Top 10 national schools in Kenya – the best national schools in Kenya based on past academic performance

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Below is a list of the top 10 national schools in Kenya- and a few more excellent national schools in Kenya- that your son/daughter can join if they do well in their KCPE.

Of course, joining a national school can greatly boost the chances of your child performing well in the KCSE, which gives them a chance to join the top universities in Kenya for a good course.

Top 10 national schools in Kenya – the best national schools in Kenya based on 2021 academic performance

After we look at the list of top 10 national schools in Kenya (as per 2021 KCSE), we shall proceed to a complete list of top national 100 schools in Kenya including the best national girl schools in Kenya and best boy high schools in Kenya (top 100 best high schools in Kenya).

So here are the top 10 national schools in Kenya list:

List of national schools in Kenya that are in the top ten in 2021 KCSE including the list of best national girls schools in Kenya

10 Top national schools in Kenya as per 2021 KCSE results

Position     Name of school

1                     Kapsabet Boys-10.688(Nandi)

2                    Kenya High School-10.42(Nairobi)

3                    Moi High School Kabarak-10.36(Nakuru)

4                    Mang’u High School-10.284(Kiambu)

5                    Alliance High School-10.19(Kiambu)

6                    St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini-10.05(Trans Nzoia)

7                    Kagumo High School-9.78(Nyeri)

8                    Friend’s School Kamusinga-9.6186(Bungoma)

9                    Moi Girls Eldoret-9.52(Uasin Gichu)

10                  Mary Hill Girls High School-9.512(Kiambu)


Top 100 national schools in Kenya – list of top schools in Kenya per county as per 2021 KCSE results (national, extra county, and more)

