Football Coaching Schools in Kenya – The best academies in 2024

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Football Coaching Schools in Kenya: Are you an aspiring footballer and you’re looking for the best football coaching school to attend in Kenya so as to take your game to the next level?

If yes, this article is for you- we will list the best football coaching schools in Kenya, their contacts, and even details such as the applicable fee.

Let’s dive in.


Football Coaching Schools in Kenya

Of course, football is one of the most popular sports worldwide- it is not only fun but also super exciting.

Besides, there are incalculable health benefits which come with playing soccer- as a player, you improve your strength, agility, speed, hand-eye coordination, and more by playing soccer.

Most importantly, you can get fame and loads of money!

So, which football coaching schools in Kenya can make your dream of becoming the next Michal Olunga, Victor Wanyama, or even Lionel Messi?

Here they are:


The Best Football Coaching Schools in Kenya

The renowned schools in Kenya which offer quality training to upcoming footballers of various ages are:


Kysa International Soccer Academy

The famous Kysa International Soccer Academy has become the envy of other football academies in Nairobi.

The academy is dedicated to changing lives by taking your skills to the next level and teaches important values like teamwork and cooperation in addition to intensive coaching.

Use the details listed below to reach out..


KYSA International Soccer Academy contacts

This life changer is located 20 miles from Nairobi city, opposite the USIU University& Safari park hotel & Casino.

Telephone: 0722 326 599 / 0796 212093



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Juve Soccer Academy Kenya-take your skills to the next level

Another one of the most popular football coaching schools in Kenya is the Juve Soccer Academy.

On Saturdays, coaching begins at 12 noon and ends at 2pm at Valley Arcade shopping centre along Gitanga road .

On Sundays, coaching takes place from 3pm to 6pm at the famous St.Mary`s school which is located along James Gichuru road.

Note that this caters for children from 4 to 15yrs.

Try them out if you want to improve your footballing skills and build the self-confidence necessary for your next step in your budding soccer career.


Juve Soccer Academy Kenya contacts

Physical location: Along Gitanga Road, Inside Valley-Arcade Shopping Mall, Nairobi


Telephone no: 0723 362852





JMJ soccer academy

As a parent, you’ll find a brilliant training atmosphere that will help nurture your son’s/daughter’s God- given talent and make him/her the star they were meant to be.

Children aged 5-7yrs both boys and girls attend the lessons on Thursdays and Tuesdays and goes for practice games on Saturdays.

This takes one hour which usually starts at 3.30 pm.

For young boys and girls aged 8-13yrs, lessons are held on Mondays and Wednesdays. However, they still go for games on Saturdays.

Keep in mind that their lessons take one and a half hours and they commence at 3.30pm.

Lastly, for aspiring teenage footballers aged 14-18, practice and coaching takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays (from 4 pm and for 2 hours) while matches takes place on Weekends.

To talk to JMJ academy, use the following details:


JMJ soccer academy contacts

Physical location: Nairobi West



PS: Kenya’s famous midfield maestro Victor Wanyama passed through the hands of coaches of JMJ academy!


Express soccer academy

Express Soccer Academy offers top-notch training on Saturdays and Sundays at a fee of Kshs.13,800 for the two days per week.

Alternatively, you may choose to attend either Saturday or Sunday coaching sessions at a more affordable cost of Kshs 9,800.

The other extra payable items are:

  • 1,500- for registration as a new player.
  • 2,500- for a pair of playing uniforms
  • 3,000- for a pair of track suit

To learn more, contact Express Soccer Academy using the contact information below..


Express soccer academy contacts

Office location: Apostle of Jesus Y-outh training Institute( office block), Seminary Drive, Karen, Nairobi


Telephone no: 0720 094049 / 0740 072 901

Email: /


Acakoro Football Academy Nairobi

ACAKORO is another life transforming academy in Nairobi and the good thing is that it’s a holistic academy- ACAKORO not only perfects children’s soccer skills but also holds regular education classes for enrolled kids.

Acakoro Football Academy Nairobi contacts

Location: Patreva Heights (Ground floor), Kamunde Road, Nairobi


Telephone no: 0740 636639


FISA Academy

The school is immensely popular and is located in South B; at the training grounds of the Kenya Police Band.

Every Saturday and Sunday, players have their 3 hour training between 2.00-5pm while during weekdays training takes place at 4.00 to 6.00 pm.

On occasions, FISA has more than 100 players undergoing coaching and playing under various categories- U.23, U.8, U.10,U.14, U.12, U.16, and U.18.

FISA Academy contacts

Location:  South B area ( Police Band Training Ground)


Junior Stars Football Academy

If you’re in Mombasa, your best bet is Junior Stars Football Academy.

This popular football school was established in 2008 and has been excelling since then.

Junior Stars Football Academy contacts

Office: Tausi Plaza (Bamburi) Opp. JCC junction/Lai Stage


Telephone no: 0733695721


Other football academies in Kenya worth mentioning

If for some reason you have not liked what the above mentioned academies offer, here are some alternatives that could be worth checking out:

  • Mainstream Sport Academy (MSA)– This located in Dagoretti  Constituency, Nairobi. Call
  • Hearts of Ruiru Sports Centre – This is found in the heart of Ruiru prisons. Call
  • Liberty Sports Academy– One of the best junior football clubs in Nairobi (they also run a football club), you can contact them via their Facebook Page.
  • Ligi Ndogo Soccer Club Academy– Many people know Ligi Ndogo and it could be a nice place to train at (They are along Ngong Road). To find out how to join ligi ndogo academy, call them via 0721944821. Also check their website.

Football academies looking for players in Kenya

Some of these football academies looking for players in Kenya from time to time are;

  1. Ujuzi soccer academy- Visit them online here.
  2. Ligi Ndogo– Call 0721944821 to enquire. .
  3. Cheza Afrika– This is based inSouth B, Mukuru Fuata Nyayo. They train at Kenya Polytechnic men hostel grounds.
  4. Nakuru West Youth Soccer Association– this is one of the best football academies in Nakuru. To learn more, inbox them via their Facebook page here.
  5. Junior Stars Football– If you’re at the coast, call Junior Stars football academy on 0733695721.

Footbal Trials in Kenya

In most cases, the easiest to be recruited by big teams locally and abroad is by attending trials- that is the way teams and huge clubs find talented whiz kids worldwide.

For this reason, you should not bypass opportunities to attend trials held locally- and they’re sometimes advertised at your academy and also online.

You may also consider networking with fellow footballers and even football agents as you’re likely to learn of trial opportunities before everyone else.

Dedicated website advertising trials such as this can also be helpful.


How To Join A Football Club In Kenya

As a young footballer, there are three ways mostly:

Attend trials (when organized) and try to impress the coaches as much as possible.

Present yourself to your target club’s offices or training ground and request for an opportunity to train with the team.

Use a recruiting agent to connect you to a football club.


A word on joining a football academy for free

Though we don’t have many free football academies in Kenya, it’s possible to join football academy for free if you’re extremely talented.

In fact, some of the best footballers in the planet including Sadio Mane did not pay a penny to join their former football academies.

In short, don’t shy away if you believe you have an out-of-this-world talent even if your parents/sponsors lack funds- simply present yourself to as many football academies and request for a chance.



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