aforementioned private universities but the University of Nairobi has some of the highest university fees in Kenya among public institutions.

For example, some bachelor courses at UoN’s school of engineering will set you back about shs.180000 per year while programmes like bachelor of architecture costs about shs.300000 annually.

Even diploma courses can be quite expensive- some will leave you shs.130000 poorer.

But you’ll get good value for money as education quality is top class here.

In fact, the University of Nairobi often occupies the number 1 position in the ranking of Kenyan public universities by organizations such as webometrics.


Daystar University

Daystar is, of course, one of the most developed universities in Kenya and the fee is unsurprisingly sky-high.

Nursing fees is, for example, fixed at kshs.80715.00 per semester with hostels costing kshs.45000 per semester (full board)

Overall, the cost of most of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is anywhere between shs.100000 to shs.130000 per semester.


Wrapping it up

Other universities you can include in this list of the most expensive universities in Kenya are CUEA (Catholic University of East Africa) – some programs have eye-catching fees- and Aga Khan University (for medical courses).

All in all, public universities are the cheapest and the best bets if you’re searching for a university offering reasonably-priced education.


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