  1. Kapsabet Boys-Nandi (10.688)
  2. Kenya High School-Nairobi(10.42)
  3. Moi High School Kabarak-Nakuru(10.36)
  4. Mang’u High School-Kiambu(10.284)
  5. Alliance High School- Kiambu(10.19)
  6. St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini-Transzoia(10.05)
  7. Kagumo High School-Nyeri(9.78)
  8. Friend’s school Kamusinga-Bungoma(9.6186)
  9. Moi Girls Eldoret- Uasin Gichu(9.52)
  10.  Mary Hill Girls High School-Kiambu(9.512)
  11. Kitui School -Kitui(9.5)
  12. Lugulu Girls –Bungoma(9.4814)
  13. Baricho High School  –Kirinyaga(9.45)
  14. Starehe Boys Center –Nairobi(9.44)
  15. Orero High School-Homa Bay(9.4083)
  16. St. Gonzana Gonza Isoge(Homa Bay)-9.356
  17. Gendia High School(Homa Bay)–9.3121
  18. Nyambaria School(Nyamira)-9.3056
  19. Nyansiongo High School(Nyamira)-9.3013
  20. Murang’a High School(Murang’a)-9.3
  21. Kanga High School(Migori)-9.24
  22. Kebirigo High School-Nyamira(9.174)
  23. Mbita High School-Homa Bay(9.1595)
  24. Moi Tea Girls-Kericho(9.137)
  25. Sheikh Khalifa BinZayed-Mombasa(9.1)
  26. Maranda High(Siaya)-9.1
  27. Ugenya High(Siaya)-9.05
  28. nyakeore Secondary(Nyamira)-9.03
  29. Maseno school(Kisumu)-9.022
  30. Nairobi school (Nairobi)-9
  31. Moi Girls High,Sindo- Homabay(9.000)
  32. Kabianga Boys-Kericho(8.996)
  33. Kianda school-Nairobi(8.99)
  34. Meru School-Meru(8.96)
  35. Kisii School-Kisii(8.93)
  36. Kiage Tumaini Boys High School-Kisii(8.93)
  37. St Claire Elburgon(Nakuru)-8.9
  38. Mudasa academy(Vihiga)-8.9
  39. Baringo High School-Baringo(8.858)
  40. Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls-Nyeri(8.858)
  41. St Peters Nyakemincha Sec School-Nyamira(8.8416)
  42. Nyabururu Girls High School-Kisii(8.84)
  43. Asumbi Girls -Homa Bay(8.812)
  44. Ober boys sec. school(Homabay)-8.8
  45. Sironga Girls-Nyamira(8.76)
  46. Nanyuki H. School-Laikipia(8.74)
  47. Meteitei boys(Nandi)-8.733
  48. Light Academy-Mombasa(8.73)
  49. Nyakongo boys-Nyamira(8.721)
  50. Nakuru Girls High School-Nakuru county(8.7)
  51. Chogoria Girls High School-Tharaka Nithi(8.65)
  52. Riokindo Boys High School-Kisii(8.6)
  53. Bunyore Girls High School-Vihiga County(8.563)
  54. Nakuru boys-Nakuru(8.56)
  55. St Marys Igonji-Meru(8.52)
  56. Moi High School, Mbiruri-Embu(8.84)
  57. Kapsabet Girls-Nandi(8.5)
  58. Agoro Sare High School-Homa Bay(8.5)
  59. Kyeni Girls High- Embu(8.49)
  60. St Josephs Boys-Kitale(8.45)
  61. Ambira high(Siaya)-8.45
  62. Nyakoiba secondary(Kisii)-8.41
  63. Tenwek Boys-Bomet(8.4)
  64. Chemelil Sugar academy(Kisumu)-8.4
  65. Matinyani secondary(Kitui)-8.36
  66. Litein B. High School-Kericho(8.33)
  67. Riara Springs(Nairobi)-8.32
  68. Butere Girls-Kakamega(8.30)
  69. Tabagon Girls High-Baringo(8.3)
  70. Nkubu High School-Meru(8.1)
  71. Sigoti complex sec. school(Kisumu)-8.29
  72. Utumishi boys academy(Nakuru)-8.23
  73. Starehe Girls Center-Kiambu(8.23)
  74. Nyalenda mixed secondary(Homa Bay)-8.2264
  75. Kaaga Girls-Meru(8.22)
  76. Kebulinok High School-Nandi(8.2)
  77. Kakamega school-Kakamega(8.2)
  78. Bishop Linus Okok Girls(Homa Bay)-8.2
  79. Lelu secondary(Kericho)-8.17
  80. Kisumu Girls High-Kisumu(8.15)
  81. Joseph’s girls Cheptiret-Nandi(8.14)
  82. St Joseph’s Rapogi(Migori)-8.135
  83. Samoei Boys H. School(Nandi)-8.11
  84. Metkei Girls High-Elgeyo Marakwet(8.1)
  85. Maria Soti Girls High-Elgeyo Marakwet(8.07)
  86. St Patrick’s Iten-Elgeyo Marakwet(8.05)
  87. Saye mixed secondary(Homa Bay)-8.049
  88. Nyaikuro High school(Kisii)-8.046
  89. Pioneer school(Murang’a)-8.04
  90. Mwongori high school(Nyamira)-8.0141
  91. Muthale Girls High School-Kitui County(8.02)
  92. Qubaa muslim(Mombasa)-8.01
  93. Ndalat Gaa Girls’ High Sch- Elgeyo Marakwet(8.01)
  94. Chavakali boys(Vihiga)-8.0
  95. Moi Kapsowar Girl’s Secondary School(Elgeyo Marakwet County)-8.0
  96. Tonga boys(Homa bay)-8.000
  97. Rangenyo Girl’s High Sch-Nyamira(7.9448)
  98. Moi Girls Isinya-Kajiado(7.92)
  99. Nyangwa Boys High sch-Embu(7.9)
  100. Good shepherd minor(Samburu)-7.9

Others top ranked schools- 101-151


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Now proceed reading below..👇

