Best performing extra county schools in Kenya from recent KCSE results

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Below is a list of the best performing extra county schools in Kenya as per KCSE results from recent years.

Best performing extra county schools in Kenya from recent KCSE results

From KCSE 2021 results, below are some of the best performing extra county schools in Kenya:


Moi Tea Girls-Kericho

Moi Tea Girls has been doing well for some time now and can be a good bet if you’re looking for a great extra country public secondary school in the rift valley.

The school has often beaten all other girls schools in the entire Kericho County to emerge the best in KCSE results. The school had a mean score of 9.137 in last year’s KCSE results making it one of the best extra county schools in Kenya.


Njiiri School

Njiiri is another good performer.

Their mean score from 2021 was 8.33


Dr Aggrey High school(Taita Taveta)

Dr Aggrey has also been registering decent results. The mean was 7.4.


Loreto Girls

Loreto Girls is another well-known extra county school with good results. Their mean was 7.825 (B-) in 2020 results


Orero High School -Homa Bay

Orero High School (Boys only) is one of the high performing extra-county schools and has been sending most of its students to Kenya’s top universities.

It’s one of the emerging stars when it comes to secondary education in the Nyanza region. It had a mean of 9.4083 in 2021 KCSE.


Litein High School –Kericho

Litein High School is also in Kericho county (it’s in Bureti Sub-County) and is another great performer among country schools in Kenya.

It was launched by the A.I.C church around 1930s  and has grown to be a household name in the south rift region.

They scored a 8.33 mean score in 2021 KCSE results.


Kebirigo High School –Nyamira

Found in near Kebirigo Town (in Nyamira county), Kebirigo High School shocked everyone by posting an impressive 9.174 mean score during 2021 KCSE exams.


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Nkubu High School-Meru

Another extra county school to give big national schools a run for their money is Nkubu high.

The school has been taking more students to universities than most of its peers and is one of the best known extra county schools in Meru county.

They had a 8.1 mean score in 2021 exams.


Kabarnet Boys High School-Baringo

Kabarnet High School (located in Baringo Central Sub-County) posted a mean of 7.7 points in the KCSE 2021 results.

This has been the trend in this extra county school for quite some time now so it’s another excellent choice if you’re searching for a brilliant extra county school for your son to join.


Kanjuri High School

Another traditional academic star, Kanjuri High School is an ever-present in the list of top performing extra schools in Kenya.

Here is a summary of their 2021 KCSE results:



B+ …….(19)

B ……….(40)

B-…….. (47)

C+ …….. (60)

C …….. (47)

C-…….. (29)

D+ …….. (17)




Mean Score: 7.1148


Nyeri High School (Nyeri county)

Catholic church run Nyeri high has been an academic powerhouse for years and had a mean score of 7.85 points last year.

In short,  Nyeri high has always been one of the best extra county schools in Kenya.

Here is an analysis of Nyeri High school KCSE results (2021)



B+ …….(50)

B ……….(57)

B-…….. (57)

C+ …….. (62)

C …….. (47)

C-…….. (21)

D+ …….. (10)




Mean Score: 7.85


Kangaru Girls -Embu

Located in Embu county, Kangaru Girls is also on an excellent run when it comes to KCSE performance among extra county schools in Kenya

The girl’s only school has been recording impressive mean grades and has even been appearing in the top 100 schools in KCSE nationally occasionally.

Here is a summary of results:



B+ …….(31)

B ……….(47)

B-…….. (57)

C+ …….. (60)

C …….. (69)

C-…….. (47)

D+ …….. (21)




Mean Score: 6.9991


Matungulu Girls School – Machakos

Matungulu Girls has also been doing very well academically and has even ranked among Kenya’s top 200 schools on several occasions.

The girls boarding school is located deep in Matungulu location (in Machakos County) and had registered a mean of 7.3 points in 2021.


Other extra county schools worth considering

Oriwo Secondary School -Homa Bay

Oriwo Boys Secondary School is one of the best boy’s only school in Homabay County.

The school has stamped its authority in the county and has started to consistently outshine the big boys in the region academically.


Ndururumo High School-Laikipia county

Ndururumo has been on a mission to reclaim its former glory and it seems to be succeeding in bringing back the glory days if it recent KCSE exam performance is anything to go by.

An analysis of its KCSE 2020 results show that the school had over 65% of the total candidates attaining a C+ mean grade (C+ is the minimum university entry grade in Kenya).


Best performing extra county schools in Kenya- other top performers (traditionally)

There are other traditional top performers in list of extra county schools in Kenya:

Here they are:

Top extra county schools in Kenya – other good extra county schools

  1. Kisasi Boys High School(Kitui County)
  2. Francis Girls High School-Mang’u
  3. The Kyeni Girls High School(Embu County)
  4. Joseph’s Boys High School-Kitale
  5. Precious Blood Girls’ High School-Riruta
  6. Mahiga Girls (Nyeri)
  7. Buruburu Girls (Nairobi)
  8. Sing’ore Girls High School ( Elgeyo Marakwet County)
  9. Kahuhia Girls High School
  10. Mary Mount Girls Secondary School (Molo sub-county, Nakuru)-7.32
  11. Bura Girls High School (Taita Taveta County)-7.5
  12. Butula Boys High Scholl-Busia-7.5
  13. Kapenguria Boys(West Pokot)
  14. Statehouse Girl’s High School
  15. Cardinal Otunga Girls’ High School


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