Fee structure for diploma in ECDE [in 2024]

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Fee structure for diploma in ECDE: Here is what you need to know if you’re wondering how much it will cost you to study for a Diploma in ECDE in Kenya: The amount you’ll pay will depend on where you choose to study. In other words, the fee for diploma in ECDE differs from one institution to the next (some are significantly more expensive than others).

And because I want you to get a clearer picture, below is the fee structure for Diploma in ECDE in Kenya from a few of the best ECDE Teachers Colleges in Kenya

Fee structure for diploma in ECDE in some of the leading colleges offering diploma in ECDE

Diploma in ECDE fee structure at Machakos Institute of Technology TTC (MIT TTC)

Full Time Students: Kshs. 72,160.00


Sch. Based Students: Kshs. 59,250.00


Besides, you have to pay your KNEC Exam fees. This costs Kshs. 11,680.00 



Fee structure for diploma in ECDE at Kenyatta University

Tuition fees for the programme(East Africans):  Kshs. 72000.00

Statutory Fees: Kshs. 26000.00



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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma in ECDE fee structure at the University of Nairobi (UON)


Item Amount (kshs)
Tuition fee 5,000.00 per unit (for a total of 24 units)
Examinations  5,000.00 per year (for 2 years)
Computer 5,000.00 per year (for 2 years)
Medical fee 5,000.00 per year (for 2 years)
Activity fee 2,000.00 per year (for 2 years)
Caution Money (Re-fundable)  5,000.00 once (when joining)
ID Card 500.00 per year (for 2 years)
Registration 1,000.00 per year  (for 2 years)



Diploma in ECDE fee structure at Mt Kenya University

Tuition Fees Only: 29950.00 per trimester (for 7 semesters) if you’ll be a full-time student.

On the other hand, you’ll pay kshs. 24000 per trimester (for 7 semesters) if you’ll be a Part-time or distance learning/ digital campus student.

Here you again need to add administrative (statutory) charges.

See the complete MKU course prospectus (go to the school of education page) for details 


Fee structure for diploma in ECDE – Other diploma in early childhood education cost

In addition to the fee quoted in the above ECDE diploma fee structure, there are surely a few other costs that you need to budget for.

These include:

  • Books and materials: You certainly need to have textbooks and stationery that you will be using during your study. To get a rough idea of what you might need to add, reach out to the college you have in mind and ask about books and stationery needed then shop around bookstores and see how much they’re costing.
  • Accommodation(Hostels): If you are studying full-time, chances are you will also be paying an extra accommodation fee (sometimes it is not included in the fee, especially if the institution does not have own hostel) so plan for that also. I think the best way to be sure is again by contacting the college/institution and request for the full fee structure. 
  • Food: Needless to say,  food will be another important item to add to your budget.
  • Transport: Yeah- If you’re living outside and the hostel is not very close to your institution, add daily transport charge.

Colleges offering  Diploma in ECDE in Kenya 

You can get in touch with the following colleges if you want to have more fee structures for comparison purposes…

  1. Bomet TTC
  2. Zetech University
  3. Premese Africa Development Institute
  4. Eregi Teachers Training College
  5. Carlile College
  6. Nakuru TTC
  7. Kitui TTC
  8. Asumbi Teachers College
  9. Nyanchwa TTC
  10. Kamwenja Teachers Training College

How long does Diploma in ECDE take?

It depends on the College/University you’re studying in but on average, you should be done with the course in 2-3 years (including teaching practice)



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