  1. Kaplong Girls-Bomet(7.9)
  2. Matuga Girls-Kwale(7.89)
  3. St Theresa’s Wamba-Samburu(7.84)
  4. Moi Siongiroi Girls-Bomet(7.8)
  5. Rangala Girls-Siaya(7.79)
  6. St Peters Boys Mumias(Kakamega)-7.7676
  7. Kabarnet Boys High School-Baringo(7.7)
  8. Ruth Kiptui Girl’s High Sch-Baringo(7.7)
  9. A Kolanya Girls Secondary School(Busia)-7.69
  10. Gesiaga secondary(Nyamira)-7.687
  11. Kemeloi Boys high sch(Nandi)-7.66
  12. Butula Boys High Scholl-Busia-7.5
  13. Abu Hureira(Mombasa)-7.61
  14. Kenyatta Boys High School-Taita Taveta(7.6)
  15. Chuka Boys-Tharaka Nithi(7.6)
  16. St Alberts Ulanda(Migori)-7.53
  17. Bura Girls High School (Taita Taveta County)-7.5
  18. Uzalendo school(Baringo)-7.5
  19. Booker academy(Kakamega)-7.5
  20. Nyabondo Boys (Kisumu)-7.5
  21. Cardinal Otunga(Kisii)-7.44
  22. Mama Ngina Girls High School(Mombasa County)-7.41
  23. Dr Aggrey High school(Taita Taveta)-7.4
  24. Mary Mount Girls Secondary School (Molo sub-county, Nakuru)-7.32
  25. Homa Bay High. Sch(Homa bay)-7.306
  26. Burieruri sec school(Meru)-7.3
  27. Ngiya Girls High School(Siaya County)-7.3
  28. Sawagongo high school(Siaya)-7.3
  29. Kereri Girls-Kisii(7.3)
  30. Chinga boys high(Nyeri)-7.28
  31. St Mary’s Yala(Siaya)-7.25
  32. Nyamira boys(Nyamira)-7.25
  33. Kwale boys(Kwale)-7.2
  34. Ikuu Boys high(Tharaka Nithi)-7.2
  35. Riokindo Girls High School-Kisii(7.2)
  36. St Peter Abwao(Migori)-7.186
  37. Bahari Girls Secondary School (Kilifi County)-7.16
  38. Shimo La Tewa(Mombasa)-7.14
  39. Ramba boys(Siaya)-7.04
  40. Molo academy(Nakuru)-7.023
  41. Kaplong boys high(Bomet)-7
  42. Kisumu school(Kisumu)-6.9
  43. Musingu boys(Kakamega)-6.96
  44. Chewoyet high school(Wesk Pokot)-6.92
  45. Saseta Girls Secondary(Bomet)-6.9
  46. Elburgon secondary school(Nakuru)-6.85
  47. Kolanya boys(Busia)-6.83
  48. Sericho secondary(Isiolo)-6.81
  49. Ndaraweta Girls Secondary(Bomet)-6.755
  50. Butere boys(Kakamega)-6.65
  51. St Charles Lwanga ichuni(Kisii)-6.63




National schools selection list- list of national schools in Kenya you can select as provided by KNEC

Here now is a list of national secondary schools in Kenya (all) you can select when choosing secondary schools (for KCPE candidates):

  • Kenyatta High Mwatate
  • Bura Girls
  • Mama Ngina Girls
  • Ribe Boys
  • Kagumo High
  • Muranga High
  • Machakos Boys
  • Muthale Girls
  • Moi High Mbiruri
  • Meru School
  • Makueni Boys
  • Chogoria Girls
  • Pangani Girls
  • St Brigids Kiminini
  • St Theresa’s Tartar Girls Secondary School
  • Kipsigis Girls High School
  • Kapsabet Boys
  • Moi Girls Isinya
  • St Patrick Iten
  • Lugulu Girls
  • Friends School Kamusinga
  • Kakamega School
  • Bunyore Girls
  • Kisii High
  • Nyabururu Girls
  • Asumbi Girls
  • Maranda High
  • Kanga High
  • Garissa High
  • Bahari Girls Secondary School
  • Hola Boys Secondary School
  • Ngao Girls Secondary School
  • Lamu Girls Secondary School
  • Mpeketoni Secondary School
  • Nyandarua High School
  • Kathiani Girls School
  • Moyale Secondary School
  • Garbatulla High School
  • Mbooni Girls
  • Turkana Girls Secondary School
  • Kisima Girls High School
  • Chewoyet High School
  • Tenwek High School
  • Kabianga High School
  • St Joseph’s Girls- Cheptiret
  • Nanyuki High School
  • Oloolaiser High School
  • A. Kolanya Girls Secondary School
  • Sironga Girls High School
  • Moi Nyabohanse Girls High School
  • Wajir High School
  • Wajir Girls Secondary School
  • Mandera Secondary School
  • Moi Girl’s Secondary School – Mandera
  • Alliance High School
  • Alliance Girl’s High School
  • Mangu High School
  • Limuru Girl’s School
  • Loreto High School- Limuru
  • Maryhill Girls High School
  • Lenana School
  • Nairobi School
  • The Kenya High School
  • Starehe Boys’ Centre And School
  • Moi Forces Academy- Nairobi
  • Starehe Girls’ Centre
  • Moi Girls High School- Eldoret
  • Nakuru High School
  • Moi Forces Academy- Lanet
  • Utumishi Boys Academy
  • Nakuru Girls’ High School
  • Maseno School
  • Kwale High School
  • Matuga Girls’ High School
  • Shimo-La-Tewa School
  • Karima Girls
  • Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School
  • Kabare Girl’s High School
  • Baricho High School
  • Mugoiri Girl’s High School
  • Kitui High
  • Siakago Girls High School
  • St Mary’s Girls High School Igoji
  • Moi Girls Secondary School- Marsabit
  • Isiolo Girls High School
  • Ikuu Boys High School
  • Lodwar Boys High School
  • Maralal High School
  • St Joseph’s Boys High School- Kitale
  • Kaplong Girls Secondary School
  • Njonjo Girls High School
  • Ole Tipis Girls Secondary School
  • Kilgoris Boys Secondary School
  • Baringo Boys High School
  • Moi Kapsowar Girls
  • Butula Boys High School
  • Butere Girls High School
  • Chavakali High School
  • Kisumu Girls High School
  • Mbita High School
  • Ngiya Girls High School
  • Nyambaria High School
  • Nep Girls School
  • Kwale High School For The Deaf
  • The Salvation Army Likoni High For The Visually Impaired
  • S.S For The Physically Handicapped
  • Pwani Secondary/Vocational School For The Deaf
  • Sahajanand Special School-Centre For Excellence
  • Muhoro School For The Deaf
  • Muranga School For The Hearing Impaired
  • A Joytown Secondary School For The Physically Handicapped
  • A High School For The Blind
  • Pcea Kambui School F0r The Hearing Impaired
  • Machakos Secondary School For The Deaf
  • ACK Mary Magdalene-High School’ For The Deaf
  • St Lucy’s High School For The Visually Impaired
  • Kasarani Treeside Secondary School For The Deaf
  • St Francis Secondary School For The Visually Impaired
  • St Kizito Secondary School For The Hearing Impaired
  • Ngara Secondary School For The Deaf
  • Pauls Charera Special High School
  • Kedowa Special Secondary School
  • Kapsabet Secondary School For The Deaf
  • St Bridgit Akoreet Secondary And Vocational Training School
  • Nalondo CBM Secondary School For The Physically Handicapped
  • Joyvalley S.A. Special Secondary School For The Physically Handicapped
  • St Angela Mumias Vocational School For The Deaf
  • ACK Ematundu Boys Secondary/Vocational School
  • St Clare Ebukuya Secondary School For The Hearing Impaired
  • St George Special Secondary School
  • Kibos Visually Impaired Secondary School
  • Joyland Special Secondary School
  • Gianchere Friends’ Secondary/Vocational School’ For Hearing Impaired
  • Nico Hauser Special School For The Visually Impaired
  • Ouderaa Secondary Scho0l For Hearing Impaired
  • Kuja Special School For The Deaf
  • Wajir Special Secondary School For The Deaf

Top 10 best national schools in Kenya – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many national schools are there in Kenya?

At the time of writing this, there are over 137 national schools in Kenya with 30+ of these schools being special schools for the physically handicapped.




Best performing extra county schools in Kenya